Filling the Emptiness

The raised section is thirteen parts, and the flattened sections are fourteen. Psalm 13:1-6, Psalm 14:1-7 added they bring us to Psalm 27:1-14 find God in the New Testament which has 27 books, and the first four is HIM wearing HIS heart for the world to see.

So how does one fill that empty spot? For the most part, some do drugs, some drink, some play loud music to keep their conscience from speaking. They try to ignore it is even there.  For others, it is others in sex, in sports, in social functions, and in community gatherings.

The church tells us to fill that spot; we must admit we need God that life is too complicated and harsh without HIM. He made us to be in relationship to HIM and to honor HIS instructions.  When an owl can hunt in the daylight, and a lion is satisfied with a vegetarian diet, or a fish is comfortable on dry land, we then can consider an unregenerated man comfortable among the saints in heaven.

How can that ever be they do not want to be with us now?

That is why we must admonish and compel them to join us, for the alternative is worse than the life they feel they have led here.

Jesus insisted in the Gospel of John 3:3.

You know it is there; you can feel it all around you, this aboding darkness in our world, you want to question it, but others dismiss you as being absurd.

Do you want to know what the Matrix is? How about the idea we are simply avatars for good or evil, and can you tell who’s who?

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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