The most important of all gifts…

The word of G-d will stand forever whereas the sign gifts will cease, giving us a clue as to what G-d holds as the most important and the best of all gifts the Bible… HIS word, the very teachings of HIS only-begotten Son are found in only one book the Holy Bible. These teachings are often times twisted to excuse wickedness or support false teaching. One teaching that seems to be recurring is in the selection of the 144,000. Many claim it is after the church is gone. What if there was a way, we could do it ourselves and bring G-d glory and exalt the name of Jesus at the same time winning others to Christ? Will G-d condemn us to hell if we did so? What is G-d’s will on the matter?

This one is an eye looking for 144 two sides enclosed 72 points 2 x 72 =144
This one is an eye looking for 144 two sides enclose 72 points 2 x 72 =144 Psalm 72:1-20

Jesus said HE would (SHALL) send forth HIS angels into the harvest fields, and it is they who will separate out all things that offend and do iniquity. False teachers have everyone convinced they are all going to make it in the first rapture. I have it on good authority we will be calling out the 144,000 before that in order to compel the unsaved to the cross. Speaking in tongues is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit the real proof of the Holy Spirit is in the obedience. Angels are watching and they can tell the difference,  saying the rosary in tongues is more like the lack of evidence.

Angels are here they only need to be awakened. They are sitting in their chariots, having at one time asked to see the SON making all this possible. Did you think they were not going to materialize the same way Jesus arrived, if they are indeed the reason, we are here?

This is the harvest, and they have been coming in since Israel became a nation. That explains the increase in knowledge. G-d told me I was smarter than Einstein after finding what I did in Egypt. Einstein died without Christ and that is rejecting the SON of G-d, the very reason the angels were cast out of heaven to start with. Those who remained insisted had the Son revealed himself in time that the war would not have happened. The fact is rebellion is a byproduct of free will. G-d established Moses as a leader and showed great signs through him, still people rebelled and insisted they were better off slaves in Egypt.

So doing signs can be pointless to those who have hearts of iron. Iron gets left while pliable clay leaves.  If you can’t appreciate the crop circles you cannot appreciate the story. G-d had a good friend, and he turned his back and attacked HIS character in front of the angels who were not as close to G-d as he was. G-d was looking for someone who would not betray him or attack HIS character and come to know it. To do on earth what was done in heaven bring praises back to the SON. I may be a bull in a china shop. However, not to worry most of the China needs breaking. A large portion of it is reproductions that were fired around paganism and idols.

They feel no conviction or remorse for causing G-d’s holy people to stumble. We are to make the Jewish people jealous of our relationship to G-d so that they come to want it as well. You would think if G-d found a new best friend you would be more supportive. Jesus told me Christmas 2008, HE was shutting it down because man learns nothing, I had a Mormon want to trade at a Yankee swap the teachings of Christ on CD for a bottle of booze, a person who saw what alcohol did to his family. He picked up where my stepmother left off, and I for one will never miss him family or not. You don’t like Jesus you are not going to like me. I came to finish the job.

False teachers may not realize they are siding with the enemy when they claim we leave, then the 144,000 are selected. This will not help bring the lost in before the rapture. Sorry minister of gloom and doom G-d is not into letting HIS enemy win so easily.

Jesus said… “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do” offering forgiveness to those who beat HIM. Ministers have not learned that many of these lost souls are lost because no one can agree on the truth. They have not had anyone share it with them. That is why we need to rally around the symbols of the battle. We need to lift the Lion of the tribe of Judah together out of the dirt. Making HIS name known to all, reality TV lookout here comes the true believers in Christ. We are a force to be reckoned with. We will make you laugh and fall in love with the one who gave us life to begin with.

The excuse many of the lost have is one we may have all faced at one time…I know I did. Which church is the correct church? When we become saved and filled with His Holy Spirit, we learn that all Churches which uphold Christ as LORD and Saviour preaching the entire gospel, insisting on the born-again experience are the right houses of worship. Those who side with the enemies of G-d become G-d’s enemies. HIS enemies do things to cause HIS Jewish people not to know HIM fully, as HE desires to be known.

So when I confront a minister or so-called men of G-d in a Protestant environment who think it’s a great thing that Roman Catholics hold the highest seats in the land, they obviously do not understand what is going on. How can you say you know G-d and preach from a pulpit and not see the truth is beyond me? History was not part of the seminary? The Puritans and all the men of G-d who fell in battle protecting this country will not be defending you at the bema seat of Christ, I can tell you that. Presently, they are rolling in their graves perhaps that’s where the earthquakes come from??? G-d said he would test us with false prophets, is paganism in the church OK?

Good houses of worship encourage Bible study and do not have a perpetual priesthood the last sacrifice took place at the cross, the need to continue a priesthood ceased being necessary. Prolonging it or recreating it shows Israel and the Jews what that G-d insists we deny the final sacrifice? That it is still needed or necessary? People of G-d you who know the truth, the veil was torn so that all could enter G-d’s holiest place and embrace the seat of mercy. When you side with any priesthood, you make a mockery and a stumbling block to others who are lost. How can one say they know Christ and not see it for what it really is, an attack a mocking by the enemy on G-d’s Son’s finished work?

Satan needs to rebuild the temple he destroyed before Christ returns. G-d is to be the only one allowed to sit there. However, G-d said he could before the end have his seven years to show himself as G-d. To rebuild it, he resurrected the priesthood thinking all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could put humpty together again. It is up to us to give him the peace, he needs to rebuild it and show others why it would be a bad idea for them to stay behind. Look around us… Do we really need more explanations than the visuals we now have, why he shouldn’t be a god? Every time he tries to do something without seeking the true G-d, he ends up behaving like a keystone cop.

All people need to know they too can become a HIGH priest to G-d. There is neither Jew nor Greek, rich or poor, free or slave but are all the same in G-d’s eyes who are in Christ. The class system ended at the cross.

We live in a society that people are misquoted and words twisted, and those whom it is done to take a strong issue with it. Misquotation and interjection can ruin the character of an individual, idea or concept.

The winning move was always in the Bible. The man G-d was going to call forward to carry HIS light and then the darkness could only be found in reading the Bible. It is an honored position indeed, and I was just as surprised as those who know me were. No matter where you stand my life points to the return of Christ and how cool is that?

If my life sends millions to the cross of Christ will G-d consign me to hell? So the only explanation you can conclude is that I have another body waiting for me, and that I am indeed Abel as I have said. Which if said often enough has its own unique punch line.

The concept the Bible teaches is that we are all lost sinners in need of direction and salvation. That our ways lead to destruction all because we do not seek the one who made us nor desire to honor HIS word given to us by HIS prophets. Many were killed in doing so. To correct our rebellion and the wicked direction it takes us in, it was necessary for HIM to come to us directly to show us the path to life. This way, I only need to follow one. Not only was he directing man, HE was also showing the angels; HE is everything father said HE was.

If all I possessed was the teachings of Christ it would be all that I needed if I adhered to them. Because the path seems hard at times, HE gave us a helper HIS Holy Spirit. With a promise if we confess our sins, HE will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

John 14:16-17
(16) And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; (17) Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

The enemy seeks to change G-d’s word, thus discrediting HIS character or hide the truth from those who are lost. By removing things from the Bible it aids in his false teachings that build trenches rather than bridges. I have added more words to my lists of words that have been removed, added or changed and in other translations.

There is truth in my explanations with them; I added humor after all the devil laughs at us who fall for his deceptions. In covering things up the enemy reveals himself and his agenda. Those who read from these other translations who are not teachers, G-d knows your heart. HE knows how sold out you are to HIM, and that you do love HIM. However, teachers should not be so easily deceived if they desire to be teachers, but be aware as a watchman of what the enemy is doing to keep souls behind to torment in his new world order. This brand-new order has been built by the same people who politicized Christianity and rooted out the truth from the start. So no wonder the world hates Christianity. Look what they have done to the world in the name of Christ.

G-d’s word will stand forever,  below I reveal an accurate translation of scripture and compare it to two popular bibles on today’s book shelves.  If you tell me something to tell another individual how would you feel if I misquoted you? What if I didn’t reveal the whole truth or story?  This is not to say that people who read from them will be punished,  you only go where your teachers and shepherds lead you. What is important is you are “Born Again” for the new creation coming. It is they who should be aware of the devil’s devices and watch for things that will offend G-d or mock HIM.

We adjust to the world and compromise trying to Christianize pagan things. Often those thing’s mock G-d in a deeper dimension as Satan and his minions laugh as souls are taken because of our ignorance. All because we think, we are building bridges. What we are really saying is we are not satisfied with G-d. We want to be like the other nations. We are to stand out and be separate, G-d does not change; HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. He rose up nations to punish Israel for doing the identical things the church does now. Islam is G-d’s punishment on those who use HIS name in vain they will be the Alpha religion in the tribulation to punish the paganized church and her idols,  the beheaded saints recorded in the book of revelation who come out of the tribulation offended G-d. It is not hard to see who is at the other end of that sword now is it?

Father's word

The Word Appears in King James Appears in NASBAppears in NIVWhat it hides or reveals and an explanation as to why...
Replenish Genesis 1:28
Genesis 9:1
00Satan can cleverly hide the idea of a pre Adamic race of fallen angels that had taken on flesh and blood like the second rebellion did in Genesis 6. Replenish means to refill or replace something. Ancient aliens can be debunked with this knowledge, but not by my pastor and his NASB. It's absence in other translations should scream truth that there was a race before man was ever here and their spirits remained among us to make new Bibles that give them an advantage.
Respect 34 verses with 34 matches23 verses with 23 matches31 verses with 32 matchesRespect is something G-d does not give everyone in fact he only gave it to one and it got him killed. Genesis 4:4 it is the first time Respect of an individual is revealed. The whole of it all, is about this very word, is it not? It is missing in all the other translations where it first appears. Why is that you should wonder? If you are Satan you hate this man Abel because the angels and G-d make a big deal of Him. G-d is not a respecter of persons. He seeks 'Respect' it is a seven letter word a holy number throughout scripture. Showing up 34 times in the KJV is G-d's trademark. Confirmation his word is spot on. 3 is the Trinity 4 can represent the first four commandments. (3+4)= 7 (3 x4) = 12 four sides to a pyramid 12 gives us three pyramids. The triunity of G-d is written throughout the Bible you just need to know where to look. Don't be angry at me for finding the Lion of the tribe of Judah hiding in Egypt. I already had G-d's respect before I came back into the world Daniel 8:12. Is truth a bad thing? Where was it before it fell? We know it's not Jesus because He is the truth, HE DOES NOT NEED PRACTICE.
Abel 13 verses found, 16 matches

Revelation 13:18
1318 adds back to 13
13 comes before 18 which can be written 666 so 555 comes before 666.
21 verses found, 24 matches21 verses found, 25 matchesAbel and his offering were not respected by the enemy. Jesus called Abel righteous, animal sacrifice cannot make one righteous. For Jesus to say this means at some point the blood has to cover the sins of his father, that were passed on to him as it is with all of us. He is also the firstborn of man among the angels and that automatically would make him an elder. Mr. Jealousy hates Abel because of the true replacement theology. The other translations makes me wonder why all the flattery? 21,24, 25 it's like Christmas for Abel. Nice try but I'm not so cheap it's going to take all that money you been saving to get your peace plan a deals a deal. Dear Lord look who I'm talking too???
Rebellion9 verses with 9 matches19 verses with 20 matches41 verses with 41 matchesClearly the other two translations have much more rebellion in them. With rebellion comes stubbornness it is a sign of iniquity 1 Samuel 15:23. I can attest that those who stand on these other words will not be leaders in heaven. 9 in the original English translation is the number for judgment . G-d must judge rebellion the fact it appears nine times is again confirmation of G-d's sovereignty over his word.
Elect20 verses found, 20 matches8 verses found, 8 matches11 verses found, 11 matchesWithout going to far out on a limb here it is safe to say there is less elect found reading the NASB, in the NIV it appears only a 11 times good for you NIV people. There is definitely more elect found in reading the NIV still the greater number of elect have their nose in a KJV when dealing with G-d's word why mess with what has worked over 400 years? The devil feels we are much more intelligent now and don't need those big words like respect, replenish and honor.
Suffering5 verses found, 5 matches16 verses found, 16 matches
54 verses found, 55 matchesFinally they get it right there is definitely more suffering found in reading the other two translations.
56 verses found, 64 matches / 103 verses found, 113 matches49 verses found, 55 matches / 104 verses found, 112 matches
63 verses found, 67 matches /
97 verses found, 101 matches
Chariots are used for transportation one of the crop circles points to 2 Kings 2:11. G-d is taking his church out, and he is sending the right amount of chariots. How is changing this word making the bible easier to read? My pastor said that he did not see great crusades covered in the Bible at the end. No wonder, he's missing some chariots in his NASB. FYI pastor America is not written in the Bible either... Yet here we are. Neither is Trinity. So why do you give me all the grief? You are better as a devils advocate than a winner of souls. I can't help it if your faith is non-existent in your G-d. You chose the Catholic Jesus, while my Protestant Jesus can do anything.
Shall6061 verses found, 9837 matches2841 verses found, 3971 matches413 verses found, 482 matchesShall is a great word it has finality to it, a surety that it is going to happen. The most important Shall's were spoken by Jesus and this is where they change them in the NASB and NIV. Imagine that the masters very own shall's. It is changed to will, which sounds less certain more changeable; a will can be changed, and a shall by the master really cannot be. So why do they do it? Jesus says he shall send forth his angels into the harvest fields, and they shall separate all things that offend and do iniquity. The devil has to change that so that his false teachers can explain away the 144,000 being left behind and chosen after the church is gone. Because the spirit seals them once he removes himself from the earth in the rapture is what they want you to believe and that the angels Jesus said shall do it, they say, have nothing to do with it. Some weird thing about the church is not mentioned after a certain point in revelation, neglecting G-d in his call to his children to come out of the harlot. We know where most of this deception stems from. The other place you find the church is Revelation 18:23 it is here the voice of the bridegroom, and the bride are no longer heard in the world. Revelation 19:7 their false teaching makes it harder for us to bring in the harvest. G-d asked me to call them out before. So that G-d's children could speak words to compel their lost loved ones to the foot of the cross. False teachers want your loved ones left behind no doubt to play with their god. My G-d is not wanting that at all. No doubt G-d is not certain to often in the NIV.
The Word Appears in King James Appears in NASBAppears in NIVWhat it hides or reveals and an explanation as to why...
Repent 43 verses with 46 matches36 verses with 38 matches41 verses with 41 matchesHere we find less in the NASB and why am I not surprised? You would think with all that rebellion they have there would be more repenting. NIV balanced the equation very good but you still lack in other areas.
Honour / Honor146 verses with 146 matches124 verses with 134 matches162 verses with 174 matchesTrue honor is reflected in accuracy the fact Respect is missing where G-d seeks it, which is not honorable at all. The NIV tries hard but loses, honor comes in defending the truth. the two translations skate around the important issues and seek to compromise with the world.
Iniquity262 verses with 278 matches194 verses with 207 matches13 verses with 13 matchesThere is less iniquity in the New World Order translations, and less of a need to repent. When it comes to leaving behind those who commit iniquity the angels are not using the other translations, so why do you?
Jacob345 verses with 377 matches347 verses with 380 matches358 verses with 385 matchesJacob is an important character in scripture it is his descendants that produce our twelve tribes. 345 does seem to coincidently add to twelve. This is the Bible and I do not believe I find coincidence within it, but the very hand of G-d and confirmation it is my Father's word.
MessiahDaniel 9:25-26 only twice.8 verses with 8 matches66 verses with 68 matchesJesus is Messiah and we are told he is coming again he has already came once and we await him to return again after the cleansing of the earth by the dragon as he chases those left behind to be martyred. We will ride back with Jesus to fight the flesh that chose to reject him and spend eternity writhing in pain. The other translations seem to really miss this point. The devil is always trying to raise up more Messiah's than there are meant to be.
Justice 28 verses found, 28 matches

Psalms 89:14
Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face.
135 verses found, 138 matches

Psalms 89:14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Lovingkindness and truth go before You.
128 verses found, 130 matches

Psalms 89:14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you.
The devil would like you to believe he deals out more justice. In fact his justice is that no one gets into heaven. He can't get back in so he seeks to punish G-d by taking those G-d loves away from him. G-d reveals the word justice in the old testament only. There is a reason he did this. We are told Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of G-d is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
His justice we should not seek, rather seek his mercy and truth. He will exact justice on all those who reject his Son but make no mistake the other translations are only there to add confusion and deceive, teachers should know better.
Mercy261 verses found, 276 matches91 verses found, 101 matches123 verses found, 131 matches
After seeing what they did to justice I am not surprised they offer less Mercy in the NASB. While the NIV offers half as much as what G-d originally intended. Mercy has value of 5 it is the only commandment with a promise attached. Five is the number for mercy 555 comes before 666. A number that has followed me all my life.
Fear385 verses found, 400 matches
Fearest is found in 3 verses 3 matches.
299 verses found, 313 matches264 verses found, 271 matchesThe fear of G-d is the beginning of wisdom, to tremble at his word is to do him honor. His fear in us is that of us being separated from him for all eternity. Stay close to him and he will protect you. The enemy has no fear of G-d and it shows he tampers with G-d's word. Because of it he will get no peace for his temple to be built. He does not respect G-d's word but he loves to preach and play church. He ignores the supernatural, and hates it when your attention is not on his works. He uses fear a different way to intimidate or blackmail. He kills leaders who do not do as he wants and his minions have to run off and find new vehicles to inhabit. Kennedy was killed at the Apex of a pyramid a reminder to those who don't do as he say's... The first murder was at the building of a pyramid before man was created John 8:44.
Christ 532 verses with 571 matches496 verses with 527 matches452 verses with 481 matchesChrist which means Messiah is translated into Messiah in the other translations. When I called on the name of the Lord it was the name and not the title. I called upon the name above all names it was not Messiah it was Jesus Christ who is coming again. First I must rise up to usher in the second coming.
The Word Appears in King James Appears in NASBAppears in NIVWhat it hides or reveals and an explanation as to why...
Sin389 verses found, 448 matches380 verses found, 430 matches414 verses found, 465 matchesSomeone is feeling a lot more guilty of sin than the other. In the KJV there is balance in 448 mentions of sin. One is the whole of the other. The other happens because of sin G-d took perfection (8) and divided the creation 4/4... Angel is over man, at the cross G-d splits 8 the hard way 33. 3 days pass He raises His son and perfection is together again. In the end he brings it all back together. 389 tells a story. Nine is judgment because so many wanted to see the Son. The others the story just not fit together as it should.
Hope121 verses found, 130 matches132 verses found, 140 matches159 verses found, 167 matchesYou can place Hope in a lot of things it is where you place it that matters most. You can place it in an amusement ride that it is not going to fail or a car or plane. However only one person is worth placing hope in for eternal life that is the triune G-dhead of Father Son and Holy Spirit.
the end of the world7 verses found, 7 matches1 verse found, 1 match0The KJV stresses the event by telling us what it is to G-d when dealing with man. For man, it is the end of the world as we know it. On earth as it is in heaven. In heaven, G-d cast out the rebellious this time they are left behind to deal with the god they chose to serve a lawless violent murdering monster. The NASB never deals with it but refers to it as the end of the age as does the NIV the fact it appears seven times in the KJV says the translators had it right the first time. The translations are not definitive to what it truly reveals. An astrological age is measured as 2160 years plenty of time don't worry, which is what the devil wants you to think. We are in the 21'st century, and man has reached the end of his time to establish his governments. Psalm 21:11 tells us the New World Order cannot be done without G-d's man to make it happen. That same man will also be used to judge the nations after the angels take those who gave their lives to Christ out. False teachers stay behind. Those who stand up for Christ and defend Israel will have a place in the eternal Kingdom.
Children1524 verses found, 1822 matches
313 verses found, 341 matches453 verses found, 498 matchesThis only goes to show us the devil is not big on Children especially in his new translations.
Love281 verses found, 311 matches
311 verses found, 349 matches
526 verses found, 574 matches
Some people just love to spread love, compromise is not love and because you say you do, does not mean you do. Love is an action verb it shows up in ones actions. The NIV people most likely were once flower power children of the sixties there version spreads more love. Where as the NASB they try hard and almost have it right, it's the Respect that troubles me and the rebellion. The feeding of false teachings and compromise. In Jesus's ministry he chose 12 disciples one of them betrayed him leaving him with eleven, Judas did not love his word or his teachings Judas was not one to defend G-d's honor. He sold his soul for a bag full of coins. Those who seek to copyright G-d's word did the same and the plagues of revelation shall be upon them whom changed his word. Brother is not to bring brothers to court especially over the word of G-d, money is what makes these translations fail.
Truth224 verses found, 237 matches188 verses found, 201 matches127 verses found, 135 matchesThere is more truth in the KJV than any other translations. I didn't have to tell you that, the elect already know this. The other translations are easy to read, However, the truth is, it's because no one want's to apply themselves to it. G-d rejoices in the truth and walks in the fullness of it as well. When I found Jesus's effigy hiding in Egypt Father was delighted and he made me his new BFF. He told me Satan couldn't hide anything from me now. I love light and truth don't you? Pick up a translation today that has more truth in it and help me lift up Jesus if you have an NASB or NIV more than likely you will leave Jesus lying in the dirt, because you can't see truth when it's revealed to you.
Kindness43 verses found, 48 matches42 verses found, 48 matches54 verses found, 63 matchesThere is no difference in the KJV and the NASB the word kindness is changed in one verse only Joshua 2:12, which becomes kindly. Oddly, we are looking for a token of truth in this passage. Here it is, do you want G-d to show kindness or be kindly to you? Here kindly sounds more like wussy. The NIV well again, these people want you be more liberal with it all. Funny both their numbers (NIV) add to 9 judgment. The devil gets it right every now and again.
ass / assesass 80 verses found, 90 matches

asses 60 verses found, 64 matches
0 / 00 /0 Adam named all the animals and whatever they were named that is what we call them today. Ass is in scripture it is an animal designated by a three letter word. It can mean donkey but the Hebrew makes it plain it is ass not donkey. Some translations are so much more prudish. Maybe they feel this is what holiness is. Holiness means to be complete G-d's word is complete holy a finished work. G-d seen the end from the beginning he knew how the word would fit in the end times. If he wanted it to be something other than ass he would have used a different Hebrew word. What it ends up doing is revealing who the real asses are when it comes to his word.
Angel New Testament only. 99 verses found, 99 matches 9 x 9 = 81 96 verses found, 96 matches 9 x 6 = 54103 verses found, 105 matches
1 x 03 = 3 or 10 x 3 = 30
This one is special to me because the angels came and congratulated me on my findings , saying how they knew it was going to be me who found the whole truth. To get this one we need to look at the purpose of angels. They are here to serve G-d and protect the saints, they will be used to cause destruction in the judging of sin after they snatch us away. Right after the 144,000 are sealed. The new testament reveals what is hidden in the old testament. With the angels at the end of the age playing an important role they need me to show them what we are looking for and who we are to leave behind. Next we find the hidden gem.
Angels plural in the New Testament. 79 verses found, 81 matches

99 Angel plus 81 Angels = 180
79 verses found, 81 matches
96 angel + 81 angels = 177

Deuteronomy 16 deals with the law and commandments of G-d but they are looking for something more precise in terms of judgment for those who reject Christ.
81 verses found, 83 matches
105 angel plus 83 Angels = 188

Here they get even more confused. Joshua 1 is a great read but not specific for the judgment and who to leave behind.
If using G-d's factual word that proves itself over and over again tried seven times in the fire. 99 Angel and 81 Angels added we get 180 the new reveals what is hidden in the old if we look 180 chapters into the old testament we come upon Deuteronomy 27:15-26, precisely what the angels need to be looking at. Fifteen or 555 is my number so they are spot on. Nine again is the number for judgment any number multiplied by it results in nine, it cannot be escaped outside of Christ. So angels bring G-d's judgment. They can discombobulate the thoughts of men causing them to err in the way of judgment. That is why it is necessary to have the Holy Spirit as to know what is G-d's will is opposed to what is not G-d's will. With the other translations the angels would get confused as to where to look and so would others when finding Christ. We are at the end of the age and fools want to argue what is and is not G-d's word. As for me I go with the tried and true and do not compromise the factual word that mathematically G-d has His DNAH all over it.

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