Made in China Planned From America – The Dragon is Real

You see this crop circle below with the all-seeing eye surrounding the Ying and Yang the Chinese people love the Dragon they dance with the Dragon in parades the Dragon is a symbol of Imperialism?!?  You just can’t make this stuff up.

Father sent me to slay a dragon, but I find too many people are in love with him more than Jesus.

The Chinese people indoctrinated their children by watching ours flock to comic books and so they made their manifesto into an easy to understand comic book and handed it out to everyone. Coming to a city near you

You can see why Rome with their CIA want them to take America. Rome needs an army they are depleting our finances that would support our soldiers so they can have China move in without provocation.

The all-seeing eye and the symbol chosen by the devil surrounds the emblem for China.

I know some others who like to dance with the Dragon as well, but they are so spiritual they never notice. Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care because, with the one-child policy of China, there are more men than there are women.

The covering bigger in comparison to the angels by his stinger. Made up of 14 circles the eyes need not be so we come up with 12 the three angels for how many verses we come to Isaiah 14:12-15 two-faced Ezekiel 28:12-15. He is who Rome follows he saw what happened to Japan and used his Roman Priesthood to get him America.

But we are leaving so they built their own gallows. Muslims will be set free to punish them in the tribulation because they will know I spoke the truth.

One of the most popular shows on television demeans the Father and attacks wholesome family values.  I did the Christian film festival for years and always heard the invitations at the children’s matinees as the evangelist would try to encourage children to follow Jesus.  He would always mention how bad the Simpsons show was and told them not to watch it.

As for family values, there are none. God referred to the first spirits of rebellion as sottish children unable to understand right from wrong good from evil. Jeremiah 4:22 they did like Noah’s generation evil in the sight of LORD.  Their spirits are still among us and have not changed one bit. They influence men and condemn them to hell with them.

The Simpsons have made more predictions than any other show that I know of, and being made south of China is intentional, and I know how they are doing it. Demons are bold in your face as we get closer because they can laugh at you as they turn you from God. Misery loves company. 

How is it that there are so many gifted individuals claiming to be part of the Kingdom of God but are blind to the truth of who they placed over them? I know of this one former Papist treasurer running around like he could make a difference showing his “Kingdom Service to Jesus Patriotism” by acting as if he cares what happens to America. He shouted at a men’s breakfast one morning that if Protestants had 700 billion dollars, it would blow up the world.  Always spoke well of Rome and his Catholic upbringing. Yet he continues to sing praises that Trump is a modern-day Cyrus.  He is a puppet-like all the others, and the agenda is to kill those who will not conform to the CIA’s manifesto United States servicemen referred to them as Catholics In Action. Watch my Simpletons video to SEE WHY CIA is going to stay with I_S_L_A_M.

All episodes of the Simpletons will be burning in hell along with their creators unless they repent.

I would like to help them do that.

The Chinese got the idea of influencing their people by watching America’s children flocking to comic books. Every evil military genius knows to take down a nation; they must destroy the family unit. May all the Priests and Nun’s children grow up to be great Ambassadors for Jesus, may their children be Bishops Archbishops and the like. Every Bishop should be the husband of ONE wife according to scripture and his household in order.

Go forth and multiply was mans first positive command from God; you should know Satan, and his do not like children. Their church encourages it because it empowers them and feeds them, not to mention the money made on weapons we create to fight the enemies they make for us. With the closing of the amusement parks and “Toys R Us” with all toys being made in China. Is it no wonder the love many will grow cold?  Wearing masks provided by the state made in China to hide your smile and change your behavior in the world.

Insanity but look who the god of this world is.

It’s a silent film with just the opening music no voice overs, but hey no one listens anyway.

We can do this thing if you just come out of her and let the world see that they do not have the Midas touch but the touch of death.

Every nation darkened one more to go it is America, the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see it.

Lucifer was meant to bring praise back into the kingdom but it was the congregation who turned him and now suffer for it.

Food for thought

Brother Abel.