A facebook chat. Did she get it? Do you?

  • Friday 7/17, 9:12pm
    Face Book Friend

    I thought I have asked you this, but who is “brother Abel”?

  •  7/17, 9:14pm


    My initials are before adoption EL. At adoption BAB first being last. BROTHER ABEL .

  •  7/17, 9:17pm

    Face Book Friend

    You write this up yourself? But how do you know the meaning? I did read a couple of them!

  •  7/17, 9:41pm


    How did Daniel read the handwriting on the wall or Joseph interpret dreams?

  •  7/17, 9:45pm

    Face Book Friend

    From G-d, so are you saying G-d gives you dreams or the Spirit speaks to you?

  •  7/17, 9:48pm


    Jesus has reserved for himself 3.5 years to complete his harvest. He sent some one ABEL to do it.

  •  7/17, 10:03pm

    Face Book Friend

    And when did this start??

    But doesn’t the scripture say that Jesus doesn’t know when He is coming, only His Father?

    ME missed opportunity…
    (Should have added this but missed it,  In response to knowing the day and hour.  I was working on my worldly Job)
    2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;If Jesus say’s “TAG” you’re it then his enemy needs what I have. A body and a plan I just happen to have both.  Iwill suffers a head injury after the peace agreement is signed. No anyone who suffered the first head injury? …Come on put on your thinking caps. This is about respect people what doesn’t the creature respect?Genesis 4:4 the falling away is the winning of souls.  They cry peace and safety then the church is gone sudden destruction follows. no leadership, no Christians only the wicked with their gallows meant for us.  The creature is now G-d’s pet to send them to martyrdom all those who opposed Christ to begin with and made our life here a misery.

    If you understood this so would he and we could not have trapped him using America. We did not want him to figure out G-d’s overall harvest plans. He dressed himself and got caught by the man of Daniel 8:23. A king but not from here.

  •  7/17, 10:14pm
     Face Book Friend

    Are you alone to do this?

    ME missed again… (Came after I was typing the below reply to prior question, and When did this start?).  The answer to this one should have gone like this…It is sure feels like it but no G-d is working to stir the hearts of his church to open their eyes at the right moment. The faster I rise the more fall in,  the three years I get I will reveal to the masses his wicked plans for them. Hoping many will repent,  G-d takes no pleasure in punishing the wicked but G-d must judge sin.

  • 7/17, 10:42pm

    (1/4) It started at MCC. In 2009 when I thought Obama was the Antichrist. I was telling others I hope he is. I want to go shake his hand put my arms around him

     (2/4) and thank him for coming…my Jesus is next. SHORTLY afterwards the spirit of G-d led me into Egypt to see the truth. Once I seen what the devil did there
    (3/4) Jesus came into my home tapped me on the shoulder and said “TAG” you’re it. Then told me how to do the harvest. Sorry for the delay in getting back(4/4)I  am working in my TRansportation job for “Land Air Express”. Take a minute and it will sink in. smile emoticon
  • 7/17, 10:50pm

    Face Book Friend

    That’s OK! We can chat tomorrow after you have rested

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