Always be prepared… A scout motto.

bridalguideWe have terrorist preparedness, weapon’s preparedness, retirement preparedness and this lists are endless to what you need to be prepared for. The church, on the other hand, has something much more important to prepare for. That day is closer than you think, and we need to be ready. As we prepare the world will get invited if they refuse to join us, then we know what is coming, this will give them a better chance if they get left behind. We need to prepare them for what will unfold.

I do not think it is advantageous to keep giving the attention to all of Satan’s works, you do know he loves it when you pay attention to his works rather than G-d’s don’t you?  My word for the body is to look at what G-d has left us in England and get a grasp as to what He is asking us to do to set them free.

The creator of the Universe Cordially invites you to attend the wedding held for His Son Jesus Christ. To prepare, the Bride will need to have a full-dress rehearsal, but lets not stop at one there are twelve princess of Ishmael’s I will be scouting for. Those who would like to participate can find out more at any Assembly of G-d Church… I happen to attend the one in Derry NH. I am the wedding planner in a macho kind of way of course,  and in case you haven’t noticed assigned by G-d. Did I happen to mention Jesus, and I are great friends? I am that right hand he warned you about in Psalm 21 finding all those who love or hate him.  See you in Church!

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