Matchmaker, Matchmaker Don’t Burn Me.

It was 1976 when I saw the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” for my first time in our drama class. One of the songs is called “Matchmaker” and it was a standing tradition to pre-arrange marriages between families in the Jewish culture. A person within the community made the suggestions and arranged the couples to marry.

Love at first sight was not possible the parents had gone through the same thing themselves. As odd as the system may have sounded it worked.  Love is a choice not some feeling though feelings of love eventually enter in to prearranged marriages,  it is not always the giggles and cuteness. It is about caring for another individual.

When I became a Christian I came to believe in the divine province of relationship, when Cupid is not busy pulling Santa’s sleigh around he usually does a great job with Christian couples.  Prior to giving my life to Christ,  I introduced two non-Christian couples back in the late seventies,  they married and are still with each other today.

I contribute my discernment of couples from being around two people who should have never met, dependant and co-dependant.

When I became a Christian I asked God to set me up and boy did HE ever with the most beautiful young woman I had ever laid these eyes too.  It was so G-d it lasted a full 3.5 years, our encounter was one in 6.7 billion.  We had tons of confirmation,  I was so sure I promised G-d I would never marry again and if anything were to happen to her I would take my life and study HIS word.

As you may have gathered I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.  I did not see the harm in it at the time. Hosea had been forewarned for me it was a path premade to follow. I made a vow and intended to keep it.  I flirted to my own shame,  I do have an eye for beauty, but I was needing to have an eye to look deeper.

In the animal kingdom usually two males will compete for the affection of one mate, it seems it is that way in the human world as well.  I was flirting with this one young woman considering what my pastor’s wife had said to me earlier,  that I was not a Hosea. That the heart has many chambers and that I should contemplate marrying again.

This young lady I was flirting with is a treasure in Christ I could have ruined G-d’s plan for my life and the souls of many others had I pursued it,  maybe I am thinking too well of myself. It was when our youth pastor came storming into a room of Christian men telling us how it was hard for him to sleep and that she was always on his mind.  When you know something’s right you let it happen.  I was reminded by G-d of my promise and so there was no dual or battle, I should have played it through,  I hope she didn’t feel she wasn’t worth a dual,  when she certainly was. When G-d speaks I seek to listen after all HE knows best.

She told me how she wanted to get married and have lots of babies, she has and when you get to meet them you will be glad they did, I am.

One friend of mine and a Christian brother whom I lived with had his eye on a couple of women at our church in Boston.  I told him who his wife was,  he was not even looking in her direction,  she was after all once his employee. He quipped that I was not hearing from G-d.  That they didn’t get along saying it was like oil and water. Today they are married and Mike and Eva are the nicest couple you will ever meet and if I know Jesus they are still very much in love.

A woman friend of mine whom I led both her and her sister to the Lord each are married to great Christian men.   Her sister’s husband was a man I had worked with and I asked him when was he going to ask her to marry him. He got angry and told me to mind my business.  As for my friend she invited me to her Baptism at the church I was married at, I had not attended it for some time as I was attending a fellowship in Woburn Mass. She introduced me to her boyfriend after her baptism, I pulled her to the side and told her this is your husband, in fact,  he is going to propose to you very soon so when he does act surprised. That afternoon he got down one one knee and proposed. They are special and Nancy and James are a blessed couple they ar great agents for G-d and they will tell you it was a marriage made in heaven.

I think where things went awry for me was trying to advise teenage high school girls that their parents would know best who their intended spouse would be. I even encouraged them to write letters to their future intended, it never hurts to know what it is your looking for in a spouse and at the same time giving G-d some guidelines.  I was contacted by the Pastor some of the young women professed concern’s about me talking about relationships. I was asked no longer to be the teacher, I think others drew the wrong impression i left it in G-d’s hands. On of the young woman I found out later had been convicted by G-d at the message,  she was going out with a Catholic man and her parents opposed the relationship as being unequally yoked.  At the time I was not aware,  she of course,  ended it and is with someone her parents approve of.

As for the girls who came aginst me,  you are going to hate the tribulation.

Jesus gives us a clue as to HIS will in the bible for the end of the age, He say’s and we know it is G-d speaking through HIM because HE is the G-D who became MAN.  It will be like the days of Noah marrying and giving in marriage.  What is wrong with that?

G-d’s peace plan is woven into the scriptures so that all can see HIS goodness and greatness to the devil marriage between a man and a woman is the perversion. Having children is a distasteful thing for him and his own children.  After all little children bring joy and happiness to people’s lives.  One of God’s mandates for me was to tell the church to have as many children as possible before we leave.  They will be well taken care of in heaven, and replace the adults who don’t want to go.   As some of you are aware money will not be a problem for us before we go.

The opposite of war is not peace it is love, love brings peace. G-d informs us Ishmael has twelve princes we need to find them twelve brides and it is all part of a great wedding rehearsal.  Long live the Queen of England.

I’m here to do a job let me know when your ready for me to do it.

Brother Abel.


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