Happy Great FRIDAY! The day before we celebrate our American Independence???

Unfortunately many towns this year will not be celebrating it with no public gatherings because of the COVID -19 pandemic.  The devil could not be happier,  which is his end of the age virus hysteria,  brought on mostly by Catholic caregivers. Are not most of the hospitals around the world belonging to them? Not that anyone notices these things.  They were mostly fashioned by the monies stolen from Protestants killed in the inquisition and their money invested in the war machines. The Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express America was once a Protestant nation and we were blessed and proud of our nation.

Illness is rampant in our world because of where they placed Virgo in relation to where God placed Virgo in the wilderness tabernacle Tribe Zebulon also his flag is a sailing ship with oars sounds like whore who sits on many waters. She was placed under the tribe that was given the constellation Cancer Issachar, which was below the feet of Jesus’ tribe of Judah, the constellation Leo.  It’s almost incredible like there is an intelligence in the universe at work.

Let’s look at it again, shall we? The Bible never changes. It is my fact-checker, so the media clones who never heard of Nazi Germany should be checking the same facts and picking up a NKJV or KJV Bible and let us get back to the OLD AMERICAN Standard.

Revelation 18:23  And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; (question did it ever?), and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee:(again did it ever?) for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

I’m not supposed to use the below photograph because it is Verboten. However, seeing how I’m the lawless one, I’m going to use it anyway.

Pope Francis, during his audience with entrepreneurs attending at the “Fortune-Time Global Forum” in Vatican City, Dec. 3, 2016.

Out of the seven Churches mentioned in Revelation, which do you think she is? Then the question is, why do so many want to stand with her? How is that honoring God or the word of God which they do not let the people read? That’s one of the reasons for the crop circles, the other is to let others get saved that they do not want saved.

We knew it was coming along with no more Christian meetings of 25 or more.  America’s fallen heroes pre Obama were sold out for 700 billion dollars; one party bought out the other party now both parties belong to them. Money that was intended for the peace plan because someone could not make peace,  and is waiting for help from above.

When the help shows up, he does not want it. He has his ministers of righteousness behind the pulpits bowing to Rome. Who do you think I am? That is not going to bring peace and don’t ask me to do it,  that is why you don’t have peace, to begin with that’s why they have to destroy everything. Order for them,  is sacrificing Jesus on an altar and continuing the same old thing again, and again, and again.  People who are not brain dead call it insanity expecting a different result while using the same formula over and over again.

I told you that they need to add three steps to the end of the mass, and many eyes will open, and many souls will be set free to worship the true Christ of scripture bringing about the peace we need while restoring America to its former glory. I call it,  novacula Occami.

The antichrist wears down the saints as the word teaches,  do they ever repent or compromise their error? The antichrist changes the seasons and the times we went from the Julias Caesar Julian calendar to the Caesar Pope Gregory Gregorian calendar.  The antichrist denies Jesus came in the flesh. Purgatory denies Christ came at all. The virgin is perpetual, then was it a cesarian birth?

God will be sealing the demons in their chariots for the last battle. So to get the peace plan started, they must do the last three steps of the mass I came with that gender affirms the lost soul.  Usually, the lost soul does not know what bathroom to use, so they are not hard to spot. The priest must do the head pat upon the congregant’s reception of the Jesus cookie by the individual just after saying “Body of Christ.” The Priest must affirm them by saying good boy or good girl while doing the head pat then reassure that they are by repeatedly asking,  “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good girl?” Yes, you are. These simple steps like will open many eyes and set many souls free America will be on its way back!

Do you know why John Kerry, a Catholic and the Holy Father (not the real one) of the Greek Orthodox Church not the Roman Empire one went to Antarctica and why was it so vital for them to see the pyramid as the snow was melting? They were checking to see what time it was.  It is their hourglass.  It is because the demons get so comfortable in their housing that the lost they rule in never even notice them there, and they refuse to leave them. Kerry and the not so HOLY father were just their vehicles. Those spirits were here before man was here, and this is where they once lived. Everyone likes to have a place that reminds them of the home they were so familiar with, so to Egypt they went before it was called Egypt and built another pyramid being the last days it is safe to say with our technology someone is being E-Jipped. We will get your temple built. That’s a promise from God.

Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map. From Psalm 37:35, I have seen the wicked in great power and spreading himself like a green bay tree. I found this when God led me to it with the date of the Gunpowder plot in 1605. You can see it in the appointed time’s list. He does not like Catholics at all. HE does not speak well of them and insists his people come out of her. So others can be saved.

The Catholic Priesthood denies Jesus HIS glory and victory from the cross. Those who went after ROME and their theology will never enter into the kingdom of God and will shake their fists at him saying we did this for you, and we did that for you, and you left us here with our gallows?? Better said here where one can repent and get right than say it to HIM after your death when it’s too late to repent.

Did you even notice you were building them? When the Church is gone the Muslims and the Chinese people are going to turn on them. Knowing the truth that they missed the most significant moment of creation the harpazo the snatching away taken into heaven the opposite of what happened in heaven,  leaving the evil behind to destroy themselves while some men will repent and die a martyrs death knowing the truth we told them.

If you gave your life to Christ, you are a believer, you cannot lose your eternal salvation that’s guaranteed. God will never do to Jesus what he did the last time; the wrath of God was appeased at the cross, so if Christ is truly in you, no worries.  A traitor, I hope you are not.  Unless, of course, you agree with the Catholics, you cannot be sure of your eternal security as they teach so you are dependant on them?

Mother Theresa was never sure of hers. She was more along the lines of a neutered Mrs. B. Eagle, and the reason she was lifted by them was that she was doing most of the work to help them maintain their positions in the world. Good works do not get one into heaven; only those transformed by the blood of Christ can get one into heaven, but there has to be a transformation if God is in you, then you cannot have peace in sin. To say you are gay and love Jesus and believe in God is just being a cloud without water. To make it clear it is the angels who are leaving behind the ones who do iniquity, and who ignore the word. It is what they should have done the first time to protect heaven from the rebellious rather than forcing God to make an enforcer of heaven that brought on all this trouble.

I work with a man who has been in prison, and he is a beautiful man, a hard and diligent worker who shows forth Christ has influenced him.  He has a tattoo of the face of Jesus wearing his crown of thorns on his left arm with the words “The man behind the misery.” If the angels had not insisted on seeing the most high where would any of us be? God made man in his image and not like the angels. The angels that have fallen have taken on hideous forms that you could find in a Petree dish or that sandwich you left in the fridge to long.

I showed them to you and told you what hell would be like, using this crop circle—the sun is going supernova at the end, and all those lost souls are remaining in that lake of fire. To get into God’s kingdom, you need to know Jesus intimately don’t trust your teachers make Jesus your teacher.

Hell is full of ugly demons, and you will not have a body or protective space ship like Michael Douglass has in this movie clip. Satan had to throw this out there after I told you what it was like because Hollywood is his propaganda machine I only have the Bible and the crop circles as my tools, there are gifts but not before the word of truth goes forth.

The devil and I just don’t get along; I said that God would complete the work he began in you Jesus’ greatest work was forgiveness, and he even asked his FATHER to forgive those who crucified HIM.  So when I thought Obama was the antichrist, I said I hope he is. I want to put my arms around him and say thank you for coming my Jesus is next. It was a trap.

That is when my heart was purest, and God showed me Egypt and what happened there. So the last couple of years, I say to you all in my posts to complete the work that Jesus has begun in you requires forgiveness for all the enemies of you. The devil does not want to set you free.  He likes us warring against each other it brings him a joy to see the image of God fighting the image of God. I said to embrace me, and I will give God the thanks for the hug and free you from the original curse that was placed here before the creation of man not long after, I told you that we now have a system that keeps us standing six feet apart.

Nice to know he reads my blog someone has too.

When I started, I began spreading the truth about the pyramids and which one represented good in 2009. He then created using his Hollywood stooges his world view using Tom Cruise (cruising with Scientology and going to hell) easy puppets.  In the movie, Oblivion made in 2013. Made the inverted Pyramid as the ultimate evil and destroyer of the earth. The clones of Cruise are his idea of Christians destroying the scabs or as it would be sinners off the face of the earth. The best supporting role was by bobblehead Bob which happens to be my name. He is real, and God chose me to prove it. Hell is real, and only through Christ can one escape it.

Why now?  Because God loves you and the technology is here to allow the word to go forth, the priesthood cannot keep it hidden, but they try and use their ministers of righteousness who bowed to them rather than honoring God. The crop circles, God calls this time harvest time to bring in the crops. So the word in crop circles makes sense, and the wicked need to be punished, and he did promise Satan free reign on the earth for seven years without interference. However, there needs to be peace, and a temple built in Israel by the only priesthood God chose Judaism.  Rome cannot make peace because God never chose them to be his priests. The delusional one did and look who follows them? The blind follow the blind.

The devil told me all my life. I could not do anything right, well give a dog a name, and what do you expect?

I am not the bad guy here, and the Reverend at the AG church who called me a dirtbag teaches Jesus is a Hindu deity, well not by saying it exactly like that.  To him, Jesus has a billion or more right hands that we are going to sit on??? Who is really the dirtbag, Reverand? We are seated in heavenly places because we have made Christ our savior, and we hope to stand on his right arm with the sheep, but to sit on his right or left was for “HIS FATHER”  to decide. Who, by the way, if you don’t know is GOD. This Reverend pays no attention to the teachings of Christ. He has taken on the position of God himself by telling his church they will sit at the right hand of Jesus? The answer to who sits at the right hand of Jesus is found in Psalm 110:1. Just a simple mistake like calling me a dirtbag sure we will forgive you when you repent! If you do not repent of sin, who does it belong too?

Let me show you a more excellent position to sit in heaven,  HIS lap, where Father would like us all to sit and learn.

Those who do not understand it should not try teaching it. They will be held more accountable than others. The priesthood twisted it and teach it in our seminaries. There is a rare few who have not been blinded by them.

Why is Paradise looking like a parking lot?  Hiding the word of God from the world for one is not hiding the word of God in your heart as to not sin against HIM.  I came to open it up to the world and all those great theologians and AG ministers said without saying it,  turn stones into bread?!? A truck driver in a two-bedroom apartment is the enemy’s worst fear, and his ministers protect his position.

For them, the word and truth had little importance over the gifts and no wonder darkness from ROME was filling their houses of worship but not many were getting cleansed because they continued to back a dead system keeping them blind from what they were really doing to America. Our system had to be destroyed like Germany so that theirs could survive were are the men of God on this?

This system has been faking God before the wilderness tabernacle. They can fake God better than anyone,  a system which is no longer needed,  only in their minds are they needed. Because the enemy always used the priesthood to build his pyramid where he will rule on the top, and all will serve him. Well, that’s not being like the highest like he said he wanted to be now, is it?

My Jesus started in a manger with smelly stinky animals come Mr. and Mrs. B. Eagle follow me I follow the Jesus of scripture, and I will help you get cleaned up, so you are presentable when Jesus appears and not sin-stained.   Those who love God don’t even notice the devil mocking God and you,  they say some Catholic’s love Christ well God wants them all to love Christ,  hows that man of God quit kidding yourself? It’s all well and good you claim to be for pro-life.  What you need to be is pro-American life because we point to Jesus and HIS second Coming good works do not get one into heaven. You would think with all those Bishop’s,  Archbishop’s,  Deacon’s,  Dioceses, they could see they were building Satan’s system, not God’s. Is America looking more like Nazi Germany? Did you know many of the German Nazis attended Parochial school? Look at us, God, look what we did for you.  Are you not happy with us?  🙂

Greatest in the kingdom is the servant of us all.   This is the way the system works best when all our lights shine on Jesus. That is why I seek five kings and not just one. The other five the enemy already has. Including Mr. Trump, he is Jesuit educated and Biden creepy uncle Joe. He’s a Catholic along with Pelosi, the witch. Give me five solid Christian men access to 10 billion each, and wherever they go, they will be kings. Guaranteed no weapon formed against them will prosper, and they will speak out against the harlot without fear of reprisal because they are needed to give him his peace plan and temple.


Those who say we know God and what God want’s? Is that for us all to be placed in re-education centers and be taught Catholicism by the Chinese Government?

The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted. If America is a Christian Nation, it was not being protected in 2012.  Romemoney’s faith tells him he will be a god someday with his very own planet. Many voted for an antichrist leader. Anyone who knows Christ would know Mormonism is an antichrist religion. They brought back the Aaronic Priesthood and FOR WHAT?  Does such a thing deny the finished work of Christ?

Don’t you think it would be fair and just for God to leave behind those who bore false witness and sided with ROME against Islam? After all, it was they who refused to share with Mohammed the word of God. You sold out America you won’t sell out heaven?  You will be nicer. You won’t betray God if you could see HIM? That’s how all this started. How about just being nice and honest without deceiving others that you know HIM when the word reveals you don’t and the actions you have done say you don’t.   They kept the truth from Islam as priests do. Three hundred years earlier, God had scattered the priesthood that HE summoned into existence. This new one does not represent my Jesus, and that is why we have our problems. Con man Constatine and Obamanationm Obama, could God not make this any easier for us?

Traitors have no place in heaven.

Brother Abel.

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