G-d’s Clock Says Times UP.


Time is up for man he has had 6000 years to complete his governments and Jesus is coming to set up HIS. I did this first clock half fast, and Jesus came to me to help me do it right. First, one is me. The other is the Lord instructing me. Always me jumping the gun that’s because I’m so excited… Aren’t you?

When Jesus came to me and said, “tag you’re it.” Thinking it was my turn to hide??? I am just so bad at this game of hide and seek. I started telling everyone where to find me. Just like Adam he hid didn’t even give Father a challenge.  Adam came the first time he was called a lesson we should all learn.

Father and the angels perfected the game of hide and seek. Only thing is. HE is not the one who does most of the hiding.

Proverbs 8:17  I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.

Jeremiah 29:13  And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Jesus was placed up on a tree, a tree we all need to run to and surrender. The game is concluding, and everyone needs to win another to Jesus so that we leave as little behind as possible.

The number 4 has always held a mystery as to its spiritual significance. The human heart has four chambers if the Bible was a body the head is Revelation the heart, the four gospels and the feet Genesis. First, four commandments deal uniquely with G-d. Psalm 107:8, 15, 21, 31 have four duplicate passages nowhere else do you find this. Note the places you find them in…In numbers with strategic importance.

My first try…

As I looked at it and inquired of G-d HE began to show me the pyramid in the center and explained it to me in deeper detail.

I had the count right, but it didn’t convey the great hour as it should have. Furthermore, the pyramid that began this battle never had its capstone completed. We are going to finish the NEW WORLD ORDER for him. Equally important it had eight sides and not 4. Each side of the pyramid at its center had a split. No other pyramid came close to this one in its architectural design.

Let’s not forget when they finally got through the three 12 inch granite doors the tomb was empty,  whoever built it never had a chance to rest in it. My claim to fame is that it is built by Lucifer and his fallen angels (NOT ANCIENT ALIENS) who also said if the Son ever showed up they would make HIM their pet. G-d reveals his anger in Jeremiah 4:21-27.

Technology improves with time, in this case, it declined because its builders no longer were here to assist early man. Their spirits, however, uses men as their avatars. Gravity and the lack of dinosaurs made it harder for a man to build. Satan had to wait until men were plentiful to try to hide what would eventually do him in.

G-d to reveal his supremacy over creation chose Abraham and his descendants because Abraham sought a city whose builder and maker was G-d. Abraham pointed me to the right path. G-d does not make slaves of anyone HE is most noted to setting people free, and he did just that in the first exodus which coincidentally happened to be over the subject of pyramids.

Moses writes Genesis 15:13-14 his descendants must have only been in Egypt 340 years the four hundred threw him off. What land??? Apparently, Genesis is written before he goes back into Egypt to lead the exodus because here he does not know what G-d is referring to from this passage. I love Moses, he writes it, just as it is told to him. Today you can’t get that kind of loyalty to G-d’s word.

Millions of ministers vow to preach HIS word, but many of them don’t even have a copy of it. They support the new world order translations which made it easier for me to find who cares and who don’t.

The translations as good as they may appear, have had darkness influence them. Taking RESPECT out of it entirely or the term “replenish,” which only appears twice. If you go around believing Lucifer and his agents did not have time here, then you can’t find the insult that needs to be corrected and restore G-d’s honor in the eyes of the angels.

A move that makes him choose HIS new BFF. Which reveals to the world this is real and all the wealth of the world will be attracted to me like a magnet to finalize the game. It started as King of the Hill and G-d didn’t start it, he will always be my King.

His Son’s honor is worth the worlds wealth which will bring HIM glory and me a beautiful little place in the back forty with maybe a couple of more friends.

Father’s clock comes complete with the passages that he want’s highlighted.  I need to be more patient and listen better.  I think we all need to listen better. Prepare ye the way of the LORD.


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