It’s Going to Go Global

I began to notice it when I was younger watching such shows as Captain Kangaroo, Boomtown with Rex Trailer, then came Romper Room,  they knew about it.  Then came a show that demanded we all knew about it Sesame Street. They brought it worldwide the number 5 came before the number 6; it was on calendars, found on pages in a book, remarkable concept.  Could it mean 555 must come before 666? Whoever created the universe says it’s so. My faith is on the most high G-d Jesus Christ Son of G-d born of the Virgin Mary,  who are you trusting in someone who can’t even count or that believes a woman’s wardrobe should only consist of the color blue?

Many are very unhappy 555 comes before 666, these people may lack what it offers.

One day five of creation G-d created all the creatures that were not man.  The Honey Bee reveals HIS greatest plan. What if we all had the instincts of the tiny little bee when it comes to a community?

If you are Christian, it makes sense it is an undeniable truth one we can never escape. G-d must judge sin, setting HIS creature upon the world will accomplish the task. Done right those who don’t make rapture will have their eyes opened and gladly fall at the cross.

Where are my helpers? They are looking for ways to stop the progression. For a minister to stand up and preach “Do you know who I am,” it’s so sad.  The signs we give are not good enough for you? The joy for G-d in this was that the man he was going to call never knew it would be him.  I did not ask for this it is a blessing a reward from HIM,  He was seeking a loyal friend who didn’t call men Father as HE asked us not to do or stood with those who mocked him by placing fantasy beside reality and skewing both.

Today there is not just one light bearer there are many, some have more than others because G-d wills it to those who desire it. He looks into the heart of man watching who rejoices in the lifting of the Son who seeks to honor and defend the risen LORD.

If a man seeks to reward evil and protect it then what part will he play in the kingdom of eternity?

If we are no longer a Christian Nation why is that? If America were the Kingdom of heaven how eager many were to place another god on its throne. Then they wonder why G-d does not lift them higher. To build community one must build on the foundations already laid, not support those who clearly seek to erode them.

Psalms 12:5-8
(5)  For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, saith the LORD; I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him.
(6)  The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
(7)  Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.
(8)  The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

We are to be like Christ, and that means we are not to hate anyone. When the stage was set, and Obama was nominated before we all voted,  billions of dollars left America’s economy, then McCain played down his candidacy and put a Christian woman as Vice President Sarah Palin knowing the world would not go for it.  The transgressors came to full and tried to provide a false peace by holding Obama out as a possible prophetic Messiah to the people of Islam.  If I didn’t know better and at the time I did not,  I thought he was the Antichrist we were waiting for. I told fellow Christians I hope he is,  I want to shake his hand put my arms around him and thank him for coming,  my Jesus is next.

The Bible teaches blessed the pure in heart for they shall see G-d, Jesus led me not long after proclaiming my love for HIS creature the wayHE loves him into Egypt. HE showed me where the first rebellion before man was created had placed HIM. He gave me HIS peace plan. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of G-d. We are the only ones who can bring them peace, and for the wicked, it will be strife because we will not be using weapons to bring it we will be using wisdom,  truth, song and rejoicing that Jesus is coming!

Darkness seeks to control it and drive things its way,  where they win, and we lose, and Christ is not lifted up as HE desires. That is not going to happen because of me and what HE our G-d Father of Christ led me to find.  Building community is not joining with the enemies of G-d to destroy other communities in support of their vision!

To say to me you are happy that Catholic’s hold high political office tells me what a traitor you are. Can you be trusted with G-d’s money or will it end up back in the hands G-d had to coerce it out of using America’s two party system? You have to admit it was clever and well worth the wait.

In the saying,  the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It does not apply to the Christian faith. Not if you know what is going on in the heavens and that G-d has insisted and willed that one group in the earth does not give up their sovereignty to the will of the new world order elites.  Until all hear HIS peace plan.

I just happen to love G-d’s peace plan where we all…. Come out, come out wherever we are to the tree HE holds HIS arms open wide at.

A past transgression 23 years ago the enemy holds it over me.  I put it under the blood. To keep the accusation alive he trumps up false charges using emotional teenage girls who did not like me talking about relationships in my high school Sunday school class this was over 15 years ago on my 8th year anniversary of my shortcoming.  How this will help his cause is beyond me. However,  I can use it to help young women to see right through him.

You should not fear the man who seeks to lift up Jesus as HE desires to be lifted and who opens up the word of G-d for all the world to see, you should fear the men who believe your delusions.

A week before the class that ended my teaching Sunday school 15 years ago I overheard some young women speaking of sneaking boys into their parents home when they were out.  So G-d asked me the following week to speak on relationships.   If there is anyone who knows who don’t belong together, it is I.  My son and other young men were in the class, so the topic did not involve sex but trusting your parents with selecting your mate because they know you best.  I also taught how best to prepare for the man or woman of your desires let G-d know who you are seeking so you will know them when they come and they will come carrying a Bible.

In the class, that day was a young lady who for her first time sat in on my class.  I did not know at the time the situation she had but when I said your parents know you best,  if the man is not right for you,  they will know.  I noticed I spoke to her heart her eyes opened wide. It was as if G-d was using me, unbelievable me a sinner and G-d was using me.  I later found out she was seeing a Catholic young man and her parents were telling her she was unequally yoked. Some people just get it,  her parents Jim and Maureen are probably jubilant G-d confirmed what they were saying through me, she married another and from what I understand today is very happy, and they have real Christian grandchildren who won’t be torn between what is good and what is evil.

The elect cannot be deceived, and Catholic’s are not Christian in the Biblical sense. Not if they feel the need to trust in their priest and not the finished work of Christ that ended the priesthood. To say one is staying inside to help others come out is in direct opposition to G-d saying come out of her my people.  The sin of finding another messiah for a lost people is unforgivable it is an Obamanation a blasphemy on a scale unseen.

The devil hates it when you expose his plans or stop them.

I got a call that night from Pastor and my Sunday school teaching days were over.  You should see the Spirit moving in this church today, HE doesn’t and maybe because of Numbers 24:9

Numbers 24:9  He couched, he lay down as a lion, and as a great lion: who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee.

Here is another bonus to help see why the Spirit fell asleep there.

Genesis 49:9-10  Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?
(10)  The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

Ever been traumatized to the point you forget the incident completely but deep inside it ruled over you? In the movie Beauty and the Beast,  the Beast had to learn to love and he had to get the woman to love him back for the curse to be broken over everyone in the house.

I had to learn to love women; my birth mother gave me up at the age of two.  My stepmother adopted me when she was 32 and 16 years an alcoholic.  Her sister my godmother babysat me but when two brothers,  she was also watching fought causing one to cry he blamed me and had his brother accused me of it as well. I can forgive him he had to live with his tormentor just like I had too. However, I was the one unjustly punished by my aunt.  That is not the trauma that comes in the second grade.  School for me was my sanctuary; I was happy to get out of my house and away from the madness called home.

The second-grade teacher was a woman of German descent; we were told if we got our clothes wet she made us take off our pants and place them on the heater to dry.  Rumor to frighten us as first graders is that she once ran a concentration camp.  A couple of other kids pushed me in the snow forcing me to get my pants wet.  A normal person who had been doing this for some time should have had a set of coveralls, but this was the moment the hate would come in was it G-d who did this to me?  My mother was slack in doing the wash that week, and so I was wearing dirty,  holy underwear, the teacher insisted I take off my pants.  I refused she forced the issue and would not be defied by a seven-year-old.  That day my sanctuary was gone, and my level of hate for women increased. As she made me follow her throughout the class on my knees as she went up and down the aisles doing her lesson plan,  kids can be cruel this was a public school, and I went public.

For over 43 years I had forgotten this moment it was the birthplace of my contempt.  At the same church that I taught Sunday school.  Not knowing exactly what made the young ladies come against me for doing as I felt G-d was leading a few years earlier.   I had a close friend who kept denying the rapture was real.  He was a good man and loved Christ he just did not know him as well as he claimed.  The last doctrine G-d had me investigate preterism born from the harlot’s hand.  He liked a young lady at church.   I had a history of success in fix-ups, so I approached her and wanted to say “I have a friend who is interested, how old is too old for you? ” It did not come out the way I heard it in my mind. Instead, it came out “How old is too old for you?” She went off on me by trying to tell everyone I was interested in her after what happened in Sunday school a few years earlier I could only guess what was going on in the minds of others.  I started connecting the dots.   I was humiliated and said G-d I never been so humiliated.  That’s when HE brought back to me that I had been and pointed me back to the second grade.

I had read several years earlier read “Renewing Your Mind G-d’s Prescription for Wholeness.” this was something I missed.  It says to me in time G-d will finish the work HE started in you even the wounds you forgot were there,  HE can heal.

Imagine billions going to hell because a false accusation by emotional teenage women who helped Satan hold a 15-year-old indiscretion over me.  He loves to be the power behind the throne,  doesn’t he? It now has been 23 years, and he uses the same people, and I caught him doing it and how he does it.  Free will hasn’t changed in 12000 years, and I doubt it will.

G-d could not place his lamps in me until all had been forgiven, that 2nd-grade hate,  caused me to distrust women, where I rejected before being rejected a defense mechanism that lacks the capacity to love. I rejected my wife subconsciously allowing the hurt little child access to me rather than the spirit having full control; the child just did not trust.

Trust in G-d it is hard for me to trust in men when I see that they do not see this is about honor, not mine but G-d’s.  We are not to subvert the word of G-d but trust it that it is written to bring HIM glory at every level.  No one knew that five came before 6??? Jesus saved himself 3.5 years to complete; you do the math.

Another thing that took a long time getting over was my smoking habit because I taught children I was always consciously aware that I may wreak of smoke and so I was distant when talking to others  I gave it up when Obama was nominated,  a smoker himself.

Did you know that the Mormon religion began as a sex cult where one brother would trade his daughter for another man’s daughter for a sister wife? To get to heaven,  they are told they must have many wives and children. Did you know child abuse is highest among Mormon polygamist? Even being reformed, they threaten G-d’s kingdom and HIS SON by insisting that they will become god’s as G-d is. I didn’t vote for Romemoney because I walk in the light and the darkness cannot have me,  I belong to Christ who is not the brother of Lucifer nor ever has been,  one is created the other creator!

Can G-d trust you?

But jealous of this call many are, just like they were in heaven over the first covering. Now we are all coverings or are we?  The last Trump is here, and the demon’s hate him because they know he will expose them when the time comes and the world is shown the future of the NEW WORLD ORDER. An order which can only happen with the peace plan that came with the lamps that wrote the book makes it so.  Trump’s only fault is like David or Solomon he is a womanizer.  He believes in G-d but may not be born again.  If you can only see women as instruments of pleasure,  you miss the most important part of the plan, them preparing the bride for rehearsal. So I am fully cured or am I not. It was not the woman who couldn’t eat of the tree.

We must inform the world what to expect from the creature, and no-one knows him better than I.  What does not belong together is Protestant, and Catholic’s one is a true Jesus Christ the other a mockery of the work of Christ, and it’s not even subtle.  You are never good enough, smart enough; his rewards come at the expense of one’s soul.  To be part of the intelligent squad and secret order of the quackery,  you had to be educated in Latin.

Why do many of the world’s problems have their roots in Latin? Law,  Medical and Religious? If you had to know Latin to do electronics, we would still be using radio tubes if not abacuses.

Why is it that one seeks power over another instead of being happy for the one G-d gives it too? We are not called to find fault, but expose darkness in high places including government and overseers.  To see a crime being committed and say nothing is to be just as involved. Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.

It is a breaking of a physical law and ordered in the universe that evil seeks to force 666 before 555.

When UFO’s depart faster than the speed of sound and don’t break the sound barrier as often as they do should tell you they are spiritual,  not physical.

Abe Lincoln set the slaves free he is found on a five dollar bill and was not always on it either it was the hand of G-d that put him there known also as honest Abe L.

Alexander Graham Bell invented our modern communications system which held 555 as the number in which not to communicate with maybe G-d was saving it for himself.  I call him Al Bell.

Abel was the first casualty of the war and firstborn among the angels.  Abel looked to them just like Father,  he was not the Son of G-d but as close as they were going to get until HE arrived.  The enemy wrestled for Moses body after the Exodus he needs a body he has no patience. If he gets another body because his original earth pyramid building suit decayed,  then fair is fair.

Brother Abel.

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