A Fishing Derby For Jesus

This image reveals, the angels of G-d hanging off a starship with their fishing lures and the message is clear catch the big fish and the little ones will follow. Leaving planet earth and going to our eternal home everyone is invited. Those who honor G-d and keep HIS commandments are guaranteed a place; they are “Born Again” and have a new nature that hates the very things G-d hates and loves that in which HE loves. G-d loves Bobby for Bobby because I did not compromise my convictions and kept my vows made to HIM. Unless a man is BORN AGAIN he cannot see heaven let alone enter its courts.

John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of G-d. Galatians 3:3

12 points on the star 12 angels using 12 lures on 12 lines attached to big fish 5 in each group 5 x 12 = 60 plus 4 x12= 48 Total 108 Psalm 60 and Psalm 108 they are balanced like a boat it tells where to find safety in the tribulation for the Jewish people left behind. Psalm 48:1-14 also stands out. Here we find the shps of Tarshis shipwrecked by an east wind. East of America is England case you didn’t discern where we are going with this. If the lines snap we end up with 96 he is coming and fishing is over. Isaiah 9:6

Many have made vows to G-d to honor him and preach his word while not even owning a copy of it. G-d respects me Genesis 4:4 which brings us to Revelation 4:4, but I am to now compromise like his enemy and turn on my LORD and embrace the very people G-d is trying to win to Himself and Him alone. To break their idols so that G-d can begin to move among them and bring peace to the middle east. When your ways please the LORD even, your enemies will be at peace with you. I have the peace plan, and it involves non-compromise. No Mary, no statues.

True followers care about not offending G-d they care about the souls of others and do not bow to the god of compromise to win them. If they do compromise, they would be no different than the original light bearer who turned against the light within him shutting it off. We are to stand apart remain a peculiar people honor his commandments. Jesus made it clear he that breaks the least of the laws is called the least.

So then why do so many support the least in the kingdom who are ignorant of the word of G-d? Islam is rising to punish them so do you still think they are making rapture? Fools and blind guides still maintain they can lead while they compromise. Teachers will receive the greater judgment who mislead others to believe their pagan things can belong.

Put away the filthy thing from you and honor G-d alone. HE sent HIS Son to die for all and to continually sacrifice him is a cruel injustice of the message indeed. It is by grace we are saved not of works, and once we are saved are we then supposede protect those who seek salvation through works? Who has beguiled you, you foolish Galatians?

Galatians 3:1-3 O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you? (2) This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? (3) Are ye so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?

The blind followers of Christ seek a man on top of the hill to bring judgment against unrepentant sinners; this is not justice nor will it ever bring glory to G-d. Are we not here to bring glory to G-d? Is evil seeking to punish the evil and wicked or is evil to punish the Christians?

The blind guides looking at the top do not seek to bring glory to G-d at all deceiving themselves and others to be looking at the upper elite for this man.  If he was there this would be a gross negligence on G-d’s part..It is to their shame that is where they are looking and lacks discernment at all. If he could have built the temple without G-d he could prove that we don’t need the Son to have peace.

The second Angelic Rebellion Genesis 6  holds ground in the spiritual realm, while the first group before the dawn of man seek to own the world as if earth was heaven. Now the enemy needs the dumb Pollock who would never amount to anything and never be anybody to give him the peace plan. Dear Lord it is so very,  very sad indeed,   is it not?

Discernment is the greater gift of the spirit while tongues are the lesser. If you watched the movie “Killing Jesus.” and seen the Holy Spirit in it and then believe Bill O’Reilly, hears from the HOLY SPIRIT then you must conclude the Holy Spirit asked not to be in the film.

Jesus did not sin and yet doubt is a sin, the movie has Jesus questioning his position while John the Baptist tries to convince hIm he is the one. That people is complete heresy and blasphemy combined in the private Baptism of Jesus scene. Jesus knew at 12 years of age who HE was. He was about HIS Fathers business amazing the teachers of the law with his wisdom. Would not G-d have the one who would punish the wicked be named from among you?

The big Fish
The big Fish they will put up a fight but isn’t that why we fish? Red bellied are worth 10,000 points.

That would be so much more fun don’t you think? I mean they would be jumping in the boat as the man went around smiling telling people about how he won the game of king of the hill for Jesus and got 700 billion dollars for doing it.

So that as he is lifted he is feared and the lost come, because he is G-d’s man first. How can one tell he serves G-d of the Bible when you don’t have the Holy Spirit or think Bill O’Reilly has the Holy Spirit?

The angels tell me the green ones are much more tastier.
The angels tell me the green ones are much more tastier. They are worth 20,000 points.

Clue: Look for the one G-d gives evidence of speaking too. He will understand dark sentences be more like Daniel or Joseph interpret dreams read the writings on the wall that sort of thing. But Benny Hinn please what a mockery it’s like watching a train wreck. Jealousy, envy and strife are what brought us here. Father and I try so very hard to have you not be jealous of the call by telling you who I am.

Think of this for me as a missions trip only when I get awakened I find none of what I need to do the work I was sent to do. The tools (crop circles) are part of the combination lock to get you the funds I need to promote Jesus Christ on a global scale. I have been not asked to share them with you and why is that? While finding his enemies in this, his enemies would startle you as a believer, there are men of G-d or claiming to be who do not want to promote Jesus on a global scale.

Right now I have a man I love doing a Promise Keepers study with me who never read the book of Hosea, and he tells me I must compromise.

This next image is the half hearted men like in promise keepers convincing Lucifer to compromise and we can all take over G-d’s kingdom not honor any of his teachings.

Look if we all band together we can overthrow the kingdom and take it from this fictitious Son of HIS.
Look if we all band together we can overthrow the kingdom and take it from this fictitious Son of HIS. I’m not bowing to something I cant see. say’s the now angel burning in hell.

Do you know who I carry to get guilded with 700 billion dollars of gold bullion to give to the church? Same lamps Lucifer once carried. He did his will I am doing mine which is G-d’s will. I do not lean towards compromise; that’s how all this happened.

It offends my intelligence that I would need to sit down and go through a study guide that leads me to compromise from a man who never read the Bible.

Nice try though…

He is only going to make sure the upper leadership is provided with the funds needed to accomplish their missions of renting theme parks,  ordering food,  booking muscians co-ordinating with town officials and blessing their needs financially we will even give them some cookies along with the money.

The real bankers will be the people the money was originally stolen from the Bank of England by the Rothschild’s when he lied to the British economy to earn it.  My man will work directly with them and the leadership of the Masonic Order that only answers to the Crown of England. We are set up to open our own banking system better than the worlds because we will be building a true new world order.

You may be under G-d’s grace and not desire to follow HIS leadership then you do not know G-d as well as you claim, thanks for volunteering for tribulation duties.

The compromise has galvanized the world against true Christians so that the world see's only through Christ as intolerant.
The compromise has galvanized the world against true Christians so that the world see’s only through Christ as intolerant. Priests outside the Catholic Church won to Christ 150,000 points. Catholic priests 90 points… but there are more of them.  😉

The person G-d chooses will be like Lucifer before the fall and as a light bearer be covered in treasure to show you whom G-d has placed HIS spirit in. I must confess I am no Benny Hinn though I have knocked a few over with my breath, it was nothing a mint couldn’t have cured.

Tibetan gurus can do what Benny does,  is the darkness in you falling for this? Is the darkness in you making you fall? Do you wish to stand before G-d on HIS word or your experiences? If Benny were a real man of G-d his prophecies would have come to pass.

Tibetan monks must have the holy spirit as well by the logic of my pastor. Joel Osteen says Hindu’s have relationship with G-d,  not my G-d or they wouldn’t be Hindu’s, you have to know HIM in order to have a relationship with HIM and he went to the cross so you wouldn’t have need of idols. He will not allow any other gods before him faith preachers now say they are gods. That’s not faith its genuine stupidity.

I told many people six years ago I had seven hundred billion dollars to give to the church Father told me I did. Because I sit on HIS lap and, listen to HIM. I didn’t want a place on HIS left or HIS right, and there is plenty of room in HIS lap, and you are all welcome to join me there. I am not a threat to the kingdom I honor it. My anger shows how displeased I am at the compromise that is not saving souls. My Goliath is Rome and thanks to them buying my country for 700 billion dollars they gave me my slingshot and stones.

I am being invaded by Jesuit educated individuals who caused the world’s problems to begin with, who do not love G-d with their whole being and you can tell by their protection of the one G-d is seeking to punish. They keep trying to get me to compromise, is that not what Satan did in heaven with the half-hearted ungrateful angels turning him against G-d? Come out of here my people is not a call to leave your country but leave the lying church that is full of demonic doctrines, that lead no one anywhere but into a state of confusion,

Jesus said of the leaders of his day they made burdens for the people they could not carry. It was the intention of Jesus to set people free from this prideful institution of jackals. They only existed to offer up the sacrifice pleasing to G-d. The doors of the Jewish priesthood were officially closed in 70 AD, 37 years after the final work had been completed. There was no need for them any longer it was the enemy who started the earthly priesthood G-d took a people and showed them what pleased HIM, what satisfied HIM, it was honoring HIS commandments and the one who kept them without breaking one.
A statement that says this man is worthy to be followed because the law of sin and death has no hold over him. The two witnesses will confirm that in the end times.

There was no need for them any longer it was the enemy who started the earthly priesthood G-d took a people and showed the world what pleased HIM in the realm of worship. The sweet offering of HIS Son so that all men can be free from the bondage of sin when they call on HIM.

Look, leaders, I listen to G-d because he entrusted HIS lamps with me and desired to give me the wealth of his kingdom. It should be noted I will not confess that a priesthood is viable in any way shape or form. I will tell every man he is a royal priest if indeed he is ” Born Again.” That is the only priesthood that exists.

Seven arms of half eaten Eucharists with eight whole ones following behind surrounding the older ones to through the enemy into the bottomless pit. 7 x 8 = 56 Psalm 56:1-2.
Seven arms of half eaten Eucharist with eight whole ones following behind surrounding the older ones to throw the enemy into the bottomless pit. 7 x 8 = 56 Psalm 56:1-2.

These Jesuits should know it all ended at the cross and all believers who know Christ know the Catholic’s don’t preach how to be born again. They have people believe a round white wafer saves them. I will not touch that money until they all understand that or at the least at minimum my Pastor. If he does not want to reach out and help the body of Christ by providing the funds necessary to lift Jesus name on High, we will know whom he serves. Everyone including him at some point will admit the Son of G-d’s honor is worth the world.

It is after all he who will be anointed with the Spirit of Elijah, having cheapened G-d’s honor by thinking my call and anointing would go to any other. He loves Benny Hinn amd Bill O’Reilly  know he will know what real spiritual power is.  Benny Hinn and many of these faith preachers don’t have it if they claim they are gods. We are to be children of G-d not competitors with G-d.

Quit asking me to side on the side of those we took this money from in the first place. The point of it was to set them free and show them they are following the god of hell and will find themselves there for all eternity unless they repent. So Promise Keepers will not work on me, it is tainted with Catholic inclusion when G-d isn’t including them at all. They built their gallows they stole my America for 700 billion dollars they killed thousands of lives in downing the towers to control more power and have more wealth.

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As a watchman, I sounded and told others what was happening but alas the harlot infected them as well until they repent they will not be going anywhere soon. That day will not happen until that agreement is signed and I have the peace plan; the gold should convince you of that. I am offering it to the bride of Christ to make her without spot or blemish. Anyone who can confess that the SON of GOD, HIS HONOR IS WORTH THE WORLD! Upon that confession seek me out and help me lift HIM, the way HE desires to be lifted and all men will come to HIM as HE said.

The Protestant Church has a real queen who does not distract from Jesus at all or seek prayers from us though we should pray and ask G-d to give her long life. Our queen does not ask us to lie and kill others so that we can advance the kingdom. Every time Jesus had the opportunity to lift HIS mother he did not. He focused on HIS Father the pagans focus on Mary fifteen times more than the Father; you would need the holy spirit to discern that Father and Son take a back seat to Mary. Then they wonder why they suffer or question why is Islam rising against them? Biblically speaking G-d has always used another nation to punish his people who strayed from HIS will. You would think that a church the size of Rome with all those men who know G-d could figure that one out, wouldn’t you?

So the best thing to do Protestant Ecumenical sellouts is to join forces with the harlot and protect her from G-d’s wrath. How about we get her to repent and spare her from HIS wrath? That was her money that paid for Obama’s seat, so this shouldn’t be hard to figure out what Father is doing to set her captives free.

While were preparing fore the return of Jesus and spending our inheritance wisely when Mary does not make an appearance at our gatherings they will come to leave that phony Queen and celebrate G-d’s newest queens. The twelve princess of Ishmael are going to have twelve brides from the house of Judah. Peace the old fashioned way.

G-d placed Virgo the constellation between Leo and Libra because she interfers with his work. In the wilderness tabernacle he puts the virgin beneath his feet and below Cancer.  So why is there no peace?  Because Jesus is not where he needs to be over everything. You may not like me I assure you G-d adores me.  So whom do you serve? The one who hates me or the one who adores me? “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”
Gal. 4:16




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