Election 2016

Every Government is made of man, and so it stands that every one of them will eventually fail. The reason is simple. Peace can only be obtained when the prince of peace brings it Isaiah 9:6.  We are spirits like the angels of heaven and they failed for the same reason we are failing.  This one has been the most decisive elections ever splitting us in churches and non-Christian homes.  Our leaders are hand picked by others, and we choose the lesser of the two weevils some don’t even care.

I see our elections as lessons in futility. I know they are intended to eliminate wars between us that we do not battle for power but as a civilized society we decide with our ballot.  The keen observer knows that money is truly the deciding factor.  He that has the world’s wealth has the most power.  Since JFK the gun has been in the halls of justice pointed at the righteous to obey the wicked.

G-d is making it clear evil never improves with time and that those who thought they were elect can be deceived. What will you really be saying to G-d at the polls? Will it be anything like you said to HIM in 2012? That we can stand to place another god in America?  If another comes to you with another gospel let him be President and rule over you and have your children pledge allegiance to one nation under G-d? Mormon’s are known for making their men into gods. Provoking G-d to anger is not my idea of getting on his good side. Like the devil wouldn’t have had a field day with Romemoney. Do we even care what we say to G-d with our actions and decisions?

What are our choices in 2016?  A woman who has a known socialist agenda and could be the next Jezebel and restrict Christian values,  even more.  She is supported by the new world order builders or will it be a man who is a known womanizer,  owner of gambling casino’s which would make us all hypocrites at the polls?  Does the devil laugh? Yes,  he does but not with the joy that G-d laughs with. Can Father laugh at all with so many of us who claim we are HIS,  are deceived?

Obviously,  we as a body of Christ cannot be deceived this is a fair election indeed.  G-d has decided it should be whichever will bring in the greatest judgment against this wicked nation of traitors.  Men who stood behind pulpits and defended an institution of mass murderers calling them Christian’s too.  Hiding the word of G-d does not make you a Christian it makes you a servant of Satan condemning millions of souls to hell in the process.  Supporters of men like these are monsters as well,  never forget German’s waved flags too. One good deed does not make one a brother in Christ. We would not have had abortion clinics had we had preachers instead of priests who played church. Babylon began it,  Egypt continued it,  Jesus ended it. Rome brought it back 300 years later it serves the devil well. It makes men slaves and puppets and our ministers men given into darkness.

Protected by three circles it is the weapon against the ungodly. The pentagon is wrapped in flags. Inside the devil and his minions await hiding behind our flag. Having corrupted our politics.
Protected by three circles it is the weapon against the ungodly. The pentagon is wrapped in flags. Inside the devil and his minions await hiding behind our flag. Having corrupted our politics. There are 33 raised sections with a circle outside means subtract one for 32. Psalm 32:1-11 with five flags emphasis on Psalm 32:5. G-d is merciful will you receive it?

G-d used his creature as HIS pet and had the priesthood officially closed in 70 AD so who brought it back in 300 AD?  They mock sacrifice the Son of G-d for over 200o years and still no one is the wiser to the fact the devil don’t own a TiVo. He has taken human souls and made them into robots with repetitious daily, hourly acts of denial of Christ’s finished work. Away from me I never knew you shall be the words of Christ to those who believe they receive him at every fictitious mass. If the blind follow the blind they will enter paradise??? The precious blood of Christ was to them not good enough the best they can offer is purgatory which denies Christ.  Had they not killed those who read the bible then maybe Islam would not be as big not only did they keep the word away from men they also tampered with it and sent ministers of light among us to tell us they are Christian’s too. So glad I have the Holy Spirit who leads me into all truth,  aren’t you glad you  have him too?

One minister made the observation that if Trump wins, then the Hillary Kaine ticket  will say it was the Russians messing with our electronic voting.    So glad he is on our team his powers of observation excite me.  Would the Democrats cheat??? Obviously,  he missed the McCain-Obama debates when 700 billion dollars went missing from America just before the election when McCain began playing up the old man routine, and Palin said she could see Russia from her back porch.  Walking in the light means eyes open and discern the signs. If the watchman warns and you do not heed the warning the blood is not on his hands.

Come to think of it Klinton / Caine didn’t Caine kill Abel? What are the odds of that today if you have been following me? If Clinton were a K we would know the agenda comrade.

Ministers forbid we place a man of G-d in power elected by G-d who could place ten other Christians in positions of power to bring in the harvest.  I don’t want the Presidency, maybe Vice President but never President I know a man who would love it and so would his family. He claims to be a Christian, but I make him out to be a better antichrist than I ever could be.

He keeps telling us everything wrong with the world is the church. He says the church is failing,  it is the guilt trip that covers a multitude. Not too mention it is G-d’s treasure the church that he speaks poorly of.   He’s correct to a point it is the church, however,  it’s not the Protestant church. I am sure he is well aware of this because of the church he really stands with and serves that is why we can win him the Presidency he serves the harlot well. There was no need to be jealous of my call,  you now have a great call as well.  Which means you can be the antichrist. I say the more the merrier I love a good game of hide and seek.  I hope he will serve the Protestants with the same distinction he did mother church.   G-d want’s to put a head on the Protestant church to crush the head of The faulty deceptive idol worshiping Church who gave us the last three election candidates. Each time G-d made Islam stronger, it is the judgment against those who use HIS name in vain. Who remain ignorant to the truth and hold it in unrighteousness.

If the Queen of England should die before finding out what her crop circles mean there will be no head on the Protestant church, no shelters built,  no orphanages with their needs all met in Christ’s glorious name and we will lose millions of souls.  My pastor mentioned he could not live with his conscience if he did not go to the polls and vote,  well try the last paragraph on for size. Because if there is anyone hanging up the winning of the world to Christ it may be you. If you do not know the will of G-d then why are you trying to get me to do it your way? Are you not trying to make me a puppet of the wicked one? What a dirt bag thing to do.

You take a ball given you full of air its the winning game ball . You start out by saying there are some people who believe the only version of the bible is the King James version of the bible.   G-d had me do the crop circles using that version. Something about integrity having served him well over 400 years. It reveals truth your version removed.  A little air escapes the ball, then you say pyramids despite the star of David and the one on our dollar bill will confuse people, a little more air escapes the ball. I tell you that the circles point to passages of scripture and that the numbers have a significant meaning,  you say G-d hand no hand in placing the numbers in the Bible,  more air comes out of the ball.  I tell you about the triple 5’s that have been placed throughout my life even after receiving the crop images and going to the website, you say it is a coincidence in front of my step-father the carpenter.  More air leaves the ball.  You say I am giving away G-d’s secrets, but you do not want others to know what G-d is doing,  more air escapes the ball.  You were given a hat with the kingdom of G-d seal on it,  you look at it with contempt trying not to show your jealousy.  My heart is heavy as I see you are going to condemn millions to hell with your contempt of me. I envy your childhood but seeing your end I am not so envious. The ball you play with has no air and cannot bounce any longer.

You want a call like Elijah there is still a few lamps left to pass out.  But I have lost all my air and the ball nearly completely deflated , you painted yourself into a corner.  Another leader of the AG church took a knife and sliced the ball completely by calling me a dirt bag.   In one of your messages,  you claimed that wars still needed to be fought alignments put in place and for who are you speaking? Maybe we both placed ourselves in a corner. But the only way out is for one of us to break, repent and admit they were wrong and do not know what G-d is doing.  I am not the one who brought us down this path.  However,  if you continue you will never have peace and like Saul to my David  you will live tormented until the day you die.

Did your parents ever teach you to apologize to the people you hurt or mock?  If I behave like a child it is because G-d is allowing me to have the childhood I was robbed of,  what’s your excuse?  You laugh at the man with the KJV bible or laugh at his denial of Santa.  One thing I will not rob G-d of is HIS glory that you so carelessly over look.  You can fool them but you cannot fool me.

Look it up the scepter of David shall not depart Judah until Shiloh comes. That means your gods who hold the keys failed you. The scepter of David has more power than those who hold the keys and I have a generation of gamers who will agree with me and even find Jesus in the process.

Genesis 49:9-10  Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?  (10)  The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

I have aroused the Lion,  I have awakened HIM.

If I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto me. That sounds like a revival.
If I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto me. That sounds like a revival.

On August of every election cycle,  G-d’s lamps made boxes that represent the Borg (resistance is futile you will assimilate or die religion aka Islam) which is the hand of G-d’s wrath against the wicked.   See the post I did here (new window) this is the last chance you get church.   LAMPS OF LIGHT made the crop circles, lamps that were played down by the man who called me a dirt bag??? One Sunday he wanted G-d to manifest HIS great glory and see Smith Wigglesworth miracles.  Some people got a nerve,  if that was my Father, I did not recognize HIS voice.  Father would not play down the lamps that Christ or Lucifer carried. Nor call the one who will be responsible for billions of souls into the kingdom a dirt bag.  If you offend the word there will be no revival, turn or burn.


I want to open the word of G-d to the world point them to Davids beautiful Psalms that reveal the nature of our glorious G-d and Redeemer. There are many in the church that would not have such a thing. They want supernatural manifestations of the Spirit of G-d but ignore G-d’s pleas to use the man HE wants.  A man who will find true solid uncompromised Christians to place in authoritative positions.  Handing each a kings ransom to aid in the harvest. Only small groups of people ever see UFO’s or Mary with the circles everyone sees them and if they point to the word everyone can investigate it for themselves. A pastor who would think pyramids will confuse people is confused himself,  he has no idea what’s going on or why Abraham’s descendants were slaves in a foreign land for 400 years. The word is anointed because of who originally spoke it, the deliver of the message may not be.

It is unfortunate that the enemy has staff that can become serpents as well,  duplicating G-d’s anointing just like Moses staff had become a serpent to swallow the other two.  The proof is in the desire to win souls and share the word with others,  here he will not jump to the occasion, neither will his ministers.

The first shall be last.
Brother B. Abel

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