Facts You Should Know About Heaven

The video below is a great presentation of what to expect in heaven there are a few things I would like to add, one you never sleep the body does not wear or tire. How do I know? Well, I am glad you asked.

In 2009 when Jesus drew me into Egypt to reveal the truth and gave me the rest of my mantle I stood to my feet and shouted, Babel,  Babel,  Babel, several times then proceeded to clean my apartment the energy was intense. I began throwing papers away I had saved for years as the spirit within kept telling me how my life was going to change how everything I had or was keeping was unimportant. It was like being “Born Again” again. Hours later after cleaning,  I was sitting at my desk admiring the clever discovery of the hidden Lion of the tribe of Judah when suddenly I felt two fingers push into my shoulder blades and speak “Tag Your It.”  The rest of the story many of you heard elsewhere on the blog. He told me I was smarter than Einstein, and that the devil could not hide anything from me.

I remained at a heightened level that went on for 2.5 weeks two of which I continued to drive my 18 wheel truck without sleep.  I asked my employer for time off and took a week where I pleaded with the LORD to give me the much-needed rest during this time he explained how to use the money that was successfully taken from the dragon’s treasury and placed into the Protestant Church.

So sleep is not something you get in heaven. Neither does one get it in the other place and it is eternal.  However, heaven has a peaceful rest with exceeding amounts of joy.  The angels are playing it like a game. One they know they are winning.  No one knows how to play the harp without lessons so that is a fable.  If you play an instrument here you have the knowledge always and play better there. In fact, G-d tells us the angels had no knowledge of good and evil


The devil likes seats of power and he wanted America the price his church paid for the Presidency was 700 billion dollars.  Look closely at these pictures and keep in mind that history repeats because the devil has no creativity.  It was the Black Egyptians that made the Hebrews slaves to hide his sin against the most high G-d Jesus.  The Enemy thought for sure and so did I that Obamanation was the Antichrist.  Just placing a false Messiah to a lost Muslim population is a Satanic doing.

Hell is a place of eternal damnation just as Jesus said it was.

This was no mistake it was made to reach out and save the lost. In G-d’s design, the lost are unaware.
To think I wanted to shake his hand and put my arms around him and thank him for coming, my Jesus is next.

Obama was bought and paid for by our precious frenemies the Catholic’s it was their 700 billion dollars.  Still, they own the White House. Will Protestants have their churches ready when the bombs start to fly and take in the startled bees?

I feel bad for Rick Warren who is just another duped saint believing Catholic’s are Christians too. What happened not long after the betrayal of G-d on his altar? When you deal with the devil you lose the ones you love.

Rethink your relationship with G-d and be sure you have one.

Brother Abel.


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