Winners Don’t Quit They Wait for Losers to Concede!

All the loser needs to do is admit defeat. Instead,  he throws his temper tantrum and takes the lives of Christians to slow the spread of the gospel.  What breaks my heart is that he goes after the unsaved taking his eternal trophies. The ones that are not Born Again and washed in the blood but have others believing they have accepted Christ in their Jesus cookie.  He solicits pity among the believers for them, but they do nothing to reach out to them.  They allow them to continue to mock G-d and the sacrifice. The image below is the mocking of the ANGELS getting even with the wicked one aiding in tossing him into the bottomless pit.

Seven arms of half eaten Eucharists with eight whole ones following behind surrounding the older ones to through the enemy into the bottomless pit. 7 x 8 = 56 Psalm 56:1-2.
Seven arms of half eaten Eucharist with eight whole ones following behind surrounding the older ones to throw the enemy into the bottomless pit. 7 x 8 = 56 Psalm 56:1-2.

There is no way he can win this because he needs a body he is presently a spirit dwelling within many by way of his demons.  When he wrestled for Moses body he gave himself away; he knows it will be his turn using a leader of G-d’s people, and it will be after an Exodus. He gives himself away, and he has done so on many other occasions.

Romans 5:18
(18) Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life.

For instance,  he hides the word of G-d away from the public and uses the priesthood to make slaves of men. His chicanery is clearly seen by those who know the true G-d and King of kings. G-d tells you the earth is HIS and HE may give it to anyone he desires.

So how would the antichrist come into play if it isn’t G-d who chooses him?

He needs a peace plan to get his temple built. Jesus is closer to getting here than he was when I first started revealing the truth six years ago.  Revealing to men who no doubt in my mind gave into his delusion of an ongoing need to sacrifice Christ on their makeshift altars or that he (devil) has power over any decision making when it comes to punishing evil.

No, he does not he allows evil to flourish and punishes the righteous. So if GOD must punish sin, HE is looking for someone righteous given over to Christ. It is Christ who took the punishment for Sin and someone must point to that rather than let everyone go off into a hellish Christless eternity. We are here because a group led by Satan denied they needed to worship the Son to have a society.  So those who think they are getting into heaven without Christ are fools.

If I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto me. That sounds like a revival.
If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me. That sounds like a revival.

The priesthood began in Babylon Christ ended it at the cross; it goes all the way back to the Devils insult that he would make the Son of G-d his pet should he ever show up.

This came after his rebellion and denial that G-d does not have a Son. That he wanted to be exalted above the heavens and above the most highs throne, he wanted to be like the most high. Well,  what he didn’t count on was the most high got HIS start in a manger.

He has kept his end of the bargain and has made the Son of G-d his pet using the delusional priesthood he brought back in 300 AD.  He couldn’t win any other way, and it defeats him again because men have intelligence and know one likes being mocked or made fun of.  If anyone should know this,  it should be him because the angels did it to him before he rebelled.

Ring a bell make them stand, ring a bell make them sit, say a mantra and have them speak one back and at the end have them come up for their biscuit.  I know many will come to Jesus in the end,  I have foreseen it and know G-d’s overall plan.

Am I then your enemy because I tell you the truth? Truth sets men free from the lie of the matrix. Men are the cars and vehicles for their spirits to travel around in, and they defend their ignorance they place us in. That is why for many in these last days including clergy will have a tough time conceding that the Son of G-d’s honor is worth the world.

It will be a must to make it in the resurrection. “G-d’s Son’s Honor The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is worth the world.”


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