From glory to glory…

We are to be going from glory to glory, not the other way around. When the will of G-d is made known it is to bring him glory. He revealed to me how to have great crusades and bring honor to His Son’s name. He showed me how to have free publicity and get his name lifted high, to which I am hailed by Satan’s offspring,  an agent of his, calling me the liar. I see no exacting evidence that G-d our creator or His only Son Jesus Christ is even talking to anyone else?

A butterfly man lifts an ordinary man up because of what he found in Egypt. The ordinary man lifted points to the lifter.
A butterfly man lifts an ordinary man up because of what was found in Egypt. The common man lifted points to the lifter who is Christ the Lion of the tribe of Judah. G-d must judge sin and is it not better he uses a Christian to do it? He lost a close friend; He chose a new one. Satan and his followers are not happy that he did. This could expose all his false teachers and their lies.

Are they waiting for more signs? A butterfly man lifting a natural man up from the earth 12 football stadiums in size is not grand enough for them? They need more. Pentecostals want to see healing, more than salvation, by the way, salvation bring with it healing in case you miss that.

All I can provide now is the truth, Daniel 8:12. Truth that sets one free by opening the eyes of the blind which will bring healing to millions at one time, blind eyes opened is the best healing ever.

The healing and saving of one’s soul are more important to G-d than that of the flesh. Just ask Joni Eareckson Tada.

The devil heals at rock concerts and around idols where one our father is said for every five hail Mary’s, Isaiah 42:8. However, blind eyes are never opened fully. What Satan will not at any time reveal is the truth that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, and into heaven and that Christ was the final sacrifice making the priesthood of no effect, no longer necessary. The devil has forgotten he tore the temple down in anger over the loss of souls because the Jewish people’s eyes were blinded by him. That is why he will not get his temple rebuilt he is not able to open blind eyes like a real G-d can! He has no power to open blind eyes.

The woman of revelation is called the mother of harlots for a reason. You may be sitting in one of her offspring and mocking G-d as you sing to him as well. There are ways to know if you are and all are very biblical.

Roman pagan Idolatry at its finest.
Come Muslim, come Jew, come and do what we do! Hail Mary protect our Emperor and our way of life. Isaiah 42:8

First are any of the commandments being broken? The butterfly man is concerned about the primary four that represent his wings. These are the most important commands they are his wings. Jesus said, break the least commandment be called the least in the kingdom. What if you break any of the greater or the first four, there is no kingdom of heaven for them they seek to tear down G-d’s law.

A few good deeds do not make up for anything. I support pro-life, but I desire it from womb to grave. Not so I can profit from their drug use when they get older or be made to fight as soldiers during the wars designed to place their political figures in office. Just like the old Roman empire used to do before Jesus came, and they got saved??? Their money is invested to protect their lofty positions, and we are foolish to think it is not.

Revelation 18:7  How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

The twelve tribes of Israel each tower has three sides 3 x 12 =36 Genesis 36 we find the descendants of Esau.
The twelve tribes of Israel each tower has three sides 3 x 12 =36 Genesis 36; we find the descendants of Esau.

If you were to gauge it by the clergy who knows me I do not qualify as a direct agent of G-d no matter how many signs I can read. Satan has them all terrified, pay no mind to the man with the great understanding and the crop circles Daniel 8:12, Daniel 8:23, leave the word of G-d hidden from the public continue to allow mass murder and souls to die without Christ, don’t let the babies or those who need new birth look through the picture book that points to Bible passages and Psalms.

The harlot has given the dragon fire to breathe by taking American politics and placing their people in key positions, should be evidence enough that the Holy Spirit is not directing this nor ever has. Their free will has been to steal, kill and destroy. It is also proof that G-d is pointing to the actual harlot who is drunk on the blood of the saints, and it’s not America it’s the church which sits as queen who stole it!

Was all the soldiers in all the wars to defend our constitution and our way of life only worth 700 billion dollars? I think honor anyone’s honor has greater value than that, I am shocked at John Mccain for not stepping forward on this. He was the one who told them the sellout price for the GOP. They did a number on him while he was a prisoner of war in their brainwashing camps.

RCC are not Born Again and continue to rebell against the truth swap the names Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Richardson , Rudolph Giuliani, Six supreme court justices , Leon Panetta, John Kerry, Bill Clinton all traitors to America and the Kingdom of G-d. Look around in your church at those who protect her with foolish words like "If it wasn't for them." these are the tares.
RCC are not Born Again and continue to rebel against the truth. Swap the names Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Richardson, Rudolph Giuliani, Six supreme court justices, Leon Panetta, John Kerry, Bill Clinton all traitors to America and the Kingdom of G-d. Look around in your church at those who protect her with foolish words like “If it wasn’t for them…” these are the tares among us. The New World Order agenda continues because the Jesuits, and the CIA are the same spiritual forces of darkness to destroy America, so she can profit on our labors. They are the guns in the White-House that threaten the lives of the families of dignitaries.

Need I say it in reference to the above image…The Mafia is Italian, and they perfected the front man. Behind the RCC / Vatican is the corrupt drug dealers in the back room, the prostitution, the gambling, the trading of arms, the corrupting of the system of justice. She boasts the gates of hell will not come against her. It’s obvious she is the gate of hell, and every foul creature has come out of her. The Kennedy curse is having been Catholic. She kills and devours her own; Kennedy nearly gave her away in his Secret Society speech, she reveals to the other politicians how ruthless and powerful she is.

The first thing a new President learns when he takes office is who really killed Kennedy and then; they are reminded that their family is now protected by them.

G-d is going to allow them to attempt peace in the Middle East by dropping or setting off a WMD on Damascus taking tens of thousands of lives, just to prove a point. That without Christ, there can be no peace. Six years ago when I passed the ball to the AG church Damascus could have been spared, and fewer Christians would not have voted to offend G-d by lifting up a man whose false prophet told him he would be a G-d someday with his many wives on his own planet.

So to you clergy who went this route and led your followers to offend G-d on Jesus Bema seat judgment do not set your hopes to be high, whatever he blesses or not blesses you with. What you will see is the honor of the one who discovered what only Abraham sought. What I was led to discover his honor attacked in the beginning before man. “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men.” I am the man the butterfly lifts no sense in giving the word RESPECT in Genesis 4:4 to another. We hope it will curb that original jealousy that began all of this, jealous of the Son, whom they could not see. I have always had respect from Him. I did not betray him. I called no man Father and consistently told the truth about Santa the golden calf of merchandisers only exists because men venerate men above G-d and angels. I have always seen RCC as agents of darkness, most importantly I kept my vows and served him without expectation of anything in return.

As to Damascus, we could have turned things around for the better. It is the gift of free will. We could bring him glory or deny him his glory. The great delusion is that some pastors believe the harlot is actually Christian and that Protestant America stolen by her is the actual harlot.

They are foolish to believe that the common ground is the abortion issue that we can stand on. Why is it not the word of G-d, not the first four commandments and the truth they reveal? You want peace, disarm Rome and take away her money and place it into good churches who will not see it invested in the war machine. Then we can have the harvest like the world has never seen.

Six years ago, I came with the word of G-d to the world and too several of the clergy. I at no time got any call backs. They at no time shared it, at no time listened never told their congregants G-d wanted to do a new thing. Like my Mormon sister-in-law and Catholic step-parents, they act as if I should be committed, because G-d speaks with me, been there done that, not interested in going back. You want what I have you come knocking. I may be the only sane one alive at least right-minded enough not to offend G-d and recognize the truth when I see it.

I will continue to refuse to compromise with monsters who pretend to be Christian, who can’t discern what is G-d’s work from what is Satan’s work.  Jesus said in his day forgive them father they know not what they do. When I show up they do not have that excuse any longer,  they know what they are doing,  and it’s still robbing G-d of his glory.  When Damascus goes, it’s on those who could have prevented it. Six years ago, they could have recognized the hand of G-d then simply step back and allow a greater truth to arise. No they need other signs and other wonders. We already know the word. Really??? It was right there in front of you the whole time.

Genesis 49:9  Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?

Genesis 15:13-14   And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; (14) And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.

Numbers 2:3 And on the east side toward the rising of the sun shall they of the standard of the camp of Judah pitch throughout their armies: and Nahshon the son of Amminadab shall be captain of the children of Judah.

It seems odd that sphinx faces East in Egypt that’s what my present pastor would call a coincidence, lifting up only the truth they know, because my truth would send too many souls into the kingdom, and they would all feel like Saul, who merely won his thousands opposed to David’s tens of thousands.

The value they place on G-d’s honor is clearly seen by the angels. Jesus is on His way. He told me to let you know so you could begin celebrating his soon return.. I gave the memo to your leadership and the said no lets, not do that. Let us keep defending the dragon’s money and church. I threw my pearls before swine people in the world accepted it more respectfully. Still they are unsure what church is the true church? They have no wisdom and no vision, nor do they understand a Christian being chosen to carry G-d’s judgment when that time comes. I’m the chief Butler. I know the inner workings of the kingdom I’m getting restored to my former position. It’s you bakers who are getting your heads cut off. Rome’s hand-picked leaders will bomb Damascus maybe that is just what is needed for you to see the woman I have been telling you about who needs to tame her beast.

RomaneagleIn 610 AD Islam became a new thing. Who had the bible three hundred years prior and did not share it with them? G-d holds them responsible.  He does not forget what they did or planned for Ishmael’s descendants.  G-d has other plans for Ishmael’s descendants to use them to punish the tares in the church of Christ.

Those who defend Roman Catholicism as being Christian will feel G-d’s wrath also in tribulation because they mock the work of Christ with their false priesthood Matthew 18:7. The priesthood ended at the last sacrifice, look that up just to be on the safe side. I’m only a dumb-ass truck driver. I think it went something like this “IT IS FINISHED” He even used his dragon to wipe out the priesthood that G-d began.

Which is of course would no longer be necessary seeing how it was always meant to offer up the Son? Satan brought it back to build his new world order after it had been gone nearly 300 years. 300 years after that in 610 AD instead of having shared Christ like they were supposed to do. They did as Satan originally did in heaven as the keeper of the things of G-d, they did not share the glory of the risen savior, with the lost congregation of souls because they knew him not, and today they still don’t know him. That is why they felt the need to install a false Messiah to the Muslims here in America to try to get them to give up their sovereignty for the New World Order and to do it all without Christ.

So a leader within the AG church decides to let the kids continue to put drugs in their arms and offer them no hope, stuff the crop circles in the garbage with the Bible passages they point to, we are happy with the sign of the Roman fish that replaced the word and the Catholic clergy running things here in America. You think I’m tough on fools hiding his word from the lost souls, wait to you stand before the real judge. I’m just preliminary, get it under the blood now or have him deal with it later and later will be too late.

They are waiting for another sign rather than sharing the word in picture forms or allowing G-d’s king to take his place of honor. Mr . Jealousy will kill millions before he will let that happen because everything about me cries resurrection, a friend of G-d.

I am Lucifer’s temporary replacement here on earth given the same duties he was given. To be fair to him, I don’t think in heaven he healed or raised the dead or any Pentecostal signs when he carried the lamps originally? It is all about the word; it is the word that doesn’t come back void. The word is what’s important the truth is what matters most to G-d. Not whether or not your flesh tingles or is healed, look it up. We will do that, but I do believe it is the word that goes forth first then signs and wonders follow.  However,  what do I know I am just a dumb-ass truck driver.

Damascus is on them and the knowledge of knowing we had free will and could have stopped it. We could have done great things by pointing the world to the hour. We could have done better with it, but refused to. They like Satan’s way more they promote him by allowing Catholics to use the name of Jesus in vain in order to build her New World Order, as the false teachers protect her over the Pro-life issue, or because they also believe in the trinity, however, they are hard-pressed to prove the trinity in scripture where as I can reveal it almost everywhere.

Then the same group “LOVERS OF TRUTH” hand up a cult figure as a presidential candidate that believes one day, he will be a G-d, taking a false prophet and another word and lifting it up, keep in mind I came to them to stop it all in 2009. The AG church could have changed the world. Instead, they had you offend G-d by voting for the mocking of G-d through Satan’s Mormon church. The Mormon church gained ground and added many new Christians to her roles as mockers of G-d. As America would have been flowing in patriotism, had he won, it was Rome who placed him there and had another Catholic VP in the wings just in case Romney did not play nice with Rome, and all the world would have had a renewed interest in saying the pledge, and I know why and men of G-d should have known it too. G-d will not be mocked! G-d was looking for men who could protect his kingdom not find ways to overthrow it.

The devil would have laughed as everyone pledged the allegiance to one nation under Mitt Romney. Do they care? Not at all, will they care when Damascus is destroyed? No they will still be cold and calculated and spin it as the will of G-d that cannot be changed. Satan and the Prince of Persia will never agree on anything Satan is represented by Rome and the Prince of Persia by Islam. Look it up it’s in the Bible, if I’m lying I’m dying and I for one believe hell is very real.

Pope Francis claims Atheist my now enter heaven.
Pope Francis claims Atheist my now enter heaven.

Let’s see how pro-life your harlot is when the angels leave you men behind with her in the tribulation,  with the gallows she has built for you. A few good works are all she needed to do to seduce you while her wealth consumed and furnished you with wars and corrupt politicians who surround you today.

Am I wrong to want my America and my Jesus back? Not this weak pathetic one they parade on their leash as their pet, while Protestant clergy applauds them as being Christian too? This restoration movement going on is hers as well, it has all the fixings of a great Christian movement, but it denies the truth. Especially when it comes to the harlot, they call the Lord’s supper the eating of the Eucharist, many saints were martyred because they denied the Eucharist. AG church is trailing close behind with the Jesuit influence in her, or are they her offspring as well? I highly doubt it but every Protestant church has been seduced by her, very few have not. The empire is only wearing new clothes. She is still the tyrant; she has always been. Someone needs to shout that one out!

The Bible reads like classic novel and mother goose combined. We have someone who wanted to play king of the hill, so G-d made man, who wanted to play hide and seek with G-d. A game that was new and needed some tweaking, as a game father could be challenged by it. The world became cursed it became his turn to hide. However, because of his great love and mercy and its difficulty, he provided a tree for us to run too. Only to find out it was us who were hiding and never him. The emperor is wearing no clothes or newer clothes that make him even more visible as the dragon, who pursues a woman (Israel) the dragon ends up with fire to breathe, and G-d raises his church up to defend the woman and defeat the dragon, loves true kiss breaks the curse Psalms 2:12 and we all live happily ever after.

The great game of chess can also be found in it,  something for everyone  to appeal to all of our inner children.  Mark 10:15  Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of G-d as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

We are here because his first children refused to keep order and obey the only house rule.  Worship the Son when the trumpet was blown. We are the last generation the educated ones. We can see the abyss of where rebellion leads.

G-d told me to take the money they were saving for him and give it to his church to start the celebrations, they have no idea how to do peace the dragon never could. It all began when he began the rebellion, peace ceased. He will never have it even falsely. He has tried and failed Damascus will be his last attempt and those who know me over these past six years will know they could have prevented it. They could have had idols broken, even Islam would take notice. The mocking of G-d in 2012 with Romney would have never happened. Without the honoring of Christ and his leadership there is no peace.

At some point in time, this website is going to be the biggest thing in the world as many ask who is this guy? That is what the world will want to know, who I am is not as important as who I represent. That’s only because Jesus tagged me “it” and I know how to play the games. Games, by the way, G-d did not start, but is desiring to finish. Too many children are being hurt by the bullies and their toys of mass destruction living, here is not becoming pleasurable to anyone anymore. That is the point of the harvest.

Six years ago, I began doing as G-d instructed. Letting others know Jesus is on his way revealing the answers to the signs he has been sending. He told me I was his friend Satan is no doubt jealous that G-d has found a new BFF. You would never know it in the church. I am treated like the lowest schlep on the totem pole. Is this how they will treat Enoch and the other witness when they arrive? Enoch’s words alone are beginning to surface, and church leadership is up in arms over them. The church attacks the works of G-d rather than rejoice over them.

Here is a writing that survived the flood. The books of Enoch was all that man had to go on until Moses and Christ came to reveal more, revealing more is going from glory to glory.

Enoch is coming to place flesh on Lucifer and the angels of the second rebellion while the clergy denies it ever even happened. It is book meant specifically for the tribulation generation and why it never made Cannon. It is here to help settle this foolish ancient alien bogus crap the world is sucking up to. Enoch is here to give the History channel some accurate history. Some of his writings may not be perfect; it may sound like fantasy to some but is sure beats the updated ignorance man is buying into today. We are told within his writings that the fallen angels taught man how to make weapons through the mastering of metals. They are alive and well still teaching men how to be stupid and ignore the truth. As they ride in men like riding chariots or driving cars.

False teachers rob G-d of His glory. They deny the truth where they have no understanding. They speak with certainty what they are not certain about. One man writes a book called ‘The Apocalypse Code’ while another man writes a rebuttal, ‘Breaking the Apocalypse Code’, I read them, both and the latter held more truth for me.

I appreciate good teachings and great teachers like Stanley, Dobson, Youssef, Zacharias, Ingram, Jeffress, Schreve, Bernard and a plethora of others that I have been blessed to hear through my 32 years of walking with the master, not always on game, but constantly looking up and always listening.

Think back to your earliest childhood memory when you looked up at the stars and knew that you knew, this was not home. For me, it was four years old, feeling I had erred him so grievously I pleaded to be forgiven. I was adopted and knew this was not home for me. It was chaos. It was the first time I heard them speaking. “He acts as if he knows we’re here?” To which I replied “Of course, I know you’re there. ” Another voice chimed in, “Quiet he can hear us as well.”

KJV-King-James-Version-Bible-first-edition-title-page-1611.xcfThe Bible is written by the very hand of G-d using men like pens. These men spoke and recorded things, events that would happen centuries into the future. G-d is a person who is not restricted to time or space. He cannot be placed into some box or made to perform at the beckon call of men. He honors those who honor Him, and their prayers are heard.

Christ appeared to me after my discovery. Correcting what has to me become the symbols of the battle, the Lion and the pyramid built by fallen angels not ancient aliens. My revealing them to the angels in their proper order, He opened up the word to me. Jesus caught me up in the spirit and was delighted with me, finding what he created me to find. I see the word with a new spirit showing me the treasures it holds the math which confirms his DNAH in it. I contribute my deep understanding of it because of the lamps he has placed within me, the ones seen making the crop circles, the ones found in Genesis 15:17 the very ones Lucifer had taken away from him. I have the same Holy Spirit everyone else who received Christ has who are born again, now with full upgrades. Some people remain happy without them. Seven and eight are OK but ten has its privileges.

The Bible is filled with hidden treasure and gems to help us recover lost treasure and gems in the souls that are lost. It is our instruction manual, our marching orders and the tactical manual written to take down His enemy’s kingdom. So that the enemy would not catch on to his plans he wrote it in light and divided it so that the enemy would be confused. We are to rightly divide the word and seek always its author in its understanding.

Major Jewell Jesus given to Abel to complete the work.
It is the Holy Ones ring given to another Holy One. The first gem is Jesus on either side is 6 cuts for 12 total circles is nine it is meant to be a ring of judgment the one it is meant for is G-d’s choice to carry his rabid pet. The gems stand separate one is Christ the other to be the antichrist. G-d picks not my pastor or his leadership. They do not respect me this side of tribulation they will on the other side. The ring has 7 holes times the 12 cuts for 84 the two Jewels highlight the passage Psalms 84:2.

We are at the end and to finish the work. G-d must send in his cipher, pass the decoder ring to the one he selects. To help finish the work and bring about the harvest. The more light one is given the clearer one can see the plan.

If you can master a good children’s story you can master the harvest.

The job always has been to compel the lost to the foot of the cross. Give them the salvation message, if they want to go on and be preachers, then more power to them. However, if their training is done by the delusional who think they’re Christians while placing idols around themselves, we are going to have problems.

I have heard stories of ministers whom preached for years without the in filling and baptism of the holy spirit. That oil will be needed in the lamps of all who are going to leave when the time comes. Some claim speaking in tongues is evidence of the Holy Spirit. I heard Catholics can speak and tongues and even still pray to Mary in tongues??? I believe the evidence of the Holy Spirit is the ability to share Christ with others to see truth and expose darkness, not to hide his word or throw the crop circles in the trash without further investigation. However, that’s just me and all I am, is a dumb-ass truck driver.

There are those who speak in tongues and say they can do the Rosary in tongues, which has always been a 5:1 ratio five Hail Mary’s to every one Our Father Isaiah 42:8. Some say they are filled with the Spirit but see no great harvest or crusades before the rapture. I would say their walk with G-d is delusional at best, especially if the Spirit is telling them Rome is not a threat to the American Protestant way of life.

These individuals do not see, nor care to see the truth that is why America failed. They cower down at the size of the dragon which is Rome, who now breathes fire having spent 700 billion to own our POTUS. The beast is whom ever rules Rome. It is the king of the hill position, and we all know who wants that spot.

Revelation 13:4  And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

He darkens everywhere he goes and places his false teachers (Jesuits) in Protestant houses to tear us down and divide us. Half protects the whore while the other half don’t get it, I pray that you do get it, if you haven’t seen it yet? They parade Christ around as a tool of intimidation saying to others with great pride, look what we did to the Son of G-d, we have no fear of G-d so you should fear us. We don’t even obey his word, he is nothing, and we are everything. They are like the queen in the movie “Aliens” wanting to plant their demon seed in each of us to call her momma.

Every nation darkened one more to go it is America
Every nation darkened one more to go it is America

The elect throughout the ages stood against her and called her the harlot, Luther, Spurgeon,   Arnulphus, Bishop of Orleans, Tergandus, Bishop of Treves, Berenger of Tours (Eleventh Century), The Waldensians identified the Pope as the Antichrist. John Huss (1373-1415), Many Lollards of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries held that the Pope was Antichrist, William Tyndale, , Pastor Jean Louis Paschale of Calabria, just before he was burned alive in the presence of Pope Pius IV in Rome, turned to the pope and arraigned him as the enemy of Christ.

Dave Hunt’s excellent 552-page book, A Woman Rides the Beast, gives much more information that positively identifies the fallen woman of Revelation as the Roman Catholic Church. The very fact that they placed their people in high-ranking positions in America’s governing body, and the New World Order agenda keeps happening. G-d gives the false teachers away and the minions of Satan by revealing who took down America.

Protected by three circles it is the weapon against the ungodly. The pentagon is wrapped in flags. Inside the devil and his minions await hiding behind our flag. Having corrupted our politics.
Protected by three circles FSH they are the restraints against the ungodly. The pentagon is wrapped in flags. Inside the devil and his minions await hiding behind our flag. Having corrupted our politics.

False teachers can sing songs of G-d’s victory but do not give it to Him. They allow him to remain upon the cross while they profess they know him and side with the harlot as with a friend. A friend to G-d’s enemy is G-d’s enemy.

Rick Warren, stood in defense of her, as does my pastor and many others that I have been to. It was at Warren’s church that the end of the GOP took place when McCain sold off his Presidency to ensure Obama won. Who wanted to place a false Messiah figure to lost Muslim people?

Who created the false Prophet to begin with?

femacampsWon’t Warren and those who side with her be surprised at the gallows built for them by those they protected? What is missing from the “Purpose-Driven Life” is repentance from sin and truth that saves? Restoration churches have been determined by me as her offspring to defend her and protect her wealth. The harlot and will be consumed into doctrinally sound churches, they will get no money for harvest, unless they show clear signs of repentance and denounce the RCC as a Church.

When G-d’s true children are taken, and Islam is left as the bigger church they will pay for denying Christ and supporting the harlot and her false manuscripts, that rob men of truth and G-d of glory. Protestant numbers should never be added to Catholic numbers in terms of the size of Christianity, we are different as night is to day. At no time, will I compromise that reality,  knowing what I know now and who I am to Christ.

The gallows are also meant for the members of their congregations, Including the Jesuits who sit in among you encouraging the pastors to support the whore by claiming she is a Christian, and that they don’t have to agree on all points of doctrine to be friends in Christ. That teaching is right out of the pit of hell along with no one will be wiser than Solomon. Making sure you all protect her rather than expose her to set the lost within her free and in the world. They do not preach the word. They play church and people never hear the truth. We are talking billions. It is Christ and Christ alone we have a relationship with. One on one with him makes them null and void. By not confronting your ministers with the truth and allowing them to defend her your lost loved ones will remain lost. We must break the stronghold and open blind eyes. By not doing so makes many doers of the work of Satan, rather than that of G-d.

False teachers ignored the heart of G-d and allowed Christ to be used and offended. They allowed her to take America by not exposing her CIA and MI5’s placed only to protect her. They ignored her influence in the war machine with her money in the Rothschild banking system. Because of her, they had jobs that brought a few life but created more death during the process. The enemy sacrifices a few souls to keep up appearances, a Mother Theresa a Bishop Sheehan. Jesus said they went out of their way to make one convert and made them twice the son of hell after they got there. A house divided cannot stand they are either for Christ without idols and false doctrines, or they remain the same and get left behind with Islam as their punishment. Satan wants to leave behind as many as he can to torment and destroy, many pastors are all for that. My pastor teaches that there will be no great revivals and crusades. They trashed the crop circles meant for the children.

False teachers can sing songs of hope but teach no great outpourings or revivals no great end time crusades…They go after America’s wealth rather than seeking to understand why Rome insists all money and wealth belongs to them?  Rerum Novarum.

This following Psalm is for harvest and the money men of god claimed, my G-d does not need for harvest, well then your god doesn’t need it either.

Psalms 126:1-6
(1) When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.
(2) Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them. (3) The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.
(4) Turn again our captivity, O LORD, as the streams in the south.
(5) They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.
(6) He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

We will go straight to the RFID card because of the ignorance of what is going on. Because the false teachers and their love for the whore make it so their church members will get none to help those in need,  they will remain in financial bondage to the false teachers who placed them there.

Christ said our righteousness needed to exceed that of the teachers of the word. To say they did not do this to America is to be completely blind and without concern for those who are lost and not Born Again. G-d confirms it is Rome all over England and it is meant to set people free and the AG church has been sitting on it for six years. Not cool,  not cool at all, not acceptable and that means iniquity is in our house.

Their faith in G-d is so much greater than my own,  they can get by without the whores money that she stole from us to begin with.  Let us not use what has been saved by the dragon to destroy the dragon  that would not make any sense???  Rather keep protecting him  that’s what they do best.  Allowing for them to place stumbling blocks in the path of the blind while obvious they are blind as well. So I know I am not making it up.  The money will go to the churches that honor G-d and desire to lift him up whom have respect for his factual word.  Real men of G-d who do not promote his Son being paraded around as a emasculated weakling who cannot be taken off the cross.

Restoration movement churches will get nothing because they are her offspring to protect her, Rick Warren’s church would get nothing for saying they are Christians too. Not to mention his debate that destroyed the GOP with the 700 billion sell out to the DNC as orchestrated by the CIA for the B.A.N.K.S.

A platform sits in England for the Protestants a new Churchill arises before the Nazi’s take back over.  That is exactly why G-d left a pulpit in England for good Christian leadership to use for his harvest.  It is only meant for one king who will place Christians in positions of power.  The Anglican church of England is the church of the angels. In heaven Lucifer was placed over the angels only G-d was higher than him.  We all know what happened.

So who stepped in after Lucifer was gone? Let us look at the first born man among the Angels Abel to them a picture of the coming promise.  That is why the rider of the white horse of revelation six has no arrows. He is wise enough to know there are better people to do the job,  all they have to do is catch the vision and plan,  is not the true leadership of the kingdom begin with the words “We the people…” G-d places his true followers in positions of power and he can do so without weapons of war. The church is to be separate from the world and the world should be coming to the church in these last moments of time.

This one is an eye looking for 144 two sides enclosed 72 points 2 x 72 =144
This one is an eye looking for 144 two sides enclosed 72 points 2 x 72 =144

Waiting to call the 144,000 after the rapture brings no glory to G-d or help those whom He loves bring in their loved ones.  It seems like men in the pulpit cannot see the greater glory to G-d in doing this,  rather than when we are gone. Who would be delighted more with doing it after we’re gone? Satan and is that what pastors want?

Do not the 144,000 deserve some instruction and provision made for them to help our difficult loved ones being left behind? Mr. Pastor that oozes with love should reconsider his understanding of Revelation and what this is all about. That is what one gets when they support a church which sees G-d as punishing and not caring, merciful or kind. They get another interpretation of what the Bible is all about.

How about accounts set up on RFID cards with a picture of the world leader on them to protect them,  until he changes his mind of course?  Just like when the harlot brings her people to believe they are receiving the actual body of Christ and never get born again in the spirit but go through all their religious B.S. thinking they are safe and still die under the curse , not cleansed in the blood , nor born again meaning there is no oil in their lamp.

This Debit RFID card is like the RCC Eucharist only we tell them what the truth is and what comes next. With the RCC people, they thought heaven was their destination for them when hell is all many got for doing works and never having a true intimate relationship with Christ rather they worshiped a god of Rome’s making the one many Pastors are now choosing. Let them all know the same man will tell them to take the chip into their body after the church is gone, only it will be someone else driving the car which puts it in place. Proving it is spirit and not mind that runs the body because his body will have a severe head wound. Let them know should they take it; they will forever lose their soul and be tormented continually in hell. With the church gone and truth laid out they stand a better chance to be martyred.

I believe this information will also help the 144,000 be more effective to get your loved ones in should they miss the rapture. Those I went to with the news first will be held accountable to those who do not make the first including themselves. They cannot discern the hour or the plan of G-d. They have eyes to see and do not see, ears to hear and do not hear. Then they wonder who are the headless saints who die in tribulation if they are not using it, they will lose it.

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