Strong Evidence Against Being Slain in the Spirit.

When you see the HOLY SPIRIT moving and claim it is the work of the devil that is blasphemy against the Spirit, it’s not the unpardonable sin which is rejecting Christ completely.

From Focus on the Family whom I have supported in the past and though they are linked into the apostasy they will quickly see it for what it is. Here is their take on the blasphemy of the HOLY SPIRIT and I concur.

God is not a respecter of persons and if the gift is an essential part of the Christian Community then why is there not another like Benny Hinn doing the same exact thing simultaneously?

Benny Hinn is of the prosperity gospel who has used the gospel as a vehicle to fleece the believers,  and as long as those popcorn buckets make their way through the congregation as I have said in the past they will continue to be filled.

Yes, we have the occasional move in a church here and there the odd thing that Dave Hunt from the Berean Call and I noticed is that each one who goes under and surrenders their free will to this spiritual event,  come back up as part of the dragon’s church to defend him. You can’t win a war if you don’t choose a side and what side are you looking to win? They probably also believe in Santa and carry a NASB.  No enemies are found in the NASB Psalm 56:1-2 NASB.

We cannot win the Children of Abraham to Jesus with idols and statues but that should be obvious to the least discerning of individuals.

The following is a compilation of spiritual forces in the earth exercising their will against another free will individual, unlike the Christians who allow themselves to be taken by it.  These people were terrified of the situation, where there is perfect love there is no fear.  Sadly I am not perfect,  but I know who is.

The spirit of God in the Bible announces Himself before HE wrestles with you so that you know that it is HIM in pursuit of you. Right now I hope you see in the world HIS pursuit of you and that these websites have aided in that pursuit.

Repent because if you think things are bad now they are worse in eternity separated from HIM.



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