Somebody built their house on sinking sand…

The very bottom of it is about to fall out.

The enemy has a habit of building his structures on sinking sand. We  know he is not building on solid rock, but he would like us to think so.  The real problem comes into play when he uses G-d’s people to be the interior decorators and find excuses for him to exist and belong. Evil does not need to exist in order to highlight what is good, good exists very well without evil.

We sand bag his castle and fire the nerf darts he gives us against him all the while laughing as he steals our relationship with G-d by making us offend G-d at every chance he gets. I wouldn’t mind Santa so much if he was towing in the new year with six reindeer’s with names made up by Disney rather than eight using Angelic names. Having his workshop in the South pole while he laughed HA,  HA,  HA.  Rather than offer that pitiful half of Holy, Holy, Holy. Then the church cries when the manger scenes disappear after placing the new Dagon before the ark of perfection.

We are to love our enemies and while I am wanting to embrace the hour of his coming knowing very well my Jesus is right behind him. I do not seek to honor his demands or his mocking Santa, as so many have. Refusing to call men father was another test,  Jesus said not to do it. When confronted by a Catholic priest to call another man father I told him what Jesus said and refused to give him the satisfaction. What it meant to G-d was I would not compromise, I am a new creature in Christ created to obey and not just play games with G-d as so many are doing. Bringing peace to the middle east and getting Satan’s temple built for him is in order to fulfill the very will of G-d.

Doing so does not make me a traitor it makes me a patriot of the kingdom.  Unless a preacher preaches how will they know of the G-d who loves them and if G-d chooses the messenger at this stage of the game there must be a good reason.  I believe in miracles and a G-d who is obsessed with me more than I am of Him,  I think over time that can improve for all of us, but it all begins at the foot of the cross.

When G-d came to me after seeing the truth in Egypt, it became overwhelmingly apparent his enemy is unable to bring peace or undo the very insult directed at G-d in Egypt.  What the world needs is peace with G-d, and this angered him the most.  That his house was not only on sinking sand, but the bottom is falling out from under him.

He obviously likes this falling thing. This is the bottomless pit.
He obviously likes this falling thing. This is the bottomless pit made up of six raised circles and seven flat circles where our enemy will be cast for one thousand years. Psalm 6:1-10, Psalm 7:1-17 because it is bottomless he can meditate on all the words of G-d 6+7= Psalm 13:1-6.

That can only leave one conclusion for him to ponder during his bottomless pit excursion, was picking on me as often as he did worth it? Worse than that he picked on Jesus even longer I for one love Jesus. Peace through Jesus is the only logical conclusion any man of G-d could conceive at this point in time.

Every other religion requires one to work to make peace with G-d when, in reality, the true G-d of creation did all the work for us.  Simply by looking around us and on the cross the conclusion should be obvious. G-d is in love with us, and this war is finally coming to an end.  We need to show the world why we are here and what brought us to this point.

We are doing as the rebellious angels in heaven did ignoring the desires of the Son. What will he say to you on that day “enter into the joy of the Lord good and faithful servant or away from me,  I never knew you?”

Lucifer / Satan divided the kingdoms of heaven the foolish went after him and his precious stones.  The antichrist does the same here on earth as he is lifted.  The kingdoms will divide,  those seeking righteousness will fall into the kingdom of G-d. Presently, the lost blindly follow the pomp and deception that is  Rome as the foolish angels did in heaven.  Following all that glitters and what they can see. Showing their lack of faith in worshiping the Son’s covering and not the Son.

We want to give the creature another target to pursue in order to bring in the harvest. Once the peace plan is signed the person that G-d had chosen to be the cup bearer (Benjamin / Abel the new covering of a temporal importance) will give up the lamps and go home.  His body will be miraculously healed of his head injury.

The world will then have the leader; they have always followed all along someone with no sense or any intelligence.   That someone else will finish the work of sending men to the gallows that they were building against the believers of Christ.  According to revelation, they do not deny Christ but are martyred with their heads cut off,  never to mock the holy things of G-d again.

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