Compromise is not a winning strategy.

God does not wink at sin, and I am a sinner who needs Jesus in HIS life every day and if HE is in my life daily will I not love what HE loves and hate what HE hates?

Still, as a human with feet of clay, I fall until I am corrected and placed back on the right path.

When in a marriage, it is good to let go and find a compromise in the fabric or colors of the walls or of the car but not in the education of children.  When it comes to peace and a peace plan, there is no compromise it is Christ alone.

Starting a revival by compromise is like hating your brother and bringing your gift to the altar. Most revivals are begun by the preacher, not the truck driver.

If walking in the spirit means having to ignore the truth, it is not a spirit I wish to walk in. Causing others to stumble or be left in bondage is not conducive to advancing the Kingdom of God.

A recent post I discussed better ways to reach the lost with the gospel and one is not by compromise but by doing it better.  We cannot allow the enemy to make us waver in our commitment to winning the lost.  He has his holy days that are not so holy, and we should stand apart with our own that defines the standard of what is sacred.

Dump trunk or treat you are teaching your children that compromise of the word is not a problem when it is a problem. Blending in is not standing out.   We are trying to fit in with a world that is going to be destroyed by the anger of God because they denied HIS SON. What father would allow bullies access to his children or his Kingdom?

My suggestion was one that says the other kids would be jealous and envious of us and want to be with us and thus win their parents into the kingdom; these are eternal souls.

We could do better we are Christians, and we are called to do better we could make the other Children hungry for our day that would not interfere with the day the devil has claimed his own Halloween.   Is it the children who feel left out? When their peers ask them what did they get for Halloween? Ours could say we do not celebrate it we take the week before and go to the Amusement Park dressed as our favorite Bible Characters, where we get ice cream and candy along with prizes for scripture quotations. The more scripture you can quote, the bigger the reward,  last year I won a bike, and my brother won an Iguana.

The other people at the park may find it weird Christian children dressed up as Bible characters having fun at the amusement park the other children in the park will be adorning the devils garb a week later.  It works on so many levels a witness for Jesus.

Now the other kid goes home and asks Mom, can we go to the AG church or the church that takes the kids to the amusement park sure he may even celebrate Halloween as well, but now he is keenly aware of the word of God.

This idea was birthed in the teachings of Christ. We were called to make the Jewish people jealous to desire a relationship with their King. However, compromise in Pentecostalism did not nor ever will make it happen.

Jeremiah 4:22 KJV
(22)  For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.

When I asked my pastor once if he were jealous he said no, I knew he lied because it is the reason I got the call to make the others want what we have a relationship with Christ. He may claim to have a relationship with Christ, but the compromise gives it away that he does not, or it is not at full capacity wisdom fails him.

Starting a revival with human psychology was not one of God’s tools, and you all know how we feel about those who advocate for the devil, you deserve to get his pay, not God’s.

Honor the word allow the work to move forward I practically started a revival in 2009 in Salem NH just opening the peephole in the door the minister was banging on it was short-lived after picking up a microphone then I was told to get rid of the light given me now the enemy keeps me away from the microphone because he knows I want to open the door wider.

He has five hundred questions, while I only have one.

Brother Abel

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