Good Shepherd or Great Pet Trainer

Jesus was less than enthusiastic over the religious priesthood of his day. He called them names referencing them as defiled dead white-washed tombs. It was unclean to touch a deceased body. Here Jesus was telling them they housed the dead. He said that they went out of their way to make one convert and made them twice the son of hell as themselves.

The problem with monsters and sociopaths is that they do not see themselves as that. They feel they are a functioning part of society. I’m sure Joseph Mengele a.k.a. Dr. Death in the concentration camps of sixty years ago, waved to his neighbors and kissed his wife good-bye. As he headed off to work to torture more Jewish twins at what could only be considered as hell on earth.

Paul Joseph Goebbels was born on 29 October 1897 in Rheydt, an industrial town south of Mönchengladbach near Düsseldorf. Both of his parents were Catholics and from humble beginnings. He was in command of the media and propaganda machine also a well-educated Catholic. We have several media outlets here in America, whom you would think were different news sources. If you listen carefully they all use the same buzzwords and phrases when tragedy happens, someone is pulling the strings. In the Romish church, it is not the Holy Spirit sending the messages to the canceled priesthood of 70 AD it is the offices of the Pope pretending to be G-d. Giving everyone a feeling that the spirit is one among all the churches of Rome. Technically, it is but it is not G-d’s spirit.

Most of the Nazi extremists attended parochial school, and insisted if it wasn’t for Mother Church, they wouldn’t have not known there was a trinity. Praise be to G-d; they protected the Bible is what they will tell you. They wouldn’t let you read it but protect it from being read is their claim to fame. Now we need light to awaken lost people a beast they created and allowed to happen, most of the lamps that could have done the job were extinguished in the inquisition. They need today good Protestant men to give their lives from America to protect their positions.

Rome was more concerned with those who read the Bible and stopping them, rather than those who didn’t. They did not want to be seen as frauds. Does this sound like a group you want to stand with on judgment day? Everything you think you know about the antichrist or G-d’s word comes from these evil people. How did they know G-d would choose a Protestant to punish them? It is so mysterious indeed???

The symbiotic relationship between the government and the priesthood goes all the way back to ancient Babylon it was a way to keep the people afraid and in line. Made to appease the false gods and keep the mystery practitioners bellies full.

Babylonian dogma and stupidity transferred into Egypt. The ridiculous notion that the gods had the faces of men, and the body of animals came from seeing the unfinished Pyramid and Sphinx. So of course to honor them; they put on heads of animals and used the fear of death to profit from. The confessional comes right out of these false systems of religion. The Kings wanted to know what the people were doing and thinking. Satan can’t be everywhere so telling a white-washed tomb your weakness allowed the demons access to knowledge they would have not otherwise known.

G-d allowed the enemy to build the priesthood first to expose their wickedness; they manipulated the Egyptians to become cruel taskmasters towards G-d’s chosen people and forced them to build pyramids to the Pharaohs to ensure their journey into the afterlife. This helped Satan hide of the symbols of the battle. We would need them at the end to bring in the harvest.

In the wilderness after the Exodus, the law is revealed to aid us to live a righteous life here on earth. G-d then shows us in the sacrifice what is required to please HIM if any law is broken. Law is what separates us from the animals.

In 33 AD that final sacrifice was made in 70 AD the priesthood offices were closed permanently, using the enemy as HIS pet. However, we do not tell him that. Instead we allow him to build his one-world order so that we can rise up a man to proclaim the second return of Christ. We do inform him of this in the end, that he is now G-d’s pet. It helps me to see his countenance in those who follow him because if you haven’t noticed he is really angry.

To continue the priesthood it is to deny Christ ever came in the flesh, this is the spirit of the antichrist.

A continued priesthood is a stumbling block not only to the nation of Israel but everyone else as well. The idols just added unnecessary trash that the devil could laugh at as he steals the blinded ignorant souls. Souls that think they are going to heaven because they performed the proper priestly rituals’ like in Egypt.

Psalms 56:1-2 Be merciful unto me, O G-d: for man would swallow me up; he fighting daily oppresseth me.(2) Mine enemies would daily swallow me up: for they be many that fight against me, O thou most High.

You want to be delivered G-d came so you could deal directly with him, not some foolish priest pretending to know G-d. A man who is blind in himself to what is going on just as blind as those he leads, falsifying his ability to intercede. There is only one mediator between man and G-d, and that is Jesus.

Darkness blinds the eyes of the people from seeing the truth light comes to open our eyes. Men love darkness because it hides their evil works. The enemy did not have a TiVo in the day.
Darkness blinds the eyes of the people from seeing the truth light comes to open our eyes. Men love darkness because it hides their evil works. The enemy did not have a TiVo in the day the ritual sacrifice of Jesus over and over pleases him greatly it denies any finished work by Christ.


Vote for my wife she's not part of it we are good Baptist people.
Vote for my wife, she’s not part of it.  We are good Baptist people.

The priesthood is still used to place political leaders into powerful positions. They do it so that the people are ignorant that they are behind it. Haman has built his own gallows and behind every priest’s robe lies a hidden swastika awaiting its marching orders from the underworld.

There are traitors behind the pulpits of America and if you betrayed America, you are more than likely be a problem in the kingdom of G-d. Vote Mitt Romemoney or anyone other than a man who would tell you the truth.

You would not believe the things the enemy has said to me through your ministers. One get rid of the lamps; I don’t want them. Pyramids will confuse people. The crop circles were made by machines. The circles are gobblety gook. He will deny everything to rob G-d of souls and glory. My favorite which shows the deep ignorance of his puppets …The old testament prophecies are all fulfilled.  This was from a parochial schooled minister who hung around idols who were CHRISTIAN???

The eagle is one of G-d’s treasured creations, there is a seraphim in the throne room with a face of an eagle Ezekiel 1:10, Revelation 4:7. Satan uses what G-d loves against HIM, but you knew that already. Let’s all sing here comes Santa Claus, that one’s a real toe tapper for G-d??? He assigned to HIS Son the number eight so let’s not forget the number of reindeer that pull Santa through the heavens while on the holiest day for Christians, so he can shout over the heaven’s half of holy, holy, holy. All this because one man by the name of Nicholas was canonized special. Where’s the line for Jesus?

Satan wanted to take over heaven and set up his government’s place his minions in king like positions. Placing them in political office, so they could steal from us and give to his treasury is it any wonder the world is in Chaos?

Think back to the Nuremberg trials when the crime bosses were sentenced by the high court of righteous individuals, those men practically wet themselves on the bench awaiting their sentence. When the church is gone, the same demons with new bodies will be left to face the latest justice in the god they chose to follow, even his minions fear him. The hardened demons who still are convinced of victory will be the last government before Christ. ISIS was a female goddess of Egypt an original queen of heaven. It seems very poetic that G-d leaves Rome and her followers with all their gods in command.

Using the name of Christ to build Satan's one world order took the priesthood to blind the eyes of the lost from being filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. Religion became the substitute and works replaced grace. Jesus makes no one work for what HE offers freely.
Using the name of Christ to build Satan’s one world order took the priesthood to blind the eyes of the lost from being filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. Religion became the substitute and works replaced grace. Jesus makes no one work for what HE offers freely.

Jesus treated others with respect and would never do something remotely as cruel as what Satan has done.  We are heirs Sons of G-d not anyone’s pets.  Someone please tell Rome to repent.  Jesus is coming and they best be changed before HE gets here. Save a Catholic,  start a fire,  win the world.

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