My Only Son What would You Do for Yours?

If exposing darkness causes strife, to which side do you choose to defend?  The offspring of the harlot is easily revealed in the pagan lies she made that we carry into the Church and insist others accept.  One of us is wrong; it is usually the one who feels the strife and does not want to give up their false lie.

Christians should rejoice in truth and not protect fables or doctrines of devils. This would clearly be where the root of evil was when Christ was Crucified here is where all the false gods gathered.

Hard to be in one accord when foolishness fills the house of God.

I was no doubt sent to warn of the gallows they intended to build for America using China. Can we discern who is using who, and are we talking about a black widow spider who kills her mate is China using them?  Either way, Angels are not taking the ones who never give Christ the victory off the cross or who cause others to stumble. Especially when they see themselves in the Jewish people who stayed loyal until the SON took HIS throne in heaven.

Surrounded by the devil’s all-one-seeing eye, the symbol is found throughout China. Proverbs 11:1


China is not lifting up Jesus but the killer queen.


There are two schools, two Christs’ one that keeps himself hanging and slapping himself, and the other who is in the heart of the believer. His presence is to be their only reminder.  Those who have the HOLY SPIRIT do not need any visuals to remind them.

Everybody likes to feel important. The priestcraft was designed by the devil and God designed HIS to cease its practices of sacrifice.

The HOLY SPIRIT would never deny HIS WORTH or restore what HE destroyed, as it would be a transgression created by God. Would God transgress? Jesus of scripture clearly ended the purpose of the priesthood if you indeed believe he came to set you free and needed only to be sacrificed once by one high priest.   Which we know was CHRIST after Caiphas rent his garment as a sign of rejecting the office of the high priest.  When you receive Jesus you take on the role of the Royal office of Priest but only after thoroughly inspecting the sacrifice found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The revived priesthood of Constantine was Judiazing Christianity, an extreme error in the Church and you really need to understand the Pilot Fish and hope you are not one.

You miss Rapture Cannablism will be how they feed their political and religious dissidents and can you think of anything more balanced than that? Psalms 56:1-2 and Proverbs 11:1 the positive in this case would be the duck sauce.

The beast up from the pit was and is again the Spirit of giants who still roam the earth and in Noah’s day they did not need to hunt to eat flesh it was abundant when men lived over 900 years. This was no neighbor-loving neighbor. Slaves and food for the elite among them.

Beast of bottomless pit
Revelation 17:8

Do not get left behind to be re-educated by a communist government that the false Church has brought to America and how God intends to use it to judge the Apostates and the sinners who made it all possible. America was hailed the great Satan before Islam was calling it that because it spread the gospel.

Ecumenism doesn’t fly, especially when God insists HIS people come out of her, and that is to save her. I just heard that the Anglican Church also practices transubstantiation, this false sign and wonder that deceives the practitioner and the recipient. God gave man no such authority. The demons claimed they would make the SON of God their pet, this is one way they do it.

By taking those HE made in HIS image and treating them like dogs.

Meet Mrs. B. Eagle she won’t soar with the eagles because her church treats them like dogs. See where the numbers point in this crop circle.

They don’t want to see division; they call it unity; they would rather us embrace their lie.

So let them stare into the abyss to help them to decide.

hosts of heaven sending Satan into the pit.
Seven arms with eight angels at each attacking the symbol of Satan, all seeing eye throwing him into the bottomless pit. He is protected by the clergy, who claims they can pull Jesus out of heaven and put him in a wafer. Called transubstantiation a false Priestcraft conjured lie.

The HOLY SPIRIT is a salve, an oil that is supposed to remove the squeaks and lead us into all truth. Can one say they are filled with the spirit of God and defend such dribble as other mediators or an organized priesthood?

One of the reasons Jesus told us our righteousness must rise above the leaders is because leaders are only human. We need a hybrid one who came down from God and has seen God.

What is the truth? Well, just like after Malachi, God went silent until the heavens declared the birth of our savior in a manger whom the angels worshiped as the most high God. While the doubters and liars weren’t convinced. During this moment of silence, all the roads to Rome were being built as all the false gods gathered together in Rome to prevent the Son from ruling.

Jesus planted the seed for the time of the harvest and allowed the Church to grow, allowing the wheat and the chaff to grow together.  The true saints would not be deceived by the harlot, who is just the image of the beast doing here what he thought he could do in heaven.

Placing his followers in positions of power and playing church is his specialty.


The curtain was torn, the veil gone so that you could go before the throne of God with the blood covering, knowing Christ deleted your sins on the cross the enemy had built.

Do you have the urge to defend the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, or even Mrs. B. Eagle more important than winning souls like the Jews or Muslims or the rest of the world to the truth?

Can you really call yourself a Christian when you do compromise?

I have no recollection of my birth family and never met them.  When you have had no knowledge of your birth family, having one is on the top of the list.  God had no beginning. HE also knew HE had to be the SON as well.

To have a SON isn’t that special to all of us?

To have a Son, one needs a woman.  God chose Israel to be HIS woman.

Is sending your SON to war wanting the best for them?

What are we warring for? Because we lack faith in our God to deliver or is it we are trying to pit our gods against each other? To say which is better!

I don’t know about you, but there is no one better than Jesus. He is our example. HIS greatest statement to us when it concerns HIS Father is surrender. It has been 2000 years, and still opening blind eyes, changing hearts, and bringing peace.

Like what Father did with Rome allowing the enemy to build his roads to spread HIS SON’S message, God allowed for world communications.

A House divided cannot stand!

Are you sure you want to stand with the harlot who placed darkness in our Churches? If you are asking what darkness? Then there, you have it! The spirit is there to lead us into all truth.

The harlots’ foundations are where all the false gods gathered to oppose the one true God its a king of the hill position, and he does not like giving up the king of the hill positions. With King Charles, he knows that is not the one he needs; he needs the one who can see him!

The one who has his peace plan? But the coronation revealed that Anglicans, like the others do not know God. They always knew where I was; they did not want the word of God to go out to the world.

What they fear is not another man but the TRUTH the man brings.

Daniel 8:12

The elect knows that Charles isn’t the one; they also see the evil being attracted to this power.

Even the angels needed to see in order to believe it was free will that lacked faith. To not reveal the SON would make HIM our God out to be a liar. HIS SON (GOD) had to be HIS heir of all things created.  What was evil was doubt.

Knowing that HE had to make them visible to reveal the invisible God.  To make man meant death would plague us all. Sadly HE knew it, still like me, wanted a family.

To look on the face of God would surely mean death, and that is what happened with man; rather than being able to love each other for our differences, we attack each other because darkness reigns in us; what we need is more light! We all need to be “Born Again,” as Jesus INSISTED in JOHN 3:3, born with light, by the Spirit that Jesus gave up at the cross so that we can walk in victory over the law HE had victory over.

JOHN 3:3 and the age of Jesus at the cross is 33, revealing the split of the two.  Face to face, they are eight perfection. The doubters insisted he is split in two so that they could see the highest God who is spirit, and they that worship HIM must do so in spirit and in truth.

Eight is God’s number for perfection. There are 55 holes in what is designed to appear as a chainsaw blade. Times the two thrones the FATHER and SON sit on. Psalm 110:1

The law brings death, and Jesus overcame the law to give us life.

Another place we can see the three in one is Psalm 131:1-3  which has only has three verses 1313 added together, it is again eight. Here is a warning we should not look too highly on the how as much as the why.

Rather than FATHER taking the credit for the creation, HE insisted the SON is responsible for it all. It’s not heretical… It’s a fact.

Without the battle in heaven, none of us here now would have life.

Hear O Israel the LORD our GODS is ONE GOD!

The SON was in HIM and HE was in the SON and together they are one.

Creator revealed HIMSELF in three Persons; it is at the cross HE divides and splits into two.  The greatest Gospel ever written, used, and loved by all is the one we call the gospel of John with 777 chapters, the last chapter being 21, where we see the risen Jesus on the shore insisting that Peter let his net down on the other side of the boat (note I refer to this side as the Protestant side) where he hauls in 153 fish a number that when each is multiplied by the power of three adds back to 153 also be aware that 555 is 15 and 3 times fifteen is 45.

Psalm 45:1-17 establishes HIS throne forever.

Understanding the trinity is something that only the elect knows is real, but the devil knows there is a trinity as well, so what do we need to be completed? To be like Jesus to be as the most high is and was?

He forgave the worst of us so that even before we were born, Christ died for us.

Love your enemies and do good to those who do you wrong. LOVE is the KEY to Victory!

I have what I have though it is not turning stone into bread; it is understanding why I shouldn’t try.  Knowledge is power knowing the enemy seeks governmental power to subdue the good. Satan is attracted to power as all evil would be.

Follows me wherever I go.

I was raised and adopted into a big-time dysfunctional family in an ACOA environment.  My desire was to have a functional family. I saw them growing up. I wanted to have a similar normal experiance.

Most of them were of a different Christian faith than ours, and they knew something that ours did not. I was directed to the Baptist and stand on the Baptist Confession.

When I got my call, it was because I wanted to wrap my arms around Obama and thank him for coming my Jesus would be next, thinking he was the antichrist.

That was called unconditional love, in case you missed it.

It was shortly thereafter God, as HE did with John our revelatory, picked me up and took me not to see the end as HE did with John; only I saw the beginning of the battle.

The effigy of the SON sitting in Egypt that the enemy had to wait for enough men to hide it from us, and that is one reason God chose Abraham, who went looking for a city whose builder and maker was God; we know Abram was there before the covenant of the promise of one SON. A foreshadowing of the Son of God who would be placed on the altar of sacrifice for us all.

Shortly after this awakening in my life the enemy went after everyone I loved, my adopted Father a CARPENTER, and his firstborn son suffered strokes.  Each on the opposite sides of their heads.

My other brother went through a divorce, as well as my nephew,  my entire stepfamily came under attack including myself. I was inspired to do something great for him?!?

Pastors who rejected me took on disasters themselves.

Comment to the darkness reading this,  look slick, Abel suffered a head injury. The first being last, the enemy needs to stick to the same side of the head, and he will do fine.

My first and only marriage was to a Christian woman who had been raised from the time she was two in a home of divorce.  Her initials before marrying me were B.A.D. She was when I met her on the honor society of her school as well as the Spanish honor society.

I took her D and changed it into  B. So both our initials became B_A_B.   She gave me my only son and known living relative. I met Jesus in 82, and married in 83; our son was born in 84, and separated in 85.  Her mother died unexpectedly that year of a chemo overdose. We divorced in 86.

I asked God in 82 when HE asked me what I wanted. Long story short, I said give me what I need to bring in your harvest and a lot of that, and this has to do with the harvest.

King Charles was always at the top of the hill, groomed to be a King. However, the enemy wanted and said he would become like the most high God.

I was adopted and rejected by my mother’s husband as not being his, then placed in Catholic Charities then rejected by my stepmother.  I was raised to be despised and rejected of men, probably as close as one can be to God without being God.

The last thing that evil wants you to be is just like Jesus; for me my moment came when I wanted to wrap my arms around Obama and thank him for coming. Our Jesus is next that’s when God opened my eyes and awakened me.

Hate, violence, and Thug life are evil and rooted in unforgiveness.

Look at Job God has an intelligent conversation with him over Job.  Seems to me God is crying out for us to help him get his temple built and it by the wisdom of God surely starts with forgiveness.

Gifts come after the word goes forth and one believes. Don’t call me a dirtbag and expect miracles.

Does Abel being returned even come close to a miracle? Notice the first kingdom after the flood is Abel with a B?

Numbers 24:9 KJV (adds to 33)  He couched, he lay down as a lion, and as a great lion: who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee.

Is the son of God’s honor worth the world? Can it be that easy?  We are talking about God.

Yeah, only the devils don’t see the value. Still, they and theirs learn nothing!





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