Brainwashed and television deceived.

I believe in a G-d who is able to speak the worlds into existence, who wanted a family. Let’s face it being alone really is miserable, I envy those big families that stay together because they have a common focal point that keeps drawing them to do so.

When G-d insisted on HIS angels to worship HIS SON before the creation of man HE knew long before hand what was needed to keep it all together.  He is a holy G-d who will not have the world system as HIS in heaven.  If it was it would be this for eternity killing, raping and stealing which makes people like me very uneasy that such scum is allowed to even exist. That is their free will,  mine is to honor the words of Jesus which are not limited to the first four new testament books but the entire Bible.

Jesus addresses seven churches that HE claims are HIS who obviously inspected HIS work and know HIM intimately. The spirit of these seven are still among us but there are more than seven churches scattered throughout the globe.  It is these that truly know HIM that must unite in the last hours to win the rest. I believe G-d would like to leave as little behind as possible and that we all should shout with a voice of victory over the defeat of the god of this world.

The revelation was written around 90 AD by John who was taken to heaven long after we are told no eye has seen nor ear has heard. When that was penned by Isaiah and again by Paul to the Corinthians they were unaware of G-d’s overall plans. Like Polycarp telling us it was John who wrote the fourth gospel anyone who does the research can find out how untrue that is.  Leader’s do the best they can with the information they have at hand.

No one including Moses knew what was being hidden in Egypt which opens the door to tons of new information.  Finding it was a Highlander moment for me. The first puzzle needed to be solved before the rest could be open.

Made in the backyard of Rome who gave us the fish and took away the word from the world whose offspring is just like her. Just to reveal G-d is not anywhere within them to be found.

Jesus ended the purpose for the priesthood at the cross and none were meant to be leaders any longer. The path was cleared and the gate to heaven was opened by Christ. If HE is in you then you only need to feed on the teachings HE left us.  The new covenant church under Christ established the five fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11-12 within them you will find no priesthood.  Peter addresses we are all priests in 1 Peter 2:9 what G-d wanted from Israel HE has in us who inspect the final sacrifice. I have and I delight in it.

There is not one main line Church the seven churches were written about long before the Roman Catholic church had its beginning in 300 AD claiming that Peter who tells us we are of the ROYAL PRIESTHOOD 1 Peter 2:9 whom they have claimed is their founder and first Pope.

Peter was the Apostle to the Jews who were told not to serve a queen of heaven or serve idols or make graven images.  If you don’t want to be following the commands of G-d you should not be calling yourself a Christian Church. Call no man Father is something the SON of G-d said and HE is precious to HIS only HOLY Father.  If you do not want to obey then you must stay away from those of us who seek to be in the household of faith. All the faith in all the things in the world cannot make G-d ignore the laws HE has established.

When Constantine (Conman) stood up and said in this sign we conquer the Emperor put on new clothes and made the Son of G-d a tool to build their new world order with.  There are many headless saints going up in the tribulation and now you will see why.

Fear and intimidation are how this church was built using their wealth they installed political power and none of it giving Jesus the glory.

The following programs spread their religious bigotry M.A.S.H.,  Blue Bloods, Bones (where the FBI agent sleeps around outside of wedlock and Christ is his license to sin), The Godfather which I believe is a movie that depicts the true inner workings of the church.  A front for demons to maneuver behind.  I’m sure there are much more out there when talking about G-d they seem to be the specialists. When you have a billion liars and only a few truth tellers you can see the confusion in the masses.

I call this one the team the devil told me all my life I couldn’t do anything right. Roman Catholic Giuliani says 911 is an inside job, we knew that in Isiah 30.25.

What do Protestants have?   Ned Flanders of the Simpson’s, Archie Bunker who was depicted as a racial bigot and a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant?  Carrie’s mother from the horror film Carrie.  Luanne and Angel Babies from King of the Hill,  No wonder why Duck Dynasty became so Popular among true believers.

My hope when all the world is watching and the man of the day stands up to address the conclave of Bishops, Arch Bishops, all wearing the Babylonian fish headdresses  (who would not be bishops if they came by way of the tenets of scripture the husband of one wife) and all the priests of Rome who have mocked sacrifice Christ and his final work for thousands of years and asks them. “How did you know it was going to be a Protestant? ”

Brother Abel,

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