Take us to our leader!

It is just like darkness to be looking for their leader at the top of the hill.  While saying on the other side of their mouth, G-d is in control. G-d chooses to set up one and bring down another.  Jesus did not come to the elite Ceaser’s and Kings of HIS day HE came to the bottom of the ladder to the people who needed HIM the most, we all need HIM. Unfortunately, you are always going to have doubting Thomas’s who need to see to believe.  A good harvest is when you get the majority and leave the bad crops behind.  At the bottom, there are greater numbers. The top has their rewards when they keep from those at the bottom, we will be taking from them as well an ultimatum will be laid before them.

The enemy wanted power and to sit as King over all.  Jesus (G-d) before HIS birth among men made a wager in heaven,  as the rebellion had separated out the wicked from among them.  The angels who remained behind swarmed with doubt as to the need to worship G-d’s Son.  They stayed because they loved the Father and trusted HIM. They came when the trumpet had blown a nation here today represents them in this battle.

Jesus planted the seed for the harvest 3.5 years, and the wager was he would allow Satan to rule as G-d for seven years, G-d loves us too much not to have a plan he left himself 3.5 years.  He set aside 3.5 years and chooses from the bottom his chariot. Hence the white horse of Revelation it says he is in control and darkness is barking up the wrong tree.

Thank you, Jesus, you loved us enough to know how to bring it all home.



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