5 Star Witness Tool Everyone should get to Know This Method.

You know that we are called to reach out to the lost make disciples of all Nations and share our faith, however, the enemy you feel is blocking that opportunity.

The following App for Android will make you’re witnessing more effective. I taught this course at a First Baptist Adult  Sunday school and I am thrilled it has been made into an  App. I used it this past Saturday to lead a young person to Christ.   A friend invited me to street witness in Nashua with them and I jumped at the opportunity.

If you are the one converting the person then the chances are they are not saved. It is the job of the HOLY SPIRIT to draw them to himself. This system at the right time with a loved one or friend can be the difference in their eternity.

Remember God loves them, HE loves you and what is the worst they can say no? At some point in the near future, I will make it very hard for them to say no.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of  God is God looking for faith to walk on water or slay in the spirit or heal or raise the dead?   No,  faith to believe in HIS only Son and place your trust in HIM  for your salvation.  The more you get to know HIM the more HE will entrust to you.

Maybe HE will awaken the power to heal through you.

The steps to an effective witness are outlined in the App there are teaching videos,  but the premise is to find out if God is working drawing them to HIMSELF ask the questions  that leads to  having them read the passages out loud so they can hear the scriptures with their own voice and ears  then simply ask  the question  you don’t need to   be the interpreter the HOLY SPIRIT  comes to inquire what they just learned by asking them  “What does that say to you?”   Wait for the answer and go to the next verse keep a smile on and pray with your inner HOLY  SPIRIT.

Then do the invite if there are any objections they are covered and the verses to the objections given.

Say the sinner’s prayer and invite them to meet their eternal family at your Church or help them find a church near them.   I always like to tell those I am witnessing too to not judge Jesus by those who follow HIM  some still make a designer Jesus suited for them.  We want to know the real Jesus who holds in contempt the wicked who are not getting into heaven for obvious reasons at least not in the coming rapture.

Let them know we are going to the wedding feast of the Lamb and they just got their invite we will be having  CAKE and  ICE CREAM at the feast what we won’t be having is shown below.

Those who made these won’t be there to serve them.




Used in the New Inquisition coming.

Love you All

Brother Abel

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