Tell them we are under a dome before we go home???

So, why did the church accept the Copernicus model?

No one was excited about lifting up the Son so are loved ones will get left behind and a strong delusion is happening for them.

I told you in my last post I would seek the LORD on the flat earth matter and HE informed me HE has already revealed it to us the video is posted below and if we want to verify what HE has done compared to the hoaxsters in the crop images you can find those who did the investigations of the following crop images.

The conclusion I keep coming to is this is the end, my friends.

This one fits our present model I see no indicator of a dome. The third ring has nothing riding on it maybe it isn’t a ball?
I neglected to tell everyone when I first posted this,  I call it,  “Where to find G-d in the universe?”

The Bible is made up of 66 books but four of them are special because they reveal G-d’s heart and the time HE came to earth. Found in Matthew, Mark which shows equal sizes and were both eyewitnesses. The center the largest the gospel of John the one that shines the brightest especially chapter 3 and the tiniest the book of Luke the Dan Rather of the Middle East around 58-63 AD.

This is again our present model of understanding Copernicus the third orbit from the Sun is us.

Angels as seen on NASA videos like sts75 the people are standing in the sun as it seems to be enlarged like a lake of fire and the members only area only those who come under and are washed in the blood of Christ. The rest are demons not allowed in shaped as parasites.

This crop image has a dome so he could show us a dome over the earth if it were true. This is a flaming chariot, I have never seen one, but I know what they mean when you do. The three as one in the dome whoever could that be? The other four Michael, Gabriel,  Enoch, and Elijah?

There are three sets of seven for 21 the two fours merge in the center to give us 8 for the power under the triune rider 4 +8 =12.  Twelfth book of the Bible 2 Kings won’t need that twelve again it gets us where we want to go.  As we have done with several of these the circle outside by itself means subtract one. Find it on the left by the first two flames. An idea of the size of this there is two people standing by the large number one also in 5 at the top.   So we are left with  21 12 in the center again minus 1.

(4 x 0.75) = 3 + 8 + 1 =(12) -1 =11  2 kings 2:11-12


Telling hoaxes from the real McCoy.

1. Are the reeds damaged or broken? (broken= man made no bruised reed shall he break.)

2. Has the soil changed composition?

3. Were there any dead rodents or birds in the area? (Man would have scared them away the lamps would have blown them apart.)

4. Were flowers or plants birds eggs not part of the crop left unharmed? (Man would have stomped everything.)

G-d protects the unborn proof men at night did not make these!


As for NASA T-minus and counting much of what they do is propaganda and bluescreen.  Because it is cheaper.  Maybe the money they save goes to improving former military bases for future use as re-education centers for flat earthers??

Father wanted to get the world interested in the Bible and the word of G-d but the church has been so indoctrinated with Jesuit lies and their ministers protecting them in Protestant pulpits,  you are going to see fewer people interested in the Bible when the new Kent Hovind people start spewing their flat earth beliefs.  Bad enough you try convincing them millions of dinosaurs walked the earth 6000 years ago.

Instead of lifting up Jesus and the word of G-d we are going to run around telling the lost the world is flat? I say get the Holy Spirit in them then let them find out.  I did not need to know what shape the earth was when I got saved  I just knew I needed Jesus.   Has the deception of the enemy worked?  Will we get the deer in the headlights look and then try telling them they need saving?  This is coming because we all had a chance to be excited to lift up the son and use the money for the harvest that came into the Bank of England in 2008.     You were not excited about seeing G-d’s plan come to fruition to save the world and send many to the cross.

If you seek me with all your heart I can be found! If I be lifted out of the Earth I will draw all men to me. Fallen angels began the new world order they could never finish it because they tried to do it without Jesus.

I showed you the symbols of the battle hiding in Egypt to lift up Jesus’s effigy the Lion of the Tribe of Judah because the enemy said he would make the Son of G-d his pet.

Now he wants all to believe we are in G-d’s little ant farm and we are the pets???   When we are joint heirs with G-d,  King’s and Queens.  This will not aid in getting people to the cross in time for resurrection it will keep them from wanting to hear and laugh at us even harder. I am sad to say I find we are better at building walls than bridges.

This is an atom everything is made of atoms what keeps it all together? Why doesn’t my desk fall apart?  Note there is order from the Atom to the Solar system to the galaxy there is order there is a balance.  The Atom is a miniature model of all things. If the earth is flat it is the only planet that is and what holds that dirt on all the others or their ice and hills?

Polaris is the north star that stays in a fixed position if we had a flat earth the north star could be seen from the south pole. The circular path of stars would be the same as a camera focused on a fixed point. That would be a simple way to determine if the world was flat. If the north star was seen in the southern hemisphere it means the earth flips over every night on its poles or it is flat. If there are no GPS satellites in the Southern Hemisphere then why?

The question is not where you lived or its shape it is how you lived,  was Jesus with you when you awoke and throughout your day?  Did you speak with HIM and seek a relationship with Him? Did you read HIS word and meditate on it?  This is a place of learning what is good and what is evil.  They rejected worshipping the Son in heaven so 1/3  were cast out so for those who think they can get into heaven without the son it’s why you’re here. If you reject him, you don’t get in.

This generation is blessed to see it all come together. We have a better chance than those who died before us without Christ.  Those who are left behind who see the Church leave will seek martyrdom or weep and gnash their teeth for all eternity as Christ said many would.

The enemy is impatient he has been on the coaster as it clicked up the chain to the top,  as he reaches the pinnacle the ride has stopped. Jesus is coming, and he must get a peace plan in place to finish his ride. We as the church need to help him while he waits. But as he waits more Christians will lose their lives. Not by my hand but by the churches failure to recognize the plan.

Brother Abel.

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