Using the Hat

The best way to end Satan’s kingdom is to raise our banners high and build G-d’s kingdom.

Psalms 20:5 We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our G-d we will set up our banners: the LORD fulfil all thy petitions.

joseph-stone-sm-shPlease do not try to use the hat the way Joseph Smith used his hat.  You will see nothing in it but darkness.  However,  if you feel the need to laugh hysterically in a somber moment placing your face in the hat may help keep you from being embarrassed.

When Mormons come to your door and ask you a question place the hat over your face and pray “Lord help me explain this to them.”

The Banner for the House of G-d
The Banner for the house of G-d 777.

The image was made in a crop circle in England where one would find the head of the Anglican church or the church of the Angels the Protestant end of Christianity.

Explain to them the following when asked.

We all know of 666  precedes 777, which represents Jesus’s millennial reign. This is G-d’s way of letting us know He is on His way.  777 adds to 21, which is Father with the Son in heaven side by side represented by the two.  The one represents the holy spirit in the earth that dwells within us. 2+1 equals 3 for the trinity. We worship one G-d who revealed himself in three persons.  Jesus was the final high priest and final offering for sin. His blood holy and pure,  He was a man without sin. His blood is the only blood that can satisfy G-d.  Three days later, he rose up to sit at G-d’s right hand.

666 must come first in order to cleanse the earth of any left-over sin.  666 is called the beast or Satan incarnate.  G-d must remove sin from his creation in order to have a perfect society. The confirmation this is going to happen is evident by the recurring numbers showing up in sequences of three.  It is G-d’s will and each of the trinity agrees it is time.

Sin will never come near to His Son again the results the first time were horrifying.

The twenty-four scrolls represent the twenty and four elders of revelation that bow down around the trinity of 777.  Each point of the pyramid hits the 8th scroll for 888 the symbol for perfection and New Heavens and New Earth.

G-d wants us all to know the way that pleases him the most, and it is the Protestant way. We need to unite as one prior to departure.

Oh yes then there is me I am 555 which comes before 666 someones just doesn’t know how to count.  But I am like Benjamin son of sorrow and son of His right hand.

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