Modern Alienated vs Ancient Aliens

Members only Born again Holy Spirit filled.
Copy Cat and no Bible Passages to reveal. We can see he is behind the Gray alien deception and the reason why is to explain away the resurrection as abduction claiming the Earth was cleansed of the wicked evil Christians.

Crop image made in Liddington Castle hill, England in 1996.
The small brownish rock, measuring less than two inches across, was found in 2004 by a local businessman who discovered it while deer hunting in Cedar Hill, 17 miles away from the spot where a UFO supposedly crash landed near Roswell more than 60 years ago.

Some ufologists have pointed out a similarity between the design and certain crop circles.


The enemy gets into our heads and dreams.

Found in the Abydos Egypt the temples successively built here on one site were nine or ten in number, from the Ist dynasty, 5500 B.C. to the XXVIth dynasty, 500 B.C.

abydos4      From left to right  Duck,  Staff, Factory, Caldron for Metal,   Bee (flight),  Bomb, Helicopter and various other flying devices.

90 AD John writes the book of Revelation.

Aliens or Satan trying to place his order to war against heaven?


Learn to fly my little slaves. I need 10,000 of the helicopters and as many bombs as you can make.
Even ancient aliens would know about manufacturing and the discovery of the elements in order to produce a switch. By being impatient he makes a fool of himself and the Modern Idiots.


Known as the great circle before flight or transits were discovered…How and why?


When man fell he had to wait for enough of them to show that he is god and had men build his projects to mark the earth belonged to him. The first major project was to hide his insult built to dishonor G-d in Egypt.

He realized the mistake and had to hide it again,  he is not wise and destroys his attempts at bringing peace as well.

Man serves him ignorantly and that is why there will be no peace.

Did they ever consider Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell?

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