Conspiracy theorists were right so now what?

Christians have been telling you of the conspiracy for two thousand years the plan to separate you from a relationship with G-d and be lost from your maker forever. Conspiracy theorists are as Watchmen trying to warn you of what evil is up to.

The truth is not released because the ones with the “HOLY SPIRIT” side with Rome, they defend her,  protect her and claim she is Christian how are they not part of the conspiracy?

The only thing missing here in this picture is Tony Soprano?!?

While evil is up to is calling the conspiracy people nuts saying pay them no attention while we destroy that great Empire America once was all because America did not have the Papal authority to tell you about Jesus.

Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map.

They killed their own when he went and almost gave them away.

JFK like Lincoln was killed by them and they are coming after you, “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy,” (the fake priesthood) with their cookies they think is Jesus.

The same map above was done by our loving Father in the crop fields of England revealing what is dark that Pentecostals call light.

God reveals the same map a little differently. Every nation darkened one more to go it is America, the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see it.

Post 911 began the takeover of America by the real Communist who believe in god and do as he leads them what’s worse National Socialism or Communism?

Do you think they are going to remove those social distancing stickers anytime soon?

Divide and conquer, I wonder what Father meant when he had Psalm 91 written which is the reverse of 19.

Keep in mind the original covering was meant to protect not God but the wicked congregation from God’s wrath by returning them back to Worship the one in whom God placed value on.

Sad that Father had to enforce what we do so easily,  only we do it to the wrong gods “Worship”.

Satan’s design.

We need to put our focus on the word not the gifts but the finished work of Christ.

See the new website check out the members-only page labeled in German as Secret Society and our cookie policy and don’t forget their all-important role as Kingdom Builders or is that destroyers?  We don’t want your kind in heaven stay for the gallows you built for this generation as the last generation you should have known better.

Conspiracy theorists may be for Jesus or they may not know him at all they are right about the Socializing of America and the destruction of our finances. Is America becoming like socialist Germany of the late thirties early forties again who is behind the destruction of G-d’s word to make it so?

Whose hands are in it? The German Soldiers of Hitler’s day all attended Parochial School is this what you want Jesus to come back too? (

Smile while you can puppets of Satan because a day is coming when you will weep and gnash your teeth for ignoring the teachings of Jesus the SON of God.

When you own all the horses in the race! Expect evil to have a hand in it. There is no Democrat-Republican there is only the Vatican.

Germany gave us back the word and began the great revival of the Christian faith.  Because evil was hiding the truth,  Luther who was righteous opened up the truth and revival began it always does. Isn’t that right Pastor Steven,  Pastor Bill and Pastor Shawn?

Which prophet was it that… oh it was right there near me. Yes, Nehemiah who read from the book Nehemiah 8:8 did you know 8+8 = 16 and Nemiah is the 16th book in the Bible,  now I’m just showing off.

Another good 1:9

Nehemiah 1:9 KJV
(9)  But if ye turn unto me, and keep my commandments, and do them; though there were of you cast out unto the uttermost part of the heaven, yet will I gather them from thence, and will bring them unto the place that I have chosen to set my name there.

The greatest prophet of our time today and he is because the devil likes to mock the Christians and because he is in control now and thinks we cannot do anything about it.

A prophet is considered a true prophet when several of his prophecies come to pass it says he knows G-d.  Joseph Smith and Muhammed were not accurate on anything, but this man has been right countless times and I never hear him speak at Church giving Jesus the victory for his gift. I give you Matthew Abraham Groening greatest prophet of our day and with a name like Mathew Abraham what can I say?

Before it even took place, revealing it is called Prophecy.

Tanking the economy.

I do not think it is Jesus behind Matthew Abraham Groening it may be that Rome knew what they were going to do next or our people are mixed into his people or is his people their people or our people his people?

It was the American Taxpayer who paid for the bailout and bought the Pope more of America. This picture post 9/11 April 2008 and that is George Bush over where the devil is supposed to sit on your shoulder telling you to do evil. While on his right a Bishop looks on who is Bishop because the priesthood of Rome made him so.    George tell him how Jesus came to end the priesthood.

This is another Pope heading off into the abyss who like so many claimed he knew G-d and knew what G-d wanted. Yes,  G-d wanted the CIA in America to give it to the Catholic Church the MOB goes by another name.

The enemy always liked the highest positions of power. Maybe he hates me because I’m a truck driver.

I had a friend a close brother in Christ a minister tell me he was pleased that Catholics are in power in America. Thinking they were Christians because they say they are.  Yet they do nothing Christ told them to do.  Which means now they can run it just the way darkness knows best where evil is abounding everywhere?

Has Rome really changed since the time of Christ where they placed in their Kings? Who suffers for it the true children of G-d,  that is why we are leaving the false children of G-d behind in the tribulation.  Because the fact is they do not know G-d.

Why is it every community in America where they send in their Church the light goes away and darkness abounds? Well, it is simple it has to do in the way you treat G-d and HIS word. If you keep it away from the people there is no power for them to fight the darkness if you keep mocking HIM in a priesthood he ended while continuing what they call the same sacrifice it does not show a victorious resurrected power over the enemy.

I gave a man the tools to help me defeat this darkness and he hid it away so that no hope could abound and he claims to be a Christian and knows what G-d wants.

Rome gives one the impression G-d needs them to pull Jesus (G-d) into that wafer to convince others they have received Jesus.   If you look closely at a true Christians we do not have anything outward other than our Bible’s and a vacant cross then there is the occasional image of what HE may or may not have looked like hanging on the wall with a Bible passage but nothing G-d forbade for the sake of the lost Israelites so they may find their way home,   we are the beacons of truth.

Because G-d has taken up residence in our hearts we need no other outward reminders of what Christ did for us. we serve HIM because it is HE serving through us if we are in the relationship.

This says they have no relationship they have no Holy Spirit though they do have healings and people falling over backward.

The real Jesus Christ Son of the Living God came to lift up HIS Father and exalt HIM and no one else! This is not winning the lost house of Israel or the Muslims to Christ and because they refuse to let go of their toys they have temper tantrums and blow and kill people up over them start wars with their vast wealth and political clout.

Herod and Pilate were their choices as well and they never got along. With the downing of the towers and the destruction of America spotting Mystery Babylon and the harlot should not be difficult,  the only reason it is difficult for the world to see the truth is because  Pentecostals have been infiltrated to believe she is Christian which makes them not as elect as they thought.

I may even be their enemy for saying so.  Though I speak with the tounges of men and angels and have not love.  I think I do love and that more passionately then given credit for. I tell my Pastor friend I won, I won,  I won,   he tells me I should not let others think I am better than they are.

If anyone is NOT  better than anyone else it is I. I  was raised to believe that I am not better than anyone.  Since my adoption, all I ever heard was how I was nothing I was never going to be anyone and no one would ever love me. Then at 23, I found Jesus and HE tells me quite the very opposite. We are born into darkness separated from him and because we refuse to look into the light we die in darkness. The light of G-d would be truth that exposes the lies being told to you by the father of lies that Jesus referred to and warned us about as Satan. Now people do not believe he even exists.

Tough call when G-d places His Spirit in a man HE loves and gives him the peace plan the devil needs someone somewhere is going to catch on.

Maybe I should be more like Todd Bentley and punch and kick my Pastor’s in the face?

I always believed a man was made in G-d’s image and to hit another man was defying G-d and striking at his image. Only the devil would do that and call it of G-d.

Brother Abel

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