Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

When you fall in love you don’t expect it, it just happens, you want this person near you for as long as you can, so I get it, you just never expect it. I am usually pretty good at fixing people up, so I must say you are onto something here.  I married a Christian woman who I was smitten with; we married when she was 18 I was 23 the angels love Romance and marriage and babies I like Father only had one son.  We were only together three and a half years 3.5 when you came in like a flood because I took my eyes off Jesus but for a moment.  You destroyed my relationship, and now it’s my turn.

Besides, you don’t have a Romantic bone in your spiritual body, one of the reasons why your children do not marry or have natural relations.  The peace plan is hidden in their name, but they are so deep into the darkness, and close to you, they cannot see it. Let me help them so we can get that temple built for you and your future queen.

It seems the dragon has found a love interest with China who like many Penatcostals love dancing with a dragon.  Women were just not around in his day so he and his angels have no desire for female companionship.  So I was surprised when I saw his interest in this cute little dragon, you dog,  you… is that a tongue piercing on her? Even that facial tattoo work is out of this world or is it from another?

She truly is spectacular but I just don’t think it’s going to work out America is on to you, far be it for us to interfere in this thing you have going on with China. But the world needs to know Jesus is coming back and you will just have to wait for your honeymoon. Jesus wants HIS children first to show the world HIS greatness and appreciation to the Nation of Israel.

Why you may ask?  BECAUSE HE’S GOD and you are still NOT!

That’s my money by the way you are spending so generously to weaken our defenses against you. Read the contract again “The earth is the LORDS and the fullness thereof and HE gives to whom HE wills the kingdoms of the earth.”

You get what doesn’t come in the first resurrection. I would like all those Patriots to stand up for America and point you out to the world. The soldiers who died for America were worth more than 700 billion dollars! That’s why we gave him the name Obamanation to help tell the story.

To think those who hold Christ on a stick could not find a way to bring peace but through war and violence. CHINA will beat the U.S. into submission and the Roman clergy will be safe. Russia was never the problem they are just very good with smoke and mirrors.

God reveals the seven eyes of the spirit that made two eyes to overthrow one eye because they could not keep the number one commandment in heaven,  nor can we do it here. 7+2+1 equals 10 and it is that first commandment that everyone seems to have trouble with even eye(I) do occasionally. We have by his mercy and by the blood of the lamb his help in keeping it. So, why are our Protestant Churches empty? He is deceiving us with his sorcery “World” Health Organization last day Pandemic?   Do not FORSAKE the ASSEMBLING  of yourselves together as you see the day approaching. Where are the Shepherds protecting the flock? Who are at the moment breaking the first three commandments? Maybe the relationship is not genuine? To say you love someone and let them offend God in such a grievous manner says you do not love them,  speaking of our Roman citizens.

I am all for falling in love but not when people are going to get hurt while you are getting all twisty with this mile-long dragon who is indeed your size. Definitely a match made in heaven to reveal to the world there is a hell.   My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth Psalms 121:1-2. There is our favorite numbers 1 God revealed in 21(777) three persons still HE is 1 God 121:1 also adds to FIVE which comes again before SIX 121:2 but six is mine as well together they come back to SEVEN Psalms 121:1-2. I just feel awful about those parents who removed their kids from public schools and sent them to a place that was worse than “Hogwarts” at least “Hogwarts” didn’t have a statue in every corner.  Someone needs to tell the priesthood they were nullified in 33 AD.  Because of their desire to not work under the curse, but mislead others to serve them. That’s how most Pyramids got built. It’s a pyramid scheme and most of our money has been going to CHINA by the design of the Catholic CIA.

This truth can set 1.2 billion free who have their two eyes opened. What comes after that is all God all day and I am not HIM a servant like you is who I am.

Whether you like it or not going to continue to tell people about Jesus in order to procure your needed peace plan. I don’t have any superpowers I only stand on the word which is truth. When he was the “light”  bearer he did not have any power other than sharing God’s word with the congregation. HIS word is always reliable so the enemy will get his temple and his cute dragon girlfriend when I get my wife back as JESUS promised me,  I can stand on that.

Below we see the dragon who God is revealing because he LOVES you. The first covering bigger in comparison to the angels by his stinger. Made up of 14 circles the eyes need not be so we come up with 12 the three angels for how many verses we come to Isaiah 14:12-15 he and his Church are two-faced Ezekiel 28:12-15 they both hate America and the WORD of God has something to do with it!

DVD who are the Chinese
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I believe Chinese people are the most beautiful people in the world their writing goes back to the tower of Babel. So why am I not surprised he wants to give America to this splendid looking dragon. What they really need is to know the true Christ of scripture not this antichrist church that denies HIS finished work. They have been sending people to hell since stealing the keys away from the true saints.


Is this what Christianity is?






Then I guess I am the evilest man in the world.


Brother Abel.