Holy Apostasy Batman They’re Pentacostal?!?

I have been told the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Keep in mind the videos below are not done by me, but I do appreciate those who watch over the souls of the sheep and stand on God’s word.

People are more interested in the experience than the truth.

I want to see the world know Jesus and what He accomplished on the cross for them.

The below quote is taken from a youtube person by the name of Joe, and Joe gets it right.

Satan is doing all he can to build last days one world religion. To do this he must remove “Scripture alone” from the Church. The Charismatic movement not only distracts from “Scripture alone” it is encouraging mysticism. Mysticism is the glue that is uniting world religions – Emerging Church/New Age Christianity/Buddhism/Hinduism. Kundalini mysticism is the counterfeit Holy Spirit of this entire movement. All true Christians – especially Charismatic ones should beware!!

Below is Video One

Everyone is entitled to make a mistake, but to flaunt it and not remorse reveals other souls are unimportant to you; you do not belong in the ministry. The blood of Christ covers a multitude of sins. Still, HE is not the excuse to sin. They talk about power what kind of spiritual power causes you to remain blind?

If you recall, I told you how God intends to finish the work HE began in you. I thought Obama was the antichrist after seeing 700 billion dollars thAt was slighted for the church is now being consumed by the devil and his followers. It disappeared from  America’s economy before Obama got into office.  John McCain played up the old man routine to lose the young person vote. But the Obama fiasco was placing what they hoped would have brought peace to Islam as trying to fulfill a prophecy they created, and that is why Father and I, along with some of you, have called him an Obamanation.

Thinking he was the Antichrist, I foolishly stated, “I hope he is I want to place my arms around him shake his hand and say thank you for coming my Jesus is next.”  Lucifer was created to bring glory to God and share with God what he was hearing in the congregation of angels he was made beautiful because of whom he carried in him “THE LIGHT”  revealing to the others the SON of God has value. So God seeing that pure heart of mine took me into Egypt and showed me the truth. So I know the completed work is the forgiveness that only Christ can give, love your enemies do good to those who do you wrong.

There is no law against LOVE. When I was a child, a hug was at a premium; they were as scarce as the word of God was in our Catholic home. So when I found Christ and my first Church family, I am not ashamed to say I was a hugger, and I praised Jesus for every person in whom I hugged, and I still do. The purpose of the light bearer is to bring praise back too God.

I praise God for every hug, now the enemy has us now social distancing us from each other which means I won’t be getting my hugs and praising Jesus for them.  Our churches are empty over the COVID-19  I know the World Health Organization of the United Nations seeks to make the one world order modeled after China they reek of evil.

Their acronym should really be W.H.O.R.E because they REEK of Evil! Placed in power by the original one of Revelation.

What can we say we learned? That people can be ordered and do as they are told, it would be nice if they can do as God would have them do and this could have all been avoided.  We found out what jobs are not essential,   we have seen a judgment that reveals what it will be like when the Church is really missing from the earth.

Spiritual discernment is lacking in those who have superpowers. I had a supervisor who once told me he watched Benny Hinn and felt it was like watching a train wreck doing it with one eye opened he wanted to look away only the disaster intrigued him at the same time.

First up, we have “Brother”  Benny Hinn, who is only one letter away from being Benny Hill (mm) makes you think. Hill was full of perversion and lust and flaunted it while Hinn kept it all to himself.  Below you will see why he may not have been to keen on saving his marriage and never took time to fix the problem.  Paula was using her lips and hips on him, and he just went on doing the show.  I revealed how he knocks people over with his breath. With my explanation of Patrick Swayze in the movie “Ghost” and combining that with a Mexican Catholic Monastery that had an actual demon who could strangle people as shown on the series “One Step Beyond,” the  Monastery became a school and guess who was being schooled in the heavens above the Monastery?

We know its a demon because Jesus made it clear that one cannot go from where they are sent.

Two thrones one is Holy, one is not. Four angels in route to send one soul into the abyss.  The abyss has four lines. 2 x 8 = 16 For Luke 16 once one spirit is gone then we have 2 x 7 = Psalm 14:1-7 if they are leaving then there were five it would be 2 x 9 or Psalm 18:1-50.


So the question is, does the HOLY SPIRIT work here, and does HE allow Christ to be made a fool of, not at all. Note that this video tells you who is making the magic happen, and again it is the same Puppetmasters that gave us Nazi Germany who are at work pulling the strings of the Pentecostals to do it again in America, not hard to do when you are the mother of the child.

God made America a little like heaven for a while so we could see the structure of HIS kingdom as we all shine our lights on one God the SON. We turned the system of the enemy upside down and now we can see who the real enemy is. They are Catholic their hearts are far from HIM bringing them into heaven without the knowledge of HIM is detrimental to a Utopian society let HIS will be done.


The next video and I do like this young man.

However, he is blind in some areas when understanding the move of God’s spirit he and John MacArthur came out with the strange fire conference.  Every fire is strange when you never had one realistically  I believe in the gifts and we all have gifts.  The greatest gift I feel is the gift of helps and helping others find Jesus. The Jesus that does not come in a cookie or promoted by real cookie monsters who produce war mongering Hitler like people.

In this second video below, you will see a demonstration of the seminar tongue at position 3:33 of which I do not approve. Go home seek God pray and listen for HIM to speak to you in the quite and if HE gives you a word that makes no sense start speaking it others will follow in faith.  Then you can be excited as it was a personal gift directly to you from HIM. You need to hear HIM in the quite.  It is in the quite we get our best messages. The reason HE may have given us two ears and one mouth.  Doing it at the conference your just getting a lot of misinformation and others who think they have it have no discernment over it.


If another comes in his own name.

If the antichrist shows up he is pointing to Jesus whether he wants to or not.

The antichrist is one who denies Christ came in the flesh and is the SON of God and they are many with Rome being the biggest denier of Christ and HIS finished work,  using a restored priesthood and making daily sacrifices.

Brother Abel

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