Bruce Gender and the Confused ones.

For those who may not remember or know the history behind the confusion let me Illuminate you.  Robert Kardashian was a close friend of O.J. Simpson his football hero and Heisman Trophy winner in 1968 and bit actor in some comedy movies as well as the spokesperson for Hurts any car. (Get it? We are spirit in chariots.) He was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in 2007. But best known for his role in the double murder homicide of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in 1994. O.J. Simpson did not get away with it.  There is one more judgment to go, and the angels and G-d have the whole story.

Robert Kardashian made OJ an idol even after giving his life to Christ he sat beside him all through the trial. Robert was urged to reinstate his law license and become a member of the legal dream team to keep everything confidential that was spoken or done between him and OJ. The look on his face after the not guilty verdict was not one of a happy friend but of what have I done.    It was he who destroyed the garment bag that came back with OJ on the plane the day they arrested him. Was it evidence that could have convicted OJ of both murders as many believe?  Could Jesus say on judgment day that Robert Kardashian knew him? Proverbs 21:3. Jesus is Savior for many but LORD not so much. The Kardashian girls were young not even in their teens when the OJ trial took place.

Nicole Brown Simpson was a close, and dear friend of Chris Kardashian who divorced Robert Kardashian who we know found Jesus.  While Chris was plotting deals with the devil for the Kardashian name to live on.   As for their names to be written in the book of life, the rebellion must end, and they will need to keep up with Jesus. One of the reasons G-d insists that in the old testament we are not to allow a witch to live They corrupt others even their children. Because of the cross, we have become more grace and mercy based.  Witches will have their judgment as well and to reject Christ guarantees them a place when the Sun goes supernova (the lake of fire). If those girls ever hope to see their father again and be saved from the eternal damnation of hell,  they will need to turn their lives over to Jesus like everyone else.

Chris Kardashian married Bruce Jenner who was the men’s decathlon gold medal winner in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. He is the father of two children Brody and Brandon and told their mother back in 1985 his desire to transform into a woman.   This demon is the easiest one to defeat it requires that you fall in love with the only man who truly loves you and that is Jesus Christ. This spirit seeking to pervert Bruce’s gender became a stronghold once he moved into the Kardashian household with all those women.  We are born to be a particular gender as chosen by G-d as he knits us together in the womb.

Spirit is assigned and where does this spirit originate from? There is nothing new under the sun.  Jesus is the example for those who would follow behind him when the time was chosen.

The UFO  enthusiast said this was a landing area or a design for a spaceship.  It depicts a virgin and a rough sketch of the true ship that brings spirit from one side to the other.

This got wow.

While this one received less enthusiasm than the above design.  Even though it is a more complicated ship. That we all got here by. Born a woman stay a woman born a man stay a man and find decent role models of men and women.  The Kardashian’s are not that at all.

This is the actual ship the other a sketch of it.

Honor HIS father’s creation that made us procreate with the counter gender that is natural. Homosexuality is confusion to the angels and to children in their formative years.  During the tribulation, the Muslim’s will not tolerate it and end it like Hitler did the Jews.

Add some Burka’s to the wardrobe and pray no one asks your identity in the tribulation. Caitlyn’s name is not in the book of life is Bruce’s?

Jesus did not say anything about the lifestyle while he was here and did HE have to? He was talking to Abraham’s children, and they knew it was an abomination. G-d is the same yesterday today and forever. One crop circle points directly to Genesis 18:1-33 where the whole thing happens with Sodom and Gomorrah.  I call it “Congratulations Abraham it’s a boy!”  Only the men were counted in those days, so we only count the upper torso of the man for eighteen circles.  The unique thing about this one is that it was caught on camera being made in a blink of an eye. The circles are not round on the ground but are contoured to the shape of the ground, so they look round from the air. Try that with planks and string.

Done within seconds and caught on camera these circles were made oval to use the contour of the land so when looking down they look like perfect circles hard to fake that. The upper torso of the male has 18 circles. Genesis 18:1-33

Jesus loves you turn your life over to him while there is still time.

Brother Abel.


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