Guess What I’m Here To Do?

My last name was divinely given to me as I was adopted it translates into meaning a “beautiful place.”  Jesus did 1/2 of his ministry leaving behind the other 1/2 unfinished 2 1/2’s makes us whole. He will finish the work in you that HE began.

555 x 5 = 75  (7.5 + 7.5 again equals 15)

Thursday is the 5th day of the week with Sunday being the 1’st

222 = 6 or the second day Monday.

222 (there are 6 two’s)

We have Friday,  Saturday and Sunday left.

Jesus was first, and I am HIS 2nd and also a covering to finish his other 1/2. He will adorn me appropriately.

Back to 75 and the number 2 Psalm 75:2

I am also in the transportation industry and HIS very dear friend.

Can you guess why I am here? Here is a hint; it will be my last job in this world.
I will get you home safely because Jesus drives this rig first.

Not to mention harvest,  crops,  and crop circles.

A dog’s bark is to warn you that the bite is coming the wicked will get their just deserts.


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