Follow the plan of the POD Where Will You Get Your Kids Toys Next Year? Ho, Ho, Ho.

When PT Barnum closed down its traveling circus, families had to do without and find other venues to entertain their children. That closure was due to the outrage of the animal rights activists.  The prince of darkness (POD) and his cohorts hate children just as much as they hate God.

Why is Trump (Jesuit Educated) seeking interference from outside nations for help in America’s in house problems?  Joe Biden is a stand up Catholic and so is Pelosi and his Vice president  Pence is a Catholic can’t  Catholic “Christians” resolve their differences?

You don’t have to be a Prophet to see what they are up to; you only need to be a good soldier and watchman in the kingdom and have a  close walk with the LORD.  When  Radio Shack went out of business, which to me was as American as Apple pie, I was stunned. I worked there many years  before going  cross country trucking answering the phone  “Thank you for calling Radio Shack  my name is Bob if you got questions we have answers, how may I help you?”

After Radio Shack then went some Sears stores  next Toys  R Us and Baby R Us failed, then Kmart and they all have something in common their main supplier was  CHINA.

Wal-Mart is picking up the slack, but slowly the tap is going to stop, and those facilities were designed with another intent. Sam Walton worked for the   US intelligence agency and a security chief over internment camps on American soil during WWII.  The government has been giving more help to Walmart than its competitors why?

The video explains more.

Don’t be ignorant of the devil’s devices. He is very real, and his church has it all set up to who will follow them and who will follow the true  Jesus Christ of Scripture, the one the Puritan Pilgrims followed. Who insisted the Eucharist not be on our shores or the Christ Mass.

The Mocking of God with the fat red suited guy with god-like powers subtly has made his way into God’s holy sanctuary.  His home is supposed to be in the NORTH  where he has his throne, he goes down the fire place and believe me he is taking many down to the fire place as well with him. His elves have shifted from making toys to joining forces with the Keebler cookie makers because the demand among Pentecostals is more cookies less Jesus.

Why do people who claim slaying in the spirit is of God get up more loyal to Santa and Rome and defend them? Why not Baptists or Seventh  Day Adventists?  Better yet, even the gospel.

Jesus came for the Jewish People first, and the first shall be last, but they are not coming by way of Rome but through faithful Protestant saints who don’t place blocks of stumbling in their path.

And it’s HOLY, HOLY, HOLY on the day you celebrate God anything and never half that!

Why is one communism better than another?

Brother Abel

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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