The call with a guarantee.

A butterfly man lifts an ordinary man up because of what he found in Egypt. The ordinary man lifted points to the lifter.
A butterfly man lifts an ordinary man up because of what he found in Egypt. The ordinary man lifted points to the lifter.

The Son of G-d will be glorified; He will be lifted up and draw all men as He proclaimed. We will have more than Noah did on his ark and still many will follow behind in martyrdom. These are great days, separating the light from the dark will not be hard once the world recognizes the evil presence among us pretending to be something they never were. When you tally the souls they condemned to hell repentance should not be too far behind.

For those ministers who adopted them as Christians only reveal they lack understanding,  wisdom and love of the human soul not to mention their lack of love for Israel and G-d. To offend G-d or to mock Him is not an acceptable at all, thank G-d we have more in Christ than the fallen angels ever had.  There is NO sin so grievous that it cannot be forgiven and repented of.

Light supports me thus what little light one has will see truth in my proclamation.  Those who seek to glorify G-d will have no problem with the call.  Darkness needs me so whatever darkness is in you shall submit in order to finish their one world order and get their temple built.  I will be lifted and I will point to who truly made it possible and it will always be Jesus,  The Son of G-d is necessary for peace and a utopian society.  You can delay me but it only delays the message of salvation through Christ and Christ alone,  if darkness be in you how great is that darkness?

So you can side with the devil and deny what sits in Egypt. However,  America calls you a liar and testifies against you along with the G-d who brought us here.  This call is righteous, rewarding,  uplifting and cannot be denied. Especially not if there are true Christians desiring to win souls.  We need a Christian in the White house for 2016 who will reveal to the world the truth as to what the wicked have planned for the lost and Christians.

One in which is guaranteed no weapon against him shall prosper.

Those whom are thinking about Christianity can have a better opinion and make an informed decision before the rapture.  Those left behind… “See you, wouldn’t want to be you.”  Jesus is on his way, there is no time to delay.  Her majesty the queen head of the Protestant church needs to see revival and the man she is waiting for,  so you can sit on the crop circles or share them and bring hope to others especially a generation who is given no hope.  Without England, America will lose a harvest G-d hid treasure in the old and reveals it in the New as He did once before.


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