Christians There is no Spiritual Israel and Don’t be a Dunce it Does not help the Lost.

The hall of doors they are holding all the keys and no one is getting into heaven who follows them.

You cant save souls if you do not understand whats going on.

The featured image is a meme of a modern-day drama, one with too much violence for my liking.  I did like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix and so did the LORD no doubt who made a crop circle called the Hall of doors to relay a message to this generation who really liked the movie they need to know why the doors to heaven remained locked to them and why this generation is plagued by a coronavirus. It is all because what mattered to God did not go viral which is the truth. It is the truth that sets the captives free and true saints should have known better.

It infuriates me when I hear someone talk of Spiritual Israel usually this comes out of the mouth of no doubt a parochial student’s mouth,  which makes claims God is not a keeper of HIS promises. Ignorance is no excuse, antisemitism is a guaranteed sentence in hell. It reveals the stupidity of the individual who speaks of it it is a none subject,  for without the crucifixion how would any of us find our way back home?

After the crucifixion, Jesus implored Peter three times to bring the house of Israel to himself by feeding them the food HE brought. The same Jesus who appears in the room with the closed door after HIS resurrection and says,  “Peace be with you.”

That passage does not look as if HE was angry with anyone at all.

I have had this type of experience and it is startling, to say the least, my doors were shut in the apartment. Though the door to my heart had been opened to HIM 27 years earlier when I turned 23 which are two of the great Psalms in the Bible. Together they add to 50 the number that we know as Pentecost. After seeing the truth lying in Egypt HE came into my room and behind me went “TAG” your it actually placing his two fingers on my right shoulder.  Causing me to run under my covers crying and repeating the words “don’t look at me.” to which he laughed and replied I sounded just like my father.

No one knows what is going on until Benjamin enters Egypt,  I’m Benjamin the firstborn man among the angels of God, my father had been a long time friend of the LORD’S and so his son was welcomed into God’s family.  It is given unto man once to die and then the judgment so what law shall we judge Abel by? To the angels a shimmer of hope of the promise of the soon and coming SON of God,  Abel was a big hit.

I guess they thought I could do the same here. Fifty years here is a long time though some of it is coming back to me thanks to the word of God and the crop circles.

When you understand the real reason behind the enemy wrestling for Moses’s body after the Exodus it becomes a sheer joy. He needs a body and what better body to give him than the one he originally thought would crush his head and thus had Cain kill him. He had one he needs another and well fair is fair.

The Rose of Sharon, there are twenty-four petals that make up the 4 stars of David. From the stem to the spirit fingers that hold it are 10 circles, the fingers and the one it surrounds should not be counted you are not supposed to see it until you receive it.  While one circle makes up the petals leaving us with 8 circles. Song of Solomon has 8 chapters… This is Song of Solomon 2:4 He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love. Four Stars of Davids each giving us three pyramids each, we have 12 pyramids for all the tribes of Israel. Song of Solomon 2:12 The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; Song of Solomon 2:10 My beloved spoke, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Our God created families and HE wanted HIS family to have families (angels were created without gender) the second rebellion of Genesis 6:3 simply jumped the gun in their zeal to be with the women. Those who desired to see the SON would have to traverse the world no differently than HE (Hebrews 13:2). Jesus is an example for us all. In order to have a SON, one must develop a relationship with a Woman and God chose one Nation on Earth to have that relationship with,  the nation of Israel.

The war in the spiritual IS RAEL (real)!

What is the great mystery behind where this flowered crop circle on the left came from?

There is none,  there is no mystery to any of this. God wants us all to have heaven which can only be obtained through Christ and the devil does not,  so he hides away the word and substitutes it with the nonsense that he has named holy using his false priesthood.

Jesus said a man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God and yet whose lips was Jesus’s attached too?

I said in an earlier post that God’s elect the house of ISRAEL the children of Abraham cannot be deceived and they will not come to Christ whether it be Muslim or Jew and both have been selected by God, a direct line of Abraham what stops them from coming is the Christian idolatry found in the church placed by the devils who pretend to love HIM and not love the ones HE loves which really gives them away as not being HIS which can only mean they will be tormented forever as they have tormented others.

My Jesus would not side with those who place stumbling blocks in the path of those who are lost, God still abhors the things HIS SON died to free us from. Behind every idol is a demon seeking to draw us from the truth. Look at the way those who think they know HIM and claim to be full of the Spirit of God yet they flock to Rome??? The Pentacostal road to Rome is not road that leads to heaven.

See my post The Relentless Mercy of God where many who stood to defend the harlot of Revelation will shake their fist at God after being left behind in the tribulation by the angels who are called to leave behind those who are iniquitous.  They will shout we did this for you and we did that.  Consider the fact you neither loved the Catholics or God’s chosen Woman Israel of who it should have been more said of,  “if it were not for them” Truly where would we be?  Only the devil hates whom God loves that’s why there are idols in her house and Pentecostals.

Christians who claim to walk in the light and have the Spirit of God cannot see a system that has been placing people in political power from before the time of Christ and using the cross as their instrument of power?

Like Mickey Mouse in the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, they hold a book that they have no knowledge of and cause chaos with their ignorance of what is true and what is not,  just ask Galileo Galilei.

Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map. From Psalm 37:35 I have seen the wicked in great power and spreading himself like a green bay tree. Using the SON of God as their pet.

God went silent after Malachi for four hundred years giving his dragon enough time to build his empire of Rome. The high priest of the pantheon of gods was called the Pontificate Maximus.

The enemy hates the true HOLY men of God and the things of God so he uses the outline in the wilderness tabernacle shaped like a cross to mock God by making it into a wooden instrument of death.

The west is the head of Christ. The mind of G-d America and England represented by the older serving the younger. Benjamin the cover.

God knew he would,  just as HE knew the enemy would tear down the temple at his frustration of the souls he lost as a result of Christ’s finished work. “It is finished!” so please scatter the nation of Israel until the time of the end. This action alone reveals this is the only priesthood that was anointed by God to build the temple in the first place for the dragon to sit in and rule when his turn was to come.

The devil’s priesthood just assembled the new world order for him, now we need a peace plan.

Rome delighted in using the cross to deter rebellion against their laws and governmental system.  My how clever the enemy is, there is no fooling him??? Con man Constantine stood up and declared in this sign we will conquer. They had been conquering in that sign 100’s of years before Jesus came. So what is the difference?

He is able to fool the sheep as he is very good at by making other objects more holy than the actual HOLY things that God counts as truly valuable.

I do not believe those who claim to be ecumenical or Pentacostal actually stand on the word of God or applaud truth if they support the enemies of God and neglect God’s true elect who cannot be deceived which are the very descendants of Abraham. We are grafted into the vine,  we are not the vine.   We are asked to love our enemies and do good to them in hopes of winning them to the WORD OF GOD not side with them in placing stumbling blocks to the elect house of Abraham of which ecumenicalism clearly does.

No other book on the face of the earth lays out the beginning to the end as wonderful as does the Bible.  A book that has been used by the enemy for clearly all the wrong reasons.  A man is worthy of his wages and it is a wise man who wins souls and God calls his people claiming to be HIS people from out of the harlot for her sins have reached to heaven and God is to judge her Revelation 18:4-7.

Only she has transformed many ministers into ministers of righteousness who defend her, who claim to be spiritual yet cannot see how they are the worlds stumbling block to the lost house of ISRAEL.  They claim to love Jesus who side with her and her Pontificate Maximus who at the time of Jesus was the head Priest over the Pantheon of gods of Rome.

You can change the names but that makes it no better for the children of Abraham.

So glad they became Christian could you imagine had they not? They stopped the slaughter of Christians in 313 and opened the door for more war and death increasing the killing of even more Christians in the inquisition and in their financed wars. they didn’t preach G-d’s word or Teach G-d’s word they let the devil have free reign.

Jesus does not have to spell everything out that would clearly be obvious to the disciples whom he was gathering to himself, they knew Rome was bad and their conversion was not a conversion at all but a way to hide the truth from the lost.

If she were HIS and under the blood, there would be no remembrance of her SIN so she must not be HIS.  What priesthood of God, could not bring peace and stand on commandment number 6?   It is obvious she has not repented from breaking any of them. Coming out of her would help with her repentance if only those who were in her knew they were hers who have been deceived by her.

These are people who will say such nonsense as there is a spiritual Israel or catholic means universal and for the angels it also means evil.

You cannot change the nature of a shark. You are looking at a distorted star of David and it is they who distort it with their idolatry.

It would take some kind of supernatural light to expose that darkness. Joseph would have to say something to Benjamin’s brothers and reveal the plan what the enemy meant for evil God meant for good or something along those lines.

The harlot and her quislings distort the house of David and seek to destroy the Jewish people thus damning us all.

It was not spiritual Israel whom God / Jesus told Peter to go and feed, nor was it spiritual Israel that was scattered to the four corners of the earth ending the sacrifice at the Temple in Jerusalem as Satan’s puppets “the Romans” with their Pantheon of gods sacked the temple destroying it in 70 AD. Just as prophesied by Jesus knowing the nature of his adversary.

Except for one slight oversight on the part of ROME and their pantheon of gods. We find that John the revelator telling us about it in 90 AD in the book of Revelation. Jesus is coming back however before he does the enemy will sit in the temple declaring himself to be God.

God no longer needed the priesthood the deed was done to HIS satisfaction and we know that by the resurrection of HIS SON their purpose as a priesthood would no longer be needed. It is just before Christ is to return in order that they and only they can build the temple. It is the only priesthood God called and the ones found in 1 Peter 2:9 “Born Again” saints who are called to bring them the peace in order that they may do so.

Praise God that only the priesthood God-ordained will be allowed to sanctify the ground and rebuild it. This reveals the hijackers of Christianity are not as HOLY as they led everyone to believe. God’s only begotten SON who is the most precious of all HIS treasures THE TRUE PRINCE of PEACE and yet even with their overtaking the world and placing in their political quislings, they need real ISRAEL not spiritual Israel to build the temple.

It was not spiritual Israel taken to the death camps of Germany. It is not spiritual Israel that America’s leadership is building the same thing here.  Only those who denied Christ and stood with the harlot will be caught in their own devices.

I am the other son Benjamin and oddly I point to Jesus more than the rest of you and reveal the ministers of righteousness who sided against God and the plan of God by standing with the dragon who only dressed himself back up.

Will I get any thanks from those whom I turn from the darkness into the light?

I am told by the devils pretending to be men of God that some Catholics love Jesus.  That is not good enough, only some? If they did love Jesus they would know the difference between what is good and what is evil and they would love the Jewish people and dispense with their idolatry if they were real Christians.  Not take America and turn it into a continuation of the Third Reich. But at least we know how much they don’t love Jesus and that if found in heaven they would do to heaven what they have done to America and you true saints know exactly what I am talking about.

Heaven is heaven because people like them do not come into it.

Behind every idol is a demon and that is why their hospitals all over America are guaranteed to inflict more harm than good as they line their halls with idols and are filled with the delusion of good deeds and works are the way. They are more a gateway to hell because there is no truth in them.

Their followers at the bottom are for pro-life but their leaders at the top don’t care for children at all or for having families. Which is a big plus in God’s book. This is only because the spirits over them had no desire for women because women were not in the creation at the time of their rebellion.  They just wanted power and rulership without having to honor the teachings of God concerning HIS SON who inherited all things because of HIS obedience.

The only way into heaven is to honor the teachings of Christ and place Virgo where he reveals her in the heavens and where he moves her in the wilderness tabernacle than watch God move. They place her in front of their hospitals and even name them after her and inside no scripture verses written on their walls just an idol of a false saint they created to stand in the place of Jesus.

Would you “followers” of Christ do to heaven what you allowed to happen to America because of compromise,  we are here to learn the difference between what is good and what is evil.  The Assembly of God minister who told me they had a new spelling for the word dirtbag and slowly and methodically spelled my last name, this man has no business behind a pulpit. He sees no value in the work we do.

Evil for me is idolatry and placing Christ in the shadow of other intermediators making Virgo (Virgin) more important than Leo the Lion (Judah / Christ) who destroys the curse of the  (Law / Levi) Libra, The placing of stumbling blocks in the path of his chosen elect and hiding the word from others. I spell evil c-a-t-h-o-l-i-c.

In our world today there is a need for peace in the middle east to get the only priesthood God ordained to build the temple. Unless the LORD builds the house they labor in vain who try and build it Psalms 127:1. Let’s not forget the abundance of oil the military will need that is trapped under the earth in that part of the world.

Making me and my message an extremely valuable commodity. The saints who claim to walk in the light just do not get the plan and why is that? I see many of them who have compromised and submit to Rome want me to do the same and how will that help anyone?

Keep in mind what he said to Jesus about HIM bowing down to him, how he would give Jesus the kingdoms of the Earth they were not his to give away they were given to Jesus for HIS obedience Jesus is heir of all things and he gives to whom HE wills the kingdoms of the earth.

Isn’t the plan to subdue the kingdoms of the world in order to place the feet of Christ on them?

Well, Haman, I’m waiting! Bow to me and I will give you the kingdoms of the earth!

Con man Constantine was conquering in the sign of the cross before Jesus’s name was ever attached to it.

I asked a nun in 1967 when I was eight years old while attending my Catechism, “why do we leave Jesus on the cross if HE is raised from the dead?” She took me out of the classroom by the hand and scolded me in the hallway and told me I had been talking to a Protestant.  Maybe we went into the hall for fear, our talk would lead to a light shining in her classroom and they don’t ever want that to happen they hate the light.

They no doubt have a myriad of questions they themselves can’t answer that’s what happens when you walk in the light as HE is in the light you never get any answers??? It just may be, that their light is darkness trying to pass itself off as light? That is why they don’t have answers.

Light would not place idols in the path of Jewish people or destroy a great Protestant Nation such as America.

She began to tell me it was wrong to question such things that the church does and said and I quote, “It is to remind us of HIS suffering.” (FYI people that is why Jesus instituted the last supper we are to do this and every time we do it, we are to remember HIM.) She took me back in the class and placed me under her desk and proceeded to occasionally kick me while saying remember his suffering.

That is exactly why they leave him there,  it is that one moment in time in history that Satan thought he had won.

It is what happened three days later that really annoys him.

A true “Born Again Christian” never forgets what Jesus did for them because Jesus is in them bringing them joy and peace and those whom you had hate for,  you will find love for,  just as I did my alcoholic catholic stepmother. When you see those words side by side its uncanny alcoholic/catholic drop an LO and add a T and we will get lots of lost.

So why don’t they love the Jewish people and AMERICA?

Because they are agents of hell!

Don’t Be a Dunce!

Don’t look to me look to Jesus HE is on HIS way.

Me you can trust because it is obvious Jesus does.

Brother Abel (Benjamin)








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