Darkness Tries to Hide the Light

The light we know penetrates the darkness. Light cannot be extinguished; the word tells us God can cloak himself in darkness.  The darkness tries to hide from the light.

We know that man loves darkness more than he loves light, for the light exposes man’s sin.

The good news is we can do something about the sin, so we are not afraid of the light.

Those who call darkness light are in danger of the judgment. Those who see the light and call it darkness are equally in a bad place spiritually. God emphasized with great enthusiasm that the word shall not pass away; the word matters to God more than the gifts.  The gifts are great, but they are never greater than the word one passes away while the other remains.

Are we mature enough to distinguish between what is good and what is evil? Have we learned anything? After all, was that not the purpose of this all?

People claim to have gifts but lack discernment because some of those gifts come from a place of darkness to weave others into an apostate church with idols and doctrines of demons. Don’t forget the priests of Pharaoh’s court who turned sticks into serpents.

Satan is capable of transforming many into his ministers of righteousness, and below is a list of his schools that do just that. The devil destroyed American public education in hopes that parents would send their children to their paid schools to indoctrinate them to serve their Jesus who steals,  kills, and destroys who likes socialism and denies the house of DAVID, their Jesus is responsible for antisemitism and false doctrines like Preterism and replacement theology the idols should have given them away. Still, Father sees many of you need help.

AVI is usually an acronym for Audio-Visual Communication. I was in the AVI class in high school, the one who set up the projectors and signed them out of the library for the teachers. It began in the FIFTH (5) grade; my first male teacher was Mr. Bateman, and I was called the teacher’s pet. There is a problem with that the other kids would mock or taunt me because of it. He knew my home situation was not good, and so he would have me come over to his house on Saturdays to mow his lawn and instill values within me.

Today I seem to be the Master’s Bait man.

When I graduated high school, in the class of “77,” our class motto was “In Doing We Learn.”

At four years old, I knew that this was not my home I did not belong here or the home I had been adopted into. One night crying in my neighbor’s yard, looking up into the heavens at the stars knowing this was not my home,  this four your old began shouting at God and asking, “Why do you not like me? What did I do to you? I’m sorry, please forgive me.” It became a regular mantra, but the first time I did it, I heard a voice say, “He acts like he knows we are here.” I shouted, “Of course, I know you are there.” Another voice responded, “Quiet, he can hear us too.”

I may seem today like I know more than most, but that is only because, in 2009, God gave me the rest of my mantle after I wanted to shake Obama’s hand wrap my arms around him thinking he was the antichrist and I know after he arrives Jesus is next!

I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ in 1982 even though HE spoke to me in 1978 FIVE years earlier, not long after a suicide attempt, after a failed relationship in 1977. I could not prove to my family that he had,  my family was split Catholic and Mormon, and God told me to trust neither.

That experience with God had my family commit me to, of all places, a Catholic hospital. I insisted that my stepfather bring me a Bible so I could try and understand what was going on. I had no church to turn to, and I knew from what HE spoke to me who not to trust.  When I see people siding with either one of those deceit systems, I know they do not know the Jesus of scripture.

How do you know me,  not think that I may be only the Angel to seal the 144000?

It always floors me when speaking about the 144000, the ignorance surrounding them.  In the twelve tribes, two handmaidens of Jacob’s wives are not pure Jewish women.

Bilhah and Zilpah, mothers to Dan, Naphtali, Gad and, Asher. Bilhah and Zilpah were originally Rachel and Leah’s handmaids, but when Rachel and Leah struggled to conceive, they proposed that Jacob marry and have children with their handmaids.

Now the handmaids were born from Laban’s servant girl, a second wife part of his concubine. They would have been Leah and Rachel’s half-sisters.  If born from a servant girl, it may be safe to say they were not in Abraham’s lineage.

Joseph has two sons from an Egyptian wife. She was the daughter of an Egyptian Priest. His grandchildren were Manassah and Ephriam. Benjamin, who was their elder and their uncle, was a pure son of Jacob and Rachel.   Rachel dies when Benjamin shows up. Leah represents children behind the veil Rachel represents the children that God worked longer for that would be us. So it would be safe to say that the end for the Earth has come when you see Benjamin.

Lines have been crossed blood mixed Enoch married into Ishmael’s daughters the firstborn Son of Abraham from the woman who was Sarah’s servant girl. She was not a free woman like Sarah. The true promise of the SON to Abraham was made to Sarah, who was the free woman. God has not forgotten HIS promise to Abraham, Isacc, or Ishmael.

In calling out the 144000, we will find our twelve princes and their twelve brides for the wedding rehearsals for the return of Jesus Christ in the process the world needs to see what the Apostate Church has brought to America.  Raise your hands all those who believe Joseph Biden got into the White House with integrity fair and honesty. It will help us see who needs to be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT.

Will the light hide this darkness? We will also find during the calling out of the 144000 the traitors who joined forces with a system God ended at the cross.

To be sure you understand, we are grafted into the vine. We are not the original vine. I do not think that DNA can help us discover if you are your children are part of the 12 tribes, so it would be safe to say God will stir in their hearts during the calling, and they will know who they are.  Clearly, they are men who have not been tainted by female relationships.

Doing this will help the younger women of the world know that some men still in the world are not all pigs seeking what will no longer be needed in heaven. Virgins should not desire or need what they have not tasted; they should know God has someone special for them who will love them and not become unfaithful. They are men of integrity and can only be found in the church.

Those who claim the 144000 are chosen after the church is gone are clearly not in the business of winning souls to Christ before we leave. Have they saved up to provide for what could be their sons left behind in the tribulation?  Daughters will be raped by the system ROME created. China is hungry for women for their many men.

Blessings to you, HIS true Saints.

Brother Abel (Benajmin)

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