Dancer Say’s I’m Getting Outta Dodge

Meet Dancer, can his feet move or what? Here he is throwing his little hands up in the air, is it Praise to God or waving his arms like he just doesn’t care? Hard to tell these days.  I know him and his twin brother Prancer he is WARNING us he has escaped the enemies hold on him having been bound to pulling that sleigh around since Saint Nicholas plotted against Children to give them toys and goodies rather than the word of God. He’s getting out of Dodge because he and I know something wicked this way comes.

It started with PSA’s “Save the Food,” then it was the closing of “Radio Shack,” a place I worked at, “You’ve got questions we have answers,” that was before my discovery in Egypt and how it tied into America. Tandy Corporation was very instrumental in helping our war vets after WWII with Tandy Leather and giving vets a way to earn some coin by making wallets.  A war that could have been avoided if Hitler had a proper understanding of his real need for Jesus.  Thanks to the priesthood, that was never going to happen, not as long as they are running things. You see the center of the image as it is squared off; there is a purpose for that.  One in which I will show you at the close.

Then there was “Sears and Roebuck, a store that had been around that helped make the west and behind the creation and sales of “Blue Jean,” not just any blue jeans “Wrangler Jeans” with riveted pockets.

The story goes like this from their own archives the parenthesis are my comments concerning the matter.
Richard W. Sears was a railroad agent in North Redwood, Minn. Upon receiving an errant box of watches (which means they were not his), he started a business selling watches and jewelry. Alvah C. Roebuck was a watch repairman whom Sears hired as his business grew. Roebuck eventually partnered with Sears to form the foundation of Sears, Roebuck, and Co.

All built on a set of stolen watches had he repented and gave his life to Christ all would have been forgiven him, but no the money, time, and pride took hold. He never forgets those watches because where he is, he has a lot of time to think about them. With the growth of Walmarts subsidized by our government, and our tax dollars Mom and pop shops closed up,  other retailers could not compete with them. It all began with cheap Chinese merchandise at the front of each Isle people wanted bargains, and China was doing it cheaply.

It was well orchestrated the reason Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated to ensure their influence of power over you.

The other stores found they needed to compete with this monster called Walmart, but when are the guys running the government began to place sanctions on China, they had no idea just how much that would affect us? No, they actually did because Jesuits feel safe when they are in power, and their Church is in control. Take a look at what Jesus reveals to us in his word. I have it posted in the first evil recognized event by the public with “The Gunpowder Plot of 1605” when Catholics tried to blow up Parliament with King James in it. The number of the event pointed to Psalm 37:1-40, which is 11+05+16+05 equals 37. The passage that stands out that gotten Dancer all excited is this one Psalm 37:35 no doesn’t the map designed by the Jesuits seem to fit this passage of scripture?

Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map.

The Term Means Time to Go Look what Rome Has brought To America!

The better method than moving your feet swiftly to leave is using the wheel, which is what we get when we take out the square and match it perfectly to his arms. Only holy people are going, not those who find value in the dragon God moved the value to another.

GRU, are you listening? The Dragon loves Dragon China but we can see him now and there is a Dragon.


Save America Win a Catholic to Christ.
God is going to seal those end-time demons in their vessels real soon and then you will never deliver them. Get God from their minds and into their heart and Mrs. B.Eagle will thank you that you showed her how to be saved. Because the priest can’t save them or themselves. That’s a lot of people missing heaven. Because I don’t know what the lamps are for the one who has them???

Dancer, by the way, has 14 raised sections revealed look closely the square cuts two feet in two you need to pay attention to the detail, we are leaving here because of the people this Psalm 14:1-7 speaks about. When you take away his hands and head and make the wheel you get an eleven raised sections Psalm 11:1-7 when you add 14+11 you get Psalm 25 I serve an Awesome God who wants the world to know HIM and repent before Christ comes.

Brother Abel