Protecting the kingdom…

Leaders and teachers will be dealt with the more harshly on the day of judgment especially those who missed the point entirely,  leading others to miss it as well.

Those of us whom have given our lives to the Lord know that we are of the household of faith. We are joint heirs with the G-d’s Son. Kings and Queens, Princes and princesses.  a holy priesthood and nation. Those who truly belong to him,  feel the call to serve.

Did the Son of G-d need to be protected in heaven?

The answer should be quite obvious when he came to us here,  he had no protection; no one came to his defense.  We were all helpless to stop what happened. However, what happened here needed to take place to get us all home.

Many want to know what was Jesus doing from the time of his bar mitzvah at age twelve until he appears at age thirty to begin his ministry?

Did you notice how his life was taken from him? The angels seen it because they insisted on seeing the Son.  With an end like that don’t you think he deserved a pleasant childhood to enjoy his life a little? After all, He is responsible for us all being here.

It was in heaven his protector turned on him and led the rebellion. A covering not only reveals the splendor of the one covered but it protects as well. Lucifer was created to curb and restore order and worship into the kingdom. Free will and his position got the best of him.

He was to restore worship into the kingdom, for G-d seeks those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

The congregation he was sent to to bring back to worship the Son turned him into what he is by turning him against G-d. They are shown as half and not whole angels they are half  hearted. Like many men of G-d I have come to know.
The congregation he was sent to to bring back to worship the Son turned him into what he is by turning him against G-d. They are shown as half and not whole angels they are half hearted. Like many men of G-d I have come to know. be aware of your teachers for they shall be judged more harshly.

Those whom he was meant to bring back to worship turned him into what he has become. It is always wise to be careful with whom you hang with. They can be bad influences and lead you amiss.

The rebelling angels who refused to worship the Son in heaven denied that he was even real. Seeing for many is believing that is called faithless.  They mocked the covering and his position turning him against his maker. Giving them the leader they have today.

I was questioned by a leader within my church thinking the answer was to be no. He asked, “Does G-d need protecting?” Well, G-d felt the worship of the Son needed protecting in heaven that’s why he created the covering to begin with. Certainly even here things are not that different. So does the kingdom need protecting? I would have to say that as a leader here will never be a leader in heaven because he obviously misses the point of it all.

The enemy said you did not need the son to have a peaceful society, so he was given the opportunity to prove it,  he led the rebellion. The very book that reveals the whole plan to have a peaceful society he keeps away from the world and denies its value.

His efforts at building his one world have paid off. The only problem he has is that he needs a peace plan in order to get the third temple built. Those who do not help me do it G-d’s way, are helping him and like the half-hearted angels deserve the leadership that is coming.  We want to intercept and stop what Rome and their dysfunctional  understanding of G-d is building here.

Jesus Christ the only peace plan that G-d insists we all adhere to.  The world needs a peace plan and only the Church of Jesus Christ (Protestants in nature) has it. On earth as it is in heaven.  I am the new covering as laid out in the wilderness tabernacle Benjamin is G-d’s right-hand man as well as he was Jacob’s.  This will draw the attention of the world to one man uniting a one-world  church of true believers and equally divide the kingdoms,  those remaining behind will end up with a leader who will obtain a lethal head injury and be healed,  a healing of which only G-d can do. I am the opposite of Christ in this; I had a terrible beginning. However. I will have a glorious end minus the head injury of course.

Benjamin is the new covering and it is actually Abel sharing a vessel that will be used to bring the judgment to the wicked. Finally the enemy may show me a little respect seeing how I have what he wants. bringing peace has never been so sweeter. Let us all applaud him in bringing the world together to hear the truth.

The message will be clear they do not need a leader with any brains should they miss the first resurrection.  Those who are left will become victims of martyrdom as they see we warned them of the day and of the eternity that awaits them.

The demons will be fought by them whom they allowed to torment us. People like Bob Larson will not be needed in the tribulation.

Did anyone see how he being an exorcist bowed to the workings of Rome giving them equal footing with true Christians? Bob needs a history lesson.  That only made me believe his ministry may be a sham.  Could it be only a small percent are truly possessed while many may be emotionally disturbed? One must have complete discernment in order to exercise demons or it could become a show like the Catholic exorcisms.   Demons play games but their time is just about up.

Only the worst will end up in the fires along with the bad leaders that led them.

We cannot in order to sustain a perfect society ignore the call to worship G-d in Spirit and in truth.  In Boston, G-d had a Church model of how he liked to be worshiped but the devil knew of my participation there, and so he destroyed what G-d wanted to do in Boston.

We are all here because many refused to worship the Son in heaven. They are the same whom will remain in the tribulation.  G-d will seal the demons to the infected who reject the preciousness of Jesus the Son and how important He is to the whole of creation. Thus they will be tormented for all eternity having willingly been given the facts and rejecting the gift of eternal life with G-d.

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