Helping God pay her back double.

Proverbs 21:3  To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

He wouldn’t ask us if it couldn’t be done!

What the devil means for evil God means for good.

I love America there is no other country quite like her on the earth. When I started school, I was taught the pledge of allegiance that ended with,  “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all.”  This pledge gave me hope that someone was watching out for me. That we are land that seeks justice. We sent out more missionaries than any other nation ever had,  printed more Bible’s, have had more denominations spring up more than any other country. The ones that began here  were mostly caused by Church splits people whose love had grown cold for one another. A house divided will fall and siding with a harlot, and her offspring will make us fall even faster. With her agents of darkness defending her from our pulpits, what chance does America or any lost soul have?

The devil’s plan is to bring order out of chaos and make the harlot look like a hero and smell like a rose.  I noticed the devils children are starting to look for the culprits finally behind 911.  Rudolph Guliani (RCC) confesses now that he is positive it was an inside job.  With George Bush having told America not to give in to conspiracy theories guess who they are trying to pass the blame off too?  The 700 billion financial bailouts came nearly 33 days after the McCain-Obama debate where the same amount is mentioned that we fund terrorist with by purchasing foreign oil it is number belonging to the Freemasons.  It is all designed to draw your attention away from the vilest of them all.

The Bush family is heavily invested in oil.  So are the Rothchild’s the holders of Vatican (Roman Catholic) wealth.  Rome did this with the crucifixion of Christ creating anti-Semitism blaming the Jews when it was they who created the strife. The devil always passes the blame off on others, so we do not look so closely at his body the ones behind it all “Priesthood” the ones who mastered the art of smoke screens and lies and never giving Jesus HIS victory over death and ending the purpose of the priesthood. This is the truest of all perversions denying the Son.

It’s all about the erl! That black gold,  Texas tea it is the blood of the economy, and we are running out,  we need to have enough to fuel our weapons of war that means to eliminate consumers of it to save the wealthy.

America is the final frontier the final battleground once it is gone we have no help coming except for the second, coming of Christ and I feel we have not brought enough souls into the kingdom as yet.

So how did we get here?  The lack of faith in God, self-preservation, and greed.  The devil has come but to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundant.

The wealth pyramid reveals that:

  • half of the world’s wealth belongs to the top 1%,
  • top 10% of adults hold 85%, while the bottom 90% hold the remaining 15% of the world’s total wealth,
  • top 30% of adults hold 97% of the total wealth.

If you have seen my post “The High cost of Cheap Prices” you know what they are up to.  When your family is threatened at gun point, you do what you told until they own it all.  So it was with America these zealots as all zealots do,  sacrifice their own to get what they want. It was unfortunate that George Bush Sr. was in Dallas on the day of JFK’s assassination he had nothing to do with it but because of who his father was Prescott Bush  “the sins of the father” they had blackmailed him to do their bidding. He could not prove he had no foreknowledge of the crime.  He had been tapped a few years earlier to be a spy with the CIA, and it was he who used his boat to supply the Anti-Castro movement with guns.

It was no coincidence they wanted you to see the bluescreen of NASA faking ISS missions while they brought him into the control room in a wheelchair.

They want you to think this is behind America. It is not, but they make it look like it is. Rather than the truth being revealed.

It is not this at all.

IT IS THIS FOLLOW THE MONEY,  PHAROAH at the time of Moses is the highest position in the world.  He loses to G-d the wealth of Egypt is taken by the children of G-d for their 400 years of slavery hiding the devil’s sin,  the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  G-d we know requires justice and balance.  In Germany Hitler takes it from them and at the end of the war, it is given to the Vatican to hide NAZI war criminals.   Now would be a good time for the song from the Lion King the circle of life,  only this is the circle of gold.  When 700 billion comes out of America to place Obama as a false messiah to a lost people you would think as I was thinking, it was the transgressors coming to full. No there was one more step to exposing the harlot and her plan, revealing her choice for Anti-Christ a false leader to the Jews and what’s wrong with Jesus and sharing the truth?  Because the truth reveals, they are not Christian in any sense of the word.

I call this one the team the devil told me all my life I couldn’t do anything right, so I do my best. Guliani says 911 is an inside job click here.

We did not bring Justice to war criminals who aided in the death of the ones who Jesus came to first. To the Jew first then to us gentiles how he longs to gather them as a hen gathers her chicks.  Instead, we had made former Nazi’s our allies and made them citizens and allowed them access to build and design our weapons of war,  that is not justice for all that was suicide as you will soon find out.

It starts with a small lie, and it grows from there.   The mindset with the cold war was to be better than the Russians with technological advancements.  Going to the moon was going to happen even if we couldn’t get past the Van Allen belts.  We are telling people today we do not have the technology to go beyond them to support human life it would be like cooking humans in a microwave.  How did we do it in 1969 If we did it at all? The budget for NASA was 17.6 billion in 2014,  18 billion in 2015, 18.5 billion in 2016. That is our 54.1 billion of our tax dollars going to the federal agency and to keep up appearances you do what it takes and use the money for other things.

The CIA and the US government have for its employees involved with government contracts an NDA that is attached to the  NSA that guarantees the protection of your family.  So what would you do to protect your family?

If the spirit of the living G-d is not in your heart and his word as well you will be a candidate for manipulation.  Those whom claim being born again and having aided G-d’s enemy are just like those who were bilked out of their hard-earned wealth by Berni Madoff. Deception is a blow to one’s pride many will not repent of their actions and rather live in denial than believe they had been duped.

The Bible says pride goes before a fall.  Wal-Mart began with cheap China made goods at the end caps of their aisles to draw others to bigger purchases made in the US.  Now hardly anything is made in the US; the system is rigged to end us.  Employees at Wal-Mart are shown how to get aid from the government as they are not given a full forty hour work weeks in most cases.

With the loss of American manufacturing the failed housing market by those who wanted the Whitehouse in 2008 and will not now or ever give it up. Both Obama and Romney were placed there by them. As was the Don and Hillary, either way, their agenda is going through and has been since the Kennedy assassination and the rise of the CIA.

When the government can no longer support its infrastructure, or outside influences are brought in to destroy our constitutional rights good men need to rise and expose the harlot with the help of Wal-Mart we can have two souls for everyone she condemned to hell. By not allowing the world to have Jesus as HE wanted to be had,  or have HIS word opened to all.  That is why HE has opened it in crop images to save the world from her.

If you are looking for a Church to get and know G-d and to stay out of the churches created by the harlot I recommend the Seventh Day Adventists until I have full cooperation from the others.   The brunt of G-d’s wealth will find its way into their churches to head up the harvest,  they have never allowed the harlot to deceive them and it has a lack of Jesuits and traitors running the church.

Something wicked comes this way comes!

People seem to forget history, especially Protestants we need to join and make the harlot pay us back double, that means to me for every one soul she condemned to hell we should be getting two back. Thanks to Walmart the two for one sale shall commence. Since JFK our POTUS has been under a gun, but now they own all candidates it does not matter who you vote for it is their agenda to destroy us as they did Germany. Keep in mind the other nations that were destroyed by Germany’s power.  So UN do not think you can bargain with the devil and not be burned.


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