Episode One


Fixing what is broken….This topic deals with the introduction and purpose of the rider.  Society is spiraling out of control. A great nation is fallen into a godless society because of the global elite or the enlightened ones on the top of the hill who do everything but the right thing.  Sorry to say they call themselves “Christians” whose only purpose seems to be not the protection of life,  but the gaining of wealth.

Sure they have convinced you they are for family values, and stand up for pro life…Jesus stood among the religious leaders of his day, and they were all supportive of G-d.  First let’s look at the truth,  better yet let’s reason together…

Satan we are told is a liar and the father of them. His purpose Jesus tells us is to steal kill and destroy, in order for him to accomplish any of those things he needs a body just like the church needs a body. Our body is for  good works for G-d. Satan has a body that imitates G-d as closely as he can. What gives him away is the purpose Jesus said he came to do.

His favorite position is always the highest point in society he works as closely as he can with these people.  The other give away to him is his vanity,  his accumulation of wealth while playing G-d makes up for what he lost in the fall.

His disobedience to the  teachings of Christ his obsession with death and ways of killing others on behalf of G-d should help you see him.  When Constantine said, “In this sign we conquer”  they had been all along, before Jesus arrived.  Capitol punishment and death have always been their way.

Jesus taught and said to  love your enemies do good to those who do you wrong, He did not say kill in His name. He said they would kill you because of him.  Ever hear of the inquisition?

What about all those Nazis who attended parochial school when the war was over, they took better care of them then they did Jesus’s descendants.  Catholic’s need to believe Mary had no other children to think otherwise they are guilty of killing members of His step family; the blood of Mary flows through Jewish descendants. Heaven has no queen, and G-d punished Israel for thinking so.  So Israel will not come to Christ because of the Catholic queen. While Islam tries to wipe them out, so whose side are you on? I am on  the side of Israel, and I support G-d in any way to get Israel to know their Messiah.

How is that in only twelve years, we went from jumping on the band wagon of stopping terrorists to becoming their allies? No one but I noticed before the presidential election of 2008 that John McCain played down his candidacy?  That 700 billion disappeared from America’s financial institutions? Only thirty-three days after he says that is exactly what we are sending terrorists in the purchase of middle-eastern oil.

Satan and his gang of thieves want to build a new world order and who do you think has been helping him?  Who destroyed our nation?  Who held away the word of G-d and insisted on proprietary position within the kingdom?  Jesus said, “He that breaks the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called least in the kingdom of heaven.”  I think it is time for Rome to take their true position in society and stand down before they kill us all.

Jesus said, “He that teaches and obeys the commandments will be called the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Now who could that possibly be?   Is not the emperor simply wearing new clothes?  G-d has the greatest sense of humor of us all.  We do need to laugh at ourselves from time to time. It was Rome who trampled and killed those who stood in their way nothing has really changed except how they do it.  Rome invented the crucifixion, and were  men of war. Their chief god was Mars a god of war.  They  oppressed Jews and martyred the Christians for sport. It was they who held the whip that tore the flesh of Christ another invention of theirs.

I think it is befitting that today  they all wear dresses and have no natural relations with women.  After all children are a blessing from G-d and blessed is the man who has a quiver full.  They want you to have children because they lack armor, and so they manipulate us into their manufactured wars using their wealth.  Placing people in power, just as they did in Jesus’s day.

They are the puppet masters led by the manipulator of all.  Anytime you see something that keeps Jesus from having a relationship with his nation of Israel it is not birthed from Him.  Idols are a stumbling block and a violation not of the least commandment but the greater of the first four.

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