Hallowed Ground Where Devils dare not Tread.

There are places demons cannot go it is called hallowed ground for a very good reason G-d has secured it for himself.

If you are a born-again believer and know that the Holy Spirit has entered you and taken up residence in your heart and mind, then automatically you are hungry to fill this new man / spirit with holy food which we know as the word of G-d.

The enemy cannot claim what G-d has made his. What he can do is oppress and rob you of a closer walk by having you unknowingly offend G-d. This is a clever device on his part because so many others are doing it that it seems harmless, when, in fact, it is a door for more separation. He knows that G-d will not be mocked and those who do, don’t get super sized.

The other is the condemnation of you for being so easily deceived or for falling back into some sin. We are sinners that’s what we do, to avoid it is to remain hallowed ground by ingesting the word of G-d and surrounding ourselves with the holy people of G-d, those who do not mock G-d or when caught are ready to make quick amends with G-d. He wants nothing more than to forgive you and set you free from the offense to walk on higher ground with him.

If you choose to be blind to the mocking of G-d, the devil does through you, then you have succumbed to a blindness even on other matters. False teachers flourish while they continually protect the dark one’s position in our world as the accuser of the brethren. Many have supported error and abominations against the teaching of Christ while claiming to be Christians themselves. The KJV is hallowed ground but those who stand on it to defend it, are easily mocked those who know G-d best respect the word of G-d and the children of G-d. I don’t respect monsters who condemn high school kids to hell, by holding back G-d’s word from being read. His words are tried in a furnace seven times. It may be difficult to read old English but when you have read a passage repeatedly to understand it better, it does something for you and to you. King James guarded the word from the wicked one from trying to defile it with their bozo like tennants to defend their stupidity.

The beheaded saints in the tribulation are just not new converts; they are also false teachers as well agents of darkness posing as light. Who had eyes to see and saw nothing happening around them to shout out the hour like the watchmen he has called us to be. When we see it coming we are to warn as many as possible of the enemy’s plans so that others may prepare accordingly.

The church is leaving, and billions of souls are clueless to the coming event. We need to start building server boxes and devices to leave behind that will warn them of the eternal damnation that awaits them. Tools that the 144,00 can use in their work of winning souls. They will direct the lost to connect with a server near them in order too hear the same man who encouraged a relationship with Christ now denying him. It is the judgment against those who rejected the Son of G-d. Here on earth as it was in heaven finding all those who love him, from those whom hate him.

The boxes need to be smaller than my prototype that I revealed in my earlier post. The case I chose is too big. They will need to be placed in walls behind refrigerators or furnaces, built into coolers, trunks, and suitcases. Each placed in hard to find area where other warm elements reside, if they can’t be cooled enough to avoid heat detection. They need to be Wired and WiFi-ed the hard drives should contain all the same data and be swap able from device to device. On the units will be software that allows like in the gaming world others to communicate and assist each other while hiding from the groups like Al-Queda militants like Nazi soldiers. If you do get caught, I beg you do not deny Christ any longer, call upon his name and be saved, be killed and come join us at home for some wedding cake.

justice3FYI it was Rome, who made this all happen. Catholics will be very surprised when they are left and also miss resurrection. It will only be then they will do as G-d commanded in His word, they will pay the harlot that deceived them back double. Many of them will turn on their priests and Bishops and hand them over to the swordsman in the tribulation.

Those who had ears to hear, but because they fell into bed with the seductress, they did not listen to reason and escape her whoredom.

The elect and chosen of G-d cannot be deceived by heathenistic practices and paganistic demonic doctrines. I have two Catholic Jesuits I spotted right in my own Assembly of G-d church. You would never know it, if the Holy Spirit hadn’t revealed it to me.

I asked them both the same question both month’s apart; each gave word-for-word a duplicate response. Just like it was right out of a Catholic let’s destroy America textbook. You can be sure it was not out of the Bible that is a passage not in scripture anywhere to be found, and I would know, word-for-word without deviation. One of them is going to die, and I will let G-d decide the one I need, which will remain to be sure I get what I came for.

Repent you two wicked little men,  with little minds and no wisdom in them combined.

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