A Chance to Win a Million

Want to be a part of the podcast and be a guest at the coronation of the one world leader?

You and a buddy can win by simply reading the parts below the sound files have been added so you can add it into your bantor make it sound like an event of the century ….In fact it is… be creative people.

Whether the hush over a golfing event or the sounds of a major sports event..
The two characters are Donny and Josh.

Donny: So here we are Josh at the last finding the Antichrist Tour and we have two candidates….

Josh: That’s right Donny, we have the Catholic Arch Diocese choice costing them a whopping 700 billion dollars,the GOP took a bath on that Donny. Here is the clip where the GOP sells out…

Donny: That’s right Josh it was just before a major election nothing suspicious there then thirty three days later America is seeking bailout money in the same amount it all happened at a Christian forum that the deal went down and no one caught on.

mccain-rick warren-obama-joshharris.com

Josh:   The digging for oil worked out well there in the gulf coast didn’t it Donny?

Donny: When you try to bring peace in the middle east using any other plan other than G-d’s you can expect disaster. Just read Jack Chick’s Somebody’s Angry.  If anyone saw this false Messiah coming it certainly was this man.

They even named his limo the beast and called him Renegade, which means the lawless one. Listen to this clip played forward and then backwards…

Josh: Donny, that’s pretty creepy…Can you imagine a Christian institution the size of the Vatican putting a false messiah to the Muslims in the White House?

Donny: Well, Josh what about the underworld rushing to hand him the Nobel peace prize, the devils were pretty sure this was their guy.

G-d did everything but place a red flashing neon light over his head saying LOOK another Messiah blasphemy,  heresy,  abomination.

I cannot tell you Josh how it takes careful planning to methodically make something like this happen.  Fear and intimidation are most likely used by an insider group who has the mastery of placing in office political figures here and abroad.

CIA-Plaque L

Not all are in on it only the ones best paid.
Not all are in on it the coup-détat..Only the ones best paid. This video will be shown to many of our POTUS and they will do what they are told.  Only because now their family is under the gun.

Josh: So Donny whom do we have selected on the Protestant side for the Antichrist?

He’s a great guy Josh,  he has a big heart loves serving in ministries leading people to Christ. He is in the transportation industry driving a 18 wheeler for “Land Air Express” His last name was divinely given to him at adoption it is French, and it means beautiful place.  Many of the crop circles are made in a county that bears his last name coincidentally it houses a transportation Museum that features the James Bond experience. He lives in a town where the first American man in space is from Alan Shephard get it Donny..Shepherd…Like in Jesus is the good Shepherd?

His initials coincidentally spell B.A.B.E.L which was the first kingdom after Noah’s flood also part of the Assyrian Empire.  He also likes Syrian bread and can be kind of an ass at times.

In fact, he was carefully handpicked by the Lord himself for seeing that Satan had dishonored him in Egypt.  It will be known in the last days as the symbols of the battle built by none other than the enemy himself. Solving that puzzle made him a master at many. Be faithful in the little things Josh and G-d will place you over many things.


Josh: Well Donny that has got to be worth some extra points… Kind of like lifting the serpent up on the staff in the wilderness wouldn’t you say?

Donny: Yes, that’s right Josh it is no doubt a major game changer.   With Jesus being lifted up many men will come.

Josh: That was very clever of the Lord to allow His creature to dress himself like that. Rome went and built his one world order,  only thing missing is a real peace plan.    Certainly the Protestants have a better plan than the Catholics did.  For billions of souls lets hope so.


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