Grigori Rasputin whose hand of judgement? Part one the setup.

Born 22 January [O.S. 9 January] 1869
Pokrovskoye, Tobolsk Governorate (Siberia), Russian Empire

Died 30 December [O.S. 17 December] 1916 (aged 47)

He prophesied that after his death, it would be two years later the house of  Romanov would be killed off by the people in revolt against the aristocracy and against the Church that protected it we know he got it right. Was it God or something else? We know it was allowed by God or it would not have come to pass.

The gates of hell can overcome what the gates of hell established. What it cannot do is deny Christ is the SON of the living God in which the true church is founded upon. The gates of hell cannot come against that truth.

Every King has a priesthood under him to support him, since the beginning of the worship of false gods.

In our story the Emperor of Rome is only wearing new clothes it is not the Church Christ came to build. Any Apostolic succession that has come out of this is counterfeit it is a succession of darkness built on lies.

When Satan told the angels if the SON ever comes I will make him my pet this is how he does it.

Rasputin who was born from the church founded by Emporer Constantine. He set up shop in Constantinople that later was named the Byzantine Empire the greatest failure of the Roman Church was to ignore the teachings and finished work of Christ so the Vatican and Byzantine are cut from the same metal it is the two legs of Iron in which Nebuchadnezzar dreams about in his statue found in the book of Daniel  2:41-45. Iron does not bend itself easily to the will of God in fact these legs do not bend at all.

Under the new covenant, there is no priesthood other than the individual who inspects the final sacrifice making what God wanted the nation of Israel all to be in the old testament priests unto HIM.

The calendar dates for Rasputins birth and death are under the new style Gregorian and old-style (O.S.) Julian Calander.  Julian Calendar went back to the time of Julius Ceaser while the new style is under Pope Gregory XIII we are told in the Bible that the Antichrist will change the times and the seasons and wear out the saints.

Daniel 7:25  And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Pope Francis has spoken out against the most high by saying the cross was God’s failure.

Clearly, he has worn out the saints who have sided with him a church founded to hold power over the people to make them slaves and have barred the way to heaven for billions. Pentecostal’s love the Pope! They have his educators in their churches and in ministry leadership roles. God’s ways are above our own and the reality is Pentecostal’s don’t love Catholics and that may be because they really don’t love God???

FYI it was in the inquisition that Protestants were being killed in and the word of God extinguished. The beast is being created by the harlot who rides it. That elusive harlot that only the HOLY SPIRIT knows who she is. Clearly, it is a good thing that there is more of the HOLY SPIRIT in Pentecostalism because I have hope HE will reveal it to them in HIS Time.

Latin is a DEAD language!

The Church of Rome created the inquisition, and they have not changed they have only become more stealthy about it instigating wars by which to profit by.  It was the CIA who taught Osama BinLaden and the gang to fight against the Russians and no doubt the plainclothes Jesuits fueled their hatred against America as they did the people of Russia against the Tsar.

The Tsarina’s of Russia were of German descent and of the Greek Orthodox faith that began in Constantinople by Constantine in 330 AD.  They had icons that they prayed in front of and prayers were also offered up to Mary,  the head of their church had a HOLY Father.  Rasputin came from this Church he knew of God but clearly knew him not a revival could have spared the King and his family had the word of God been allowed to be read freely under the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT and not men pretending to know the HOLY SPIRIT.

Rasputin was trying to get the Tsar to sign a peace agreement with the GERM mans??? This is only one of the reasons that incited an uprising against the Tsar.

In Matthew 28:19 we are commanded by Christ to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations teaching them to do all HE has commanded. Well only five chapters earlier in Matthew 23:1-39 he discusses the false who not to trust leaders he makes it a point to tell us not to call any man Father Matthew 23:9 which both legs of iron have called their leaders “Holy Father” a term Christ only used once in scripture that men here use loosely and viscously every day.

Russia became the enemy of Germany and in WWI Russia warred against them with the allied forces  Germany sided with the Ottoman empire in the killing and euthanizing of the Armenian people in 1915. Again it was the Germans against the Jews who allied with the Arabs. It was the CIA who taught the Arab’s to fight against the Russians,   Osama like Rasputin was their creation.

It was in Germany that the reformation took place and the Gutenberg Press began printing Bibles for the common man as early as 1405.

Tyndale completed the first English edition in  1526 in Worms a city in Germany. However, the priesthood had a stronghold over the German People darkness would work hardest here in Germany to end the proliferation of the word of God.

Satan hated the Bible because in it was the power over him and the truth that would set men free to have a relationship directly with God,  he needed to make sure it was not direct.

Sin is a like cancer the worst kind of bacteria and is not allowed in heaven.  It would do as it does here make for war and breed hatred. We have white corpuscles that fight the infections in our own bodies and the Angels of heaven are like those white corpuscles to fight infection.  Germs breed infection doctors wash their hands and enter cleanroom environments that they hope is germ-free.  Men are like germs without Christ and oddly German socialism seems to be the problem in the world but it is because they have HOLY Father’s running them.

Below we see the Angel’s at play rehearsing the last exodus and are ready to take the clay home with them who are willing to honor God’s word. Clay will bend its knee while iron needs to be tempered by fire.

It is important to note that Rome and Germany have much in common birds of a feather flock together.

The Bible would have remained closed had Rome succeeded in the gunpowder plot of 1605 keeping it out of the hands of the people which makes it hard to be doer of the word or have faith without knowing what GOD expects of us.

It was the CHURCH of ENGLAND and if not for “THEM” we would not have a Bible to read at all. England is where God is opening HIS word showing you his Daniel.

The NASB is endorsed by the Vatican (Why am I not surprised?) the KJV has always been hated by them it has saved souls for over three hundred years and in the right hands can do it again. The layperson is not going to be held accountable for not understanding this truth. However,   leaders and historians ought to know better.

Daniel 7:25  And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Rasputin was considered to be a Holy Man because of his ability to heal let’s recap he was part of the Greek Orthodox Church their roots were in the Byzantine Empire a system that venerated men as priests. The people in the day of Rasputin looked to the priest as if they were God and that only a hundred years ago.

Today nothing has changed even Pentecostal’s buy into it as if they were an Apostolic succession, and they want us to believe that they have more of the HOLY SPIRT than everybody else because of the slayings and speaking in tongues?!?

In the beginning, was the gifts and the gifts were with God and the gifts came into the world but the world received them not?!?

I read the word “The book of John three times”  which opened my eyes to the greatest gift allowing me to inspect the sacrifice myself and know HIS true value.

Jesus ended the need for the priesthood the purpose of the one he ordained in the wilderness was to stop when the final sacrifice was made. In 70 AD HIS Priesthood was known by the Temple in Jerusalem which was finally disbanded and all sacrifice ended as it should be,  we do not need it anymore.

The blood of animals cannot cleanse as greatly as the master’s blood which kills the infection of sin in our lives.  A mock sacrifice by a mock priesthood is a mocking of the sacrifice and a cookie wafer cannot cleanse you it is hocus pocus for those who do not focus.

The Jewish people were scattered to the four corners of the earth in 70 AD the sacrifice no longer required.   The priesthood was put out of work they were to mediate between the people and God. Jesus now has this position are you clay or are you iron who seeks another mediator?  Do you feel you can rise above the toes of Rome to crush the head of the serpent to set their captives free?

Just before JESUS returns, the temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt, and the Jewish people will return to sacrificing as if HE never came that’s the devil’s plan our plan is a little more promising.

Satan wants people to believe that Christ never came and that HE is not the Son of God.

First, we need a peace plan, and there is only one I can offer and it does not begin with me bowing to the will of man who thinks I should do this or do that or be this or be that who has already revealed his loyalty is not in winning the lost to Christ or defending the word of God.

One who looks for power rather than truth understands neither. ~ Brother Abel

Isaiah 26:18-21
(18)  We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth wind; we have not wrought any deliverance in the earth; neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen.
(19)  Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.
(20)  Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
(21)  For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

In the last day, the only ones we see in revelation having supernatural power is Elijah and the other witness and that after the church is taken into the chambers of God until the indignation has passed. Where Lucifer gets to rule as God without restraint all the power is in the final construction of the temple.

The image to the left is the spirits in the rapture to take their seat on the twelve cushions that surround the only HOLY Father I deal with.

Lucifer was to bring back praise into the kingdom and protect it from rebellion his appearance was to reveal the Son’s value all he was supposed to do was to tell them if they came back to worship God HE would give them the desires of their hearts, and if they did not bad things would happen.

Why am I expected to do more than he was able to do? Because I know God? So did he and even more so. While carrying the light through the congregation he sensed the power like we all do when we receive Christ.  God gave the credit for all of the creation to the SON in his delusional understanding of the most high that he wanted to be like that meant created power was in the SON’s hand and the reason we find him looking for Jesus to turn stones into bread.

Wasn’t he disappointed?   Well, I thought with his transformed ministers of light that serve him rather than the word I would be going up the ladder faster.    After all he does need to sit in the temple it is in the temple in the holy of holies the power is manifested to create and destroy. We have told him this,  why do you think we are doing all this?

Truly the disappointment is all mine,  he had to have known this.  Looking back it seems he again has blundered and kept himself from his own temple. Never learning God is not keeping him from it he is keeping himself from it.

This ends Part ONE.

Part two we will get into the passage of scripture that Rasputin’s life points too.

For now, I will leave you with the death of Nicholas Romanov the last King of Russia  who was killed on 17 July 1918 who along with his whole family SEVEN all murdered on that same day.  Before their deaths they repented of their affluence and their neglect of the people,  had they been born again before this moment they would have delivered many souls into God’s kingdom.

17+7+19+18= Psalm 61:1-8 add the SEVEN murders as darkness devours darkness how much misery could have been avoided had the people understood the dangers of calling self-proclaimed holy men fathers.

Psalms 68:1-35
(1)Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him.
(2)  As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.
(3)  But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.
(4)  Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.
(5)  A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.
(6)  God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land.
(7)  O God, when thou wentest forth before thy people, when thou didst march through the wilderness; Selah:
(8)  The earth shook, the heavens also dropped at the presence of God: even Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel.
(9)  Thou, O God, didst send a plentiful rain, whereby thou didst confirm thine inheritance, when it was weary.
(10)  Thy congregation hath dwelt therein: thou, O God, hast prepared of thy goodness for the poor.
(11)  The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.
(12)  Kings of armies did flee apace: and she that tarried at home divided the spoil.
(13)  Though ye have lien among the pots, yet shall ye be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold.
(14)  When the Almighty scattered kings in it, it was white as snow in Salmon.
(15)  The hill of God is as the hill of Bashan; an high hill as the hill of Bashan.
(16)  Why leap ye, ye high hills? this is the hill which God desireth to dwell in; yea, the LORD will dwell in it for ever.
(17)  The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels: the Lord is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy place.
(18)  Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive: thou hast received gifts for men; yea, for the rebellious also, that the LORD God might dwell among them.
(19)  Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.
(20)  He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death.
(21)  But God shall wound the head of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of such an one as goeth on still in his trespasses.
(22)  The Lord said, I will bring again from Bashan, I will bring my people again from the depths of the sea:
(23)  That thy foot may be dipped in the blood of thine enemies, and the tongue of thy dogs in the same.
(24)  They have seen thy goings, O God; even the goings of my God, my King, in the sanctuary.
(25)  The singers went before, the players on instruments followed after; among them were the damsels playing with timbrels.
(26)  Bless ye God in the congregations, even the Lord, from the fountain of Israel.
(27)  There is little Benjamin with their ruler, the princes of Judah and their council, the princes of Zebulun, and the princes of Naphtali.
(28)  Thy God hath commanded thy strength: strengthen, O God, that which thou hast wrought for us.
(29)  Because of thy temple at Jerusalem shall kings bring presents unto thee.
(30)  Rebuke the company of spearmen, the multitude of the bulls, with the calves of the people, till every one submit himself with pieces of silver: scatter thou the people that delight in war.
(31)  Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.
(32)  Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of the earth; O sing praises unto the Lord; Selah:
(33)  To him that rideth upon the heavens of heavens, which were of old; lo, he doth send out his voice, and that a mighty voice.
(34)  Ascribe ye strength unto God: his excellency is over Israel, and his strength is in the clouds.
(35)  O God, thou art terrible out of thy holy places: the God of Israel is he that giveth strength and power unto his people. Blessed be God.

God shall deliver justice and mercy to those who seek HIS face and honor HIS word.

Brother Abel

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