A good Detective always gets his man.

masterdetectiveSolving great mysteries is the job of any good detective. We have been told that there are considerable mysteries of G-d that are too awesome for us to understand, by those who don’t understand many of them. In this video, I give you the tools you need to figure one of them out.

Who is the responsible party for destroying great civilizations?

Jesus and I are like the “Hardy Boys.” Psalm 21:8 I will find all His enemies because he has called me his right hand.  Like Benjamin brother of Joseph I have come into Egypt and father want’s to see me come home.

It is not the percentage of Roman Catholic’s in our politics that disturb me as much as the number of their minions in our Churches continuing to defend and support them when G-d is making it perfectly clear they are being left behind! While they continue to walk around as nothing is happening and its business as usual. Talking politics as they are blinded to the signs and the hour they live in. Let’s help the enemy’s children find the truth that will set them free and make rapture!

It has a video https://whitehorse-radio.com/wp-content/movie/click.php?id=detective

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