The Revelation of Precious

In Hanna-Barbera’s Precious Pup he was given a sinister laugh as he thwarted evil doers who had it in for granny.  In the world,  we have trained dogs to be our protector’s our companions, and they have been called man’s best friend.  If you are a Christian, then you know who your best friend is.  HE loves us more than any other and sticks closer to us than a brother.

Pro 18:24  A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

The world doubts we can talk or communicate to God, while many of them think they talk and communicate with their dog.  A dog does not truly have free will he is taught to obey his master’s voice, though he seems soulish he does not have a soul despite what the author of the book,  “A Dog’s Purpose” tries to convey. A story told by a dog who has had several reincarnations into different breeds; he conveys his story that tugs at our heart strings.

Will there be dogs in the kingdom? According to scripture,  there are amazing creatures in heaven we know Jesus returns on a white horse, riding outside of it. The Mason’s have built on the outside of their buildings creatures that heaven describes, placed there to make me feel at home while I along with the final leadership bring in the harvest.   When others deem Christ, honor is priceless, and the kingdoms of the world given to one is for HIS Glory.   G-d’s love is superior so will your favorite pet be there?  The only way you are going to find out is to give your life to Christ it is the only way to get in to find out.

In the tribulation when the mark is being forced Cannibalism and all kinds of animals including Fido will serve to sustain those who refuse the mark.  To avoid this tell your neighbor about Jesus and spare the dog.

What is precious to the Father is HIS Son, what is precious to the Son is you. When animals become more important than human souls, then it is us who have become the animals. We lost the meaning of the reason for life.  We are here to have fellowship with God and make HIM number one and best friend in our lives.

I have been trying these last seven years to convey the message to the world that the only peace plan God is going to allow is HIS SON’s God is God and what other plan could there be? My real problem seems to be I still believe the King James version of the Bible is the correct, unaltered version of God’s word,  for many of the clergy this is a problem.  I am more interested in letting others know Christ is coming and it dampers their Santa holiday because I don’t see any value to Santa as I do Christ,  one mocks the other.

To deny a pre-Adamic civilization is to agree it had to be ancient aliens we have no other answer. Large mammals need to consume large amounts of food. To say they were all made and walking in the world in the first seven days,  only six thousand years ago.  Still, they were plentiful enough to sustain the world’s oil surplus, but death could not have happened to them until after Adam’s fall says Jesus is wrong in calling Lucifer a murderer from the beginning John 8:44.  If the first real murder is Cain killing Abel, not the devil.

I am supposed to believe that the raptor,  the T-rex, the stegosaurus, the behemoth all cumbia around the local watering hole not aware they had powerful muscles and sharp claws to which they could tear each other apart with.  G-d stepped back and said it is good.  They were a community that cared for each other’s eggs and hatchlings no doubt.  Will G-d send me to hell for believing they came before man? At least my position helps reveal that G-d’s Son is precious and he is in no hurry to see men killing each other knowing it would eventually happen.  If the angels were to learn of death through Dinosaurs it would have been my first choice,  G-d is full of hope.

Let us reason together souls need to be saved it would explain how big stones were moved around and shaped.  It makes John 8:44 more understandable.  Yes,  Jesus supports the seven days of creation, but HIS father said he was not going to make a full end Jeremiah 4:27.  They wanted to see the Son HE gave HIS Son a covering they could see. Still,  humans were going to eventually be made and are you not glad HE did? I know I am, I just need to get more to see it HIS way.  If G-d demands a just weight and fair balance man has had 6000 years and the fallen angels had how much time to organize and build their cities?  Keep in mind to have sent them to a place of torment right away would have placed fear in the hearts of the faithful angels and G-d is not like that. He could not let them stay in heaven,  where else could he put them?

G-d was certainly was in no hurry to make man and when HE finally does HE is sorry that HE did. G-d has all the time in the universe HE was in no hurry.  It is a long road to see who sees your value and who does not.  I want to be with those who call HIM priceless and maintain the worship of HIM that G-d wanted in the first place.  Now no one can say G-d has no Son and that worship of HIM is not important.

1 Peter 2:7-8
(7)  Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner,
(8)  And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.

To deny HIS finished work is to be Antichrist indeed.  Only the Royal Priesthood of which Peter talks of can bring about the world peace necessary to have the temple rebuilt.  This ensures that all hear the gospel of Jesus Christ then the end shall come.

1 Peter 2:9
(9)  But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

Sin’s you have committed, forgiven when you call upon the name of the LORD and that is for past present and future.  Christ’s honor is not only priceless it is worth the world. What say you?

Jesus loves us this I know for the Bible is the only book that tells me so.  I need no other. Enoch just acts as a support to a finished great work.

Hug’s and Kisses

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