Coming soon our troopers…

Before the enemy gets his new world order I would like you to take the time to review what G-d is revealing to me. We all know there was an attempt on the Queen of England’s life that is because the enemy is on to us.  I have warned him in a previous message she dies,  I die.  He gets nothing. No peace plan , no temple built,  no completed one world order, and most important of all no vessel to drive.

He is very well aware thanks to my Mormon side of the family I may be crazy enough  to do it, yeah and like some of you don’t think so either.

This image is what the honor guard wears in heaven, if you haven’t figured out what it means the inverted pyramid represents Americas government structure originally. We the people and the point on the pyramid beneath is the rulers over us that we elected.

The three 777 represent Father Son and Holy Spirit it adds to 21 which 2+1 = 3 Father and Son together in the 2 and the Holy Spirit in the earth as the one. The scrolls represent the four and twenty elders (24) that surround the throne in heaven from the book of Revelation. Each point of the pyramid points to the eighth scroll or 888 which is a perfect number and again triune like 777. It means brand new heavens and new earth are around the corner. The symbol is found throughout heaven worn by G-d’s honor guard.

The SG1 crowd will love it picture the background camo or khaki green.

Crop Circles_Digital


The 144 thousand sealed and England’s honor guard can explain the meaning of the symbols as they share the good news that Jesus is on his way. That this is just one of the banners seen throughout heaven.


The original work….Made again by balls of light and seen by eyewitnesses in England where I belong leading G-d’s church to victory.

The Banner for the House of G-d
The Banner for the house of G-d.
777 makes up the star gate like insignia here. Each point is on the 888 of the twenty and four scrolls that surround the 777.
Centers for Christian Education the emblem for wisdom as she holds the lamp over her head and her torso the seed of life that was in the beginning with G-d.
A warriors emblem the three symbols represent the Triune G-d belonging to the house of the greatest warrior Michael. To be given to veterans who fought valiantly for our freedoms. To warriors today who stand tall in the battle.

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