Gone but not Forgotten

There are only two places in scripture the word Babel appears once in Genesis 10:10 the other Genesis 11:9, which is the opposite event of  September 911.

This post was done on 10/10, and I wanted to remind everyone that free will hasn’t changed, nor will it.

Babylon is mentioned 294 times in 260 verses in scripture. It was the first kingdom after the flood of Noah.    We find that it had become a cesspool of every foul creature false gods who were given false power. Babylon is where the first priesthood originates, causing the people to build a tower to reach into the heavens. It is darkness in their hearts demons trying to work their way back into heaven from where they were cast out.

Which should make us see that if heaven is such a bad place, why then do they try so hard to get back in?

Babylon began as a peaceful and beautiful place. Many went for years to pay tribute to the resting place of Noah’s ark. During those early days, many had a reverent fear of God as time passed scoffers arose, and the people sought political power from strength rather than meekness.  Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the LORD; this ability made him important to the people  Genesis 10:8.

Babylon became the establishment of the enemy but was not always so. In the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, we find it is the first kingdom with the head of gold, and we learn that a mystery religion in revelation is called mystery Babylon. For they entertain demons that try to work their way into heaven and as a result, mislead others.

It was Babylon that began twisting the story of Noah, somewhere within the confines of Babylon was the book of Enoch that had to have been a book that Noah himself carried with him. The priesthood that began in Babylon served Dagon and other false gods. The people were made to serve them, and they freely went along with it. The priesthood was a loophole conjured up by wicked men so that they need not toil or work the ground as part of the curse. Egypt, we know, had their gods because people forgot about Noah and the true God of heaven with the help of the priesthood.

It was God’s call to Abraham that would point the world back to him. By selecting one group over the others, the devil would give himself away by his sheer hate of wanting something God made his exclusively. It is through Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob, we find  Jesus and a proper priesthood when we all inspect the sacrifice.

Moses and Joshua bowing before the ark, the symbol of G-d’s presence on earth and a sacred place in heaven.

It was Moses who was called by God to begin a priesthood that served only HIM.  One that would require animal sacrifice, revealing there is life in the blood. It was the atonement for the broken commandments, Every society needs laws, and with the sprinkling of blood on the Ark man was revealing his guilt and need of God. The Ark was a Gold covered box that represented the throne of God in heaven with the two angels facing each other looking into the Mystery of the mercy seat.

Animal sacrifice pointed to the last sacrifice the Christ the Son of the living God atoning for the sins of man and ending the priesthood HE began once and for all.

There is no longer a mystery Babylon once you understand that truth. The priesthood today is a  tool of the enemy to serve a false Christ and lead the lost further away from the facts. It is how he built his one world order without giving it any thought that Jesus would finish his seven years by choosing another bringer of light and truth.

Someone needs a peace plan, and  Jesus made it HIM; we are all to be bringers and carriers of light.    Babylon scattered us with the many languages that came out of them after God stopped them from trying to work their way into heaven.

The twin towers coming down brought us all together to see the works of a false religious system, putting together their one world order. It is a false priesthood,  keeping the light from the people and a mystery no more.

The map comes from the Jesuit website. Is the world a better place is America any longer the nation we once so loved?

I am asking all Christians Everywhere to stand with me and set his captives free. Help open the eyes of the blind, and if you like, you can even fall over backward. It’s part of free will. However, this time, when you get up to be more aware of Rome as your enemy and not your friend. Do as God asks to save them. Come out of her, her sins have reached to heaven, and he has remembered her iniquities.   It is clear they are not under the blood but opposed it and others coming under it.

Brother Abel


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