America has never been more Christian

ATT47343011When you consider we have 6 of the 12 supreme court justices Roman Catholic all we need is one more, the Vice President Joseph Biden, Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,  former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Presently John Kerry Secretary of State,  Rudolph Giuliani  former Mayor of NYC January 1994 until December 2001.  The list goes on such as Bill Richardson former Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton can anyone say Enron?

George Bush Jr. had the white house full of them, no doubt they encouraged the draining of our resources from the treasury into faithless,  faith-based groups. Why was there no outcry from the ACLU on separation of church and state?

Is there anyone or anything that Rome doesn’t own? How clever to destroy our economy get us to bail out industries with our tax dollars so that everything is controlled by who now?

There is a strong delusion coming but for the souls of all humanity I cannot figure what it is or what is G-d saying? Obviously Rome had a plan that we were all unaware of. Who needed to tame the beast? Who needed to place a false Messiah figure into the white house by destroying our housing markets in order to create a genuine peace plan with the Muslim people?

Caveat emptor

Well, the good news is one more supreme court justice, and we can overturn Roe v Wade. Defend the marriage act between one man and one woman.  Bring prayer back to school while supporting the ten commandments as posted on the wall behind them, or will we as Americans remain blind and become just like China where they forced the Protestants underground? Keep in mind Jesus is on his way back.  What they gonna do, what they gonna do, when he comes for you Bible Christian ?


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