God’s Love of IsraelUPDATED

Children love these puzzles where they fit the pieces into where they can fit. This puzzle is not that difficult where it leads us is to a mystery in scripture, with my initials being B_A_B_(E_L) E_L are the initials I was initially born with adoption gave me B_A_B the first is last; these puzzles were meant for me because of who I am. Babel is confusion drop the “B,” and the confusion is gone. It’s not Bilbo! It’s Babel! If your inspiration comes from false gods, you will always get it wrong.  Tolkien’s inspiration came from the Norse deity called Odin. Their stories are told to their children to keep them scared from wandering into the woods; this false god shows himself again through Marvel Comics and the mythical Asgard. Sure Tolkien wrote about Christ, but only what he knew of HIM, which his Church only allowed him to know…. Read moreGod’s Love of Israel<span class="pa-callout-right">UPDATED</span>

The Last Plague Before Exodus

There is no greater threat to a kingdom other than the threat of treason, we not just talking about America and the ones who have destroyed our freedom, for the trade of security. The first enforcer of creation goes too far, leaving no room for mercy or grace he and his have made God look like the punishing God.  God’s only desire is to punish the sin and not the sinner. However, the sinner stands in the way of his destruction of sin by their own sheer will they defend and protect it. Psalms 12:1-8 KJV (1)  To the chief Musician upon Sheminith, A Psalm of David. Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men. (2)  They speak vanity every one with his neighbour: with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak. (3)  The LORD shall cut off… Read moreThe Last Plague Before Exodus

God tells us HE will not be mocked.

Our enemy is hateful and abusive to all that God holds dear, his many attacks on God begin in heaven in denying that God has a SON (Son of Man before Man?) man is not created until God is ready to bring him into the war and uses it as a way to teach his angels the value and importance of worship. Until that time the angels are worshiping in faith this one whom God holds so treasured. Knowing what HIS part in it all will be and only alluding to it to the angels as Jesus did with men. If you ask why it is to educate free will with wisdom and to give it understanding. A utopian society cannot function with divided wills and disobedience to the maker of all things who knows what is best for us all. He made you the gender you are because HE… Read moreGod tells us HE will not be mocked.

The Definition of Insanity

Repetition is good when it comes to memorizing or working on an assembly line to build something of value and need. When it comes to prayer and religious acts of trying to appease our creator. Jesus teaches don’t be like the heathen for they think they will be heard for their many repetitive words.  

The 144,000 Are HERE NOW.

It will be the church’s responsibility to provide them the funds necessary for them to survive in the tribulation,  they will of course be our Sons or grandsons left behind,  men who have kept themselves pure and have not known a woman. They are doing God’s work in the tribulation. Before we leave it would be best to help in completing the NWO which will require a peace plan to complete, finding them after we leave would be the choice of the enemy, doing it his way will help no one, the church is the only one with the peace plan. God insists that we share the peace plan with the world the opposite of war is love which brings peace. Those who have opted to place themselves under the Pontificate Maximus reveal their betrayal and ignorance of the word of God for me to submit to those who follow… Read moreThe 144,000 Are HERE NOW.