619 is better than 19 without the 6 here is why.

House of AbelFirst, I want to thank whoever did this image; it is a million-dollar Jewell, and the center Jewell is the Pearl of Great Price. He is known as the SON of GOD, and God loves HIS SON that Father gave HIM the Universe as HIS inheritance because of HIS obedience to keeping the law of God. It was man who tried and convicted HIM placing HIM on the cross. It was UNJUST on man’s part by every sense of the word.

It was beneficial to those who would believe on HIM for they shall be called the children of God HE came first for the Jewish people and extended it to the Gentiles, the pagan cultures who gladly received HIM and turned from their false gods and found the true and only God. Except for ONE distinguishable group who keeps the truth away from all the others. Sadly, those who claim to have the HOLY SPIRIT with their powers from on high stand with them, and defend them. Causing the lost confusion and God is not the author of that.

FYI they laughed at Noah too,  these seven websites get you on a better ark and ship. Just need to find some people who can support the truth.

HE was innocent, and I find no fault in Christ perfect in every detail it has been recorded so that we, you, and I alone can investigate whether it is true or not.  Christ died so that you and I could draw near to a HOLY GOD, the creator of the Universe who made his way into our world that HE made to bring us into HIS. The first spirits HE created insisted on seeing HIS face. They just could not believe without evidence that the SON of God was real and responsible for all that they enjoyed.

We are to come before God without the need of any other priest HE took on the highest position as our intermediator to God HIS Father.

The priesthood was destroyed because there is no more need for sacrifice only an investigation into the perfect sacrifice.

The Upper Pearl and lower pearl represent the other two that make up the one Father,  Son, and Holy Spirit.

The smaller pearls are the angels and the spirits of children.  They follow Abel 69 which, when added, is 15 or 555 around because he was the firstborn among the angels, and a child himself 120 years old is just a toddler in heaven. Eternity is forever, and it is defined by the symbol of infinity, which is the number eight at rest. Six is the purpose we are here because somebody wanted to be God rather than defend the need to worship the SON of God. A six inverted becomes a nine and the angels cant tell without it in place which is six and which is nine. Nine of course means judgment without a six in place to protect from the wrath of God. Lucifer was created to protect the Pearl of Great Price but we know how that went. His purpose reveals to the angels the value of the SON. That’s why he was covered with all those fancy doodads aka precious stones but never more precious than that pearl.

He lost his position and the wrath of God began to spill, the war became the new standard. Those who kept the law from those who would not keep the law.

You can look at this from any angle and it reveals, itself the same, it is the Character of our God he never changes, and no matter how you see HIM HE is always the same.

The numbers bring up my birthdate and 6/10/59 now I have been over this, and you are all still waiting for some supernatural manifestation of power like LUKE SKYWALKER. And if you ever want to walk among the sky and traverse the stars you will need to read the writings of Luke who also penned the book of Acts.

Lucifer technically would have at one time been the six before the creation of man who was oddly made on day six of the dawn of man.   The spirit of God moved over the earth AGAIN to make all that we were going to need.  The dinosaurs had their day and the fallen angels had expired their shells decayed their spirits remained and are still with us to this day they like high seats of power.  God is going to seal them in their containers along with the souls of men who serve them.  Jeremiah 4:27-28 tells us about the first curse placed on the earth.

When I get back home I am going to place a sign over my door that says “He who has the lamps knows not what the lamps are for?!?” The light just does not seem to be revealing anything to me?

Though I have figured out how the first carrier of light got all twisted out of shape and that was the “congregation” that made him into what they thought the Son should be all because they were not complete but half holy as seen in this image above.

Many would like me to dance with the dragon and receive him as a friend when he gives his life to Christ I can be his friend in the meantime I do not think he should lead.

Assistancy portraits with call no man Fr. Adolfo Nicolas
This is what a priesthood of Satan has built for the world. Jesuits and Catholic Priests need to understand Jesus ended the need for the priesthood’s purpose at the cross.

I am not opposed to the celebration, or dance, or joy, but those that are lost do it as well,  I however don’t seek to be a God or take away any of HIS power, which makes me smarter than most.

The word is what changed me and hearing it is IMPORTANT for the proper behavioral conditioning God seeks and chairman Mao is not God no matter what the CIA and its employees may think. Christians are not perfect we are walking with Jesus on the inside to guide us but he has abandoned his word from what I see and now allows for placing of idols in houses of worship that were built to honor HIM???

Look at my symbol again HE like I never change.

Want to honor God see the value Father placed on HIM. Adam and Eve lost Eden because they like the serpent wanted to have God’s power.

They were told they would be as God, I know what is good and what is evil.

God placed a value on HIS SON and the smart angels worshiped HIM in faith while the others were to busy watching  TV or had other things to do they wanted to be gods and be waited on. They were not interested in doing it as the Spirit of the SON was revealing to them through Lucifer.

Lucifer like God, is a spirit God’s spirit enters us through faith in Christ and uses the church to do good works. We do not get to heaven by the works but by the one who is working in us. There will be many who on that day will say, LORD, LORD did we not do this in your name and that and HE is going to make COVID 19 seem like a sniffle when HE says away from me I never knew you depart into the abyss prepared for the devil and his angels.

Lucifer wanted to rise above God and wants that creative power to makes us into mindless morons who constantly kill each other and doing it over and over again because we can’t admit when we are wrong or say we are sorry.

Discernment is a great gift and seeing the plan of God unfold is awesome.  Rome does not know they are going to burn in hell forever the devil does not set his captives free; that is why Father sent me.

He is not a good sport or willing to admit defeat I posted a clip of a Nun saying,  how we the Protestants failed in the Harvest.

I don’t even think we have really begun. I have always found in life the easier way to get the job done. Why bust a nut when you don’t have too?

I have tons of Patriots who still love America, and I still believe not all the saints subscribe to ecumenicalism.

The Jews believed the messiah was going to destroy Rome and set up HIS eternal Kingdom and Jesus left 3.5 years on the table to get it done.

His ministry began early mine begins late but with it comes a 20/20 understanding of something wicked comes this way and now you know who is bringing it. COVID 19 or COVIDEO 619? The crop circles go viral or a larger population ends up in hell because all I know how to do is the bee dance.

Father sent word, and I shared it with you in past posts to help those who are gender-confused. God made you into the gender you are because HE knew that is where you would have the most pleasure in relationship to HIM. Women are made to be loving kind nurtures making better people for our world to survive but most people today don’t care about their neighbor.  This earth, unfortunately, is running out of resources and those in the know, know what time it is.

Imagine never seeing anyone smile or feel the touch or the hug of another being. Next time you are at Walmart who is running out of Chinese goods, remember it was not the Russians we needed to worry about it was the Imperial dragon. His church really loves China because China loves to dance and celebrate the Dragon.

They have the best education behavioral modification programs in the world, and you are undergoing some of it now.  The State came in and gave thousands of companies free masks made in China. My company got several boxes. Yes, ignorance has its price if every state did that it depleted money to defend us.

I made the video below based on the overwhelming success of this show going to tweak it soon maybe add another song in it.  I would like to get someone to do the imagine there is no heaven melody and put new words into the song that would be fitting for this Pandemic. So far half the population of Boston which is 679,000 plus has died from this Pandemic around 369,000 small numbers compared to the eight billion on the earth. The song to the tune of Lennon’s Imagine should have the lyrics Imagine as you stand there six feet away,  with your eyes closed,  and hearing ALL THE PEOPLE screaming in the dark Uh oh. You may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one I believe in Jesus Christ God’s only begotten SON. I hope someday you will join us but some are just too dumb.

Boston lost a great ministry a man would have brought many hearts to repentance.  As God would have raised him up to bring shame on those who attacked him for honoring God’s word they called him names but they call me names. So whats 369,000 do you have any idea how many children a woman can produce as well as her female offspring with a lifespan of 900 years? They laughed at Noah when he built his ark but he did not have the visible evidence I have today that it’s all so true. There is a hell below us and heaven up above. John Lennon now sings the praises of God between the whimpers and the cries.

Add this line to the song “You may say I mean, but I’m not the one who lies.”

So if the Catholics really want to take in the harvest they are going to have to dump their idolatry, start adding the final three steps to their mass so that millions of eyes can be opened and healing can begin. It is to be done right after all the bell ringing and the standing and the sitting and the speaking. Say this when we say that,  it concludes with the Jesus cookie after the supernatural pulling Jesus out of heaven with their five Latin words offer a head pat with a gender-affirming good boy or girl as the case may be and throwing a yes you are in for good measure. That should be a good start.

Or you can stay and dance with the dragon in the gallows you built for yourselves real Protestants are not staying. America was a picture of perfection we turned the pyramid upside down and many people worshiped the SON now the Pope king of the hill has made it his and Jesus is cast to the ground in favor of National Socialism can you see why we do not want them in the kingdom in the condition they’re in?

The serpent was given a tail by Jesus and it makes a rattle that goes Nazi, Nazi. Nazi so we can spot the wicked men of our world and know who to trust in. Jesus wants to gather the Jewish people into HIS home like a hen gathers her chicks. Another Nazi Germany and me should do the job.

And the rattle on his tail goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. We see the head of the serpent appear cut off. What happened to Papal infallibility?
Dressing in White does not make you Holy. Something smells fishy in this picture can you spot the ministers of righteousness!

Everyone likes dancing with the dragon except me of course and those who love Jesus.  The angels and I,  we want to make the dragon bow before God. Because every knee will one day and sooner than you think. I don’t have on me at the moment the money that was thrown away at the Copelands but the earth belongs to God and HE seeks to give it to whom HE wills. Money does not reveal how truly great God is. It reveals that his SON has value some people use the SON of God as their pet to procure wealth. That’s what the devil said he would do to the SON if he ever came to make HIM his pet. I drive a tractor-trailer and made a little over fifty thousand last year but I worked for every bit of it. I have not been transformed into a minister of righteousness that uses the gospel for gain and leads people to serve the dragon who destroyed America. Can you say, traitor?


The selling out of America because people hide the word of God and stand with those who do.

G-d will bring Justice I reveal His Mercy.

Find Peace in that Jesus loves you and there is a way out.

My minions have come to help they did King Bobby in the last film I explained that GR44 is a combination Genesis 4:4 and Revelation 4:4 now comes the rising of GR U.

Brother Abel.