Coloring the races globalists are right.

Red and Yellow Black and White we are precious in his sight and the reason globalism is right.

I’ve had my fill of the flat earth folk and I did not realize how many non elect there actually were.  Considering how many went after the one with all the precious stones and believed he was G-d or knew G-d?  G-d let his creature dress up in order to expose him and look how many went after him protecting him and defending him.

Covered in gold and precious stones G-d allowed his serpent to dress up again.

Job 26:7  He stretches out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.

We all began the same after the flood.  Noah’s Son’s had wives and gave birth to all the races.  The races began after the scattering of Babylon.  Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord and the priesthood held him up as the choice of G-d to be the ruler.   Throughout history, the priesthood placed leaders above them and made the rest of us serve them.   When JFK gives his speech saying “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”  I for one believe it is the Roman priesthood.

Mormon’s claim the have the full truth with a book of Abraham and the book of Mormon they claim they have a restored Aaronic Priesthood and for what purpose? G-d starts HIS only to end the need for it.

What HE wanted from Israel HE has in us,  as the Royal Priesthood who truly inspect the sacrifice and see all that was accomplished on the cross. Then why did Joseph Smith bring it back if it fulfilled its service to HIM? Because people who do not know G-d do not know G-d or understand what this is all about.

The battle is not about the shape of planet earth or which religion is the right one?  It is what it originally was about. Do we need to worship the Son in order to have a society? Why is it that man can worship so many other things but not the finished work of Jesus Christ? He is the only one who conquered death, death was a tool of the enemy that the priesthood used as fear to control the masses by and place their leader in the position, not the leader G-d would want. The one that benefits them the most,  gets the job.

I have become a fan of Shawn Boonstra and his radio program if you listen to nothing but his program from the voice of prophecy radio called “Disclosure” you would do well. The last program he did was on “Revelation Speaks Peace”  a must listen to by any Christian.

When the people scattered they took with them their gods that the phony priesthood had them worship,  among them, was mother and child.  As they moved over the earth they settled where the Sun hit the earth in different angles causing the slow evolution of the genome to transform in a way to protect the individual from its harmful rays. According to the flat earthers, we would all be toasted the same.

Mormon’s claimed for years that the whitesome and delightsome were the ones who fought valiantly in heaven while the black race was the ones that did not fight as well. Ignorance is what you find in those who do not truly know G-d the colors of the races are dependent on the position they live on the planet.

Love is a commandment and if we cannot love each other for our differences we cannot love.  The ability to love is a choice, not a feeling,  not an emotion.   The Bible tells us there are many noble and strange creatures in the heavens that surround HIS throne yet how will we behave towards them when we behave so badly with each other?

The flat earth people need to be lifting up Jesus.   They claim they are but are they really?
Imagine a brother telling a lost soul the earth is flat now let me tell you about Jesus.  Lot’s of these people have all sorts of evidence.  The evidence against them is just as Biblical the words pillars and foundations can be argued as poetic.   Sure I do not believe a government agency that attracts billions of our tax dollars and private funds is not a little shady on some things. Nikola Tesla knew we could bounce signals off the ionosphere, in fact, it is one of its primary purposes according to the wiki.

Our economy and industry thrive in the high-tech fields and the people handling the government “big money” profit on stocks held by big tech companies,  we feed our families and unfortunately build better weapons to war with because of it.

Do we need a distraction from the return of Christ or the need to bring peace and get the temple built?   Funny how this all started coming out when I explained what G-d had shown me,  how the first pyramid was built and why they were unable to complete it. I said that before man came gravity was less and that made it easier to lift the heavy stones in place with the aid of the dinosaur.   Was Hannah Barbera onto something?  Did you know the capstone to the one they claim was built by Khufu is still on the ground? Why did they not lift it into place?  The answer is gravity.

What is recorded in stone cannot be undone. Jeremiah 4:28
(28)  For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black: because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.
If you seek me with all your heart I can be found! If I be lifted out of the Earth I will draw all men to me.

The earth is round.

Both poles have an Aurora due to the magnetic field around the earth.  Both poles can have stars in time-lapse photography spin in a circle because the earth spins. If you can see the North star Polaris and the same angle of constellations then I stand corrected.

Brother Abel ( 555 comes before 666 all day and every day!)

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