Blood Shed or Blood Applied?

Matthew 27:29 And when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head, and a reed in his right hand: and they bowed the knee before him, and mocked him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews!

jesus_on_cross_pocChrist was sacrificed once for all to satisfy every manner of sin. Repentance is the start of every revival, and it begins in the house of G-d first. Mocking G-d costs us all. One of the ways to mock HIM is with a restored priesthood offering the same thing over and over ignoring the true work of Christ. The finished work that gave us all access through one mediator, not several. G-d will not share his glory with another Isaiah 42:8.

We are not even supposed to pray repetitively like the heathen, look it up it’s in the Bible. Five hail Mary’s to every one our Father and no one saw anything wrong with this? Prayer beads that go back before the time of Christ that had been used in Pagan cultures.

The two camps of the faith Shiite and Sunni… I’m sorry I mean Protestant and Catholic. One is there to bless G-d and restore us into a right relationship. The other three are there simply to entertain Satan and mock G-d. G-d makes it very clear HE will not be mocked, and it isn’t the Sunni or the Shiite, who is mocking HIM.

2 Chronicles 36:16 KJV
But they mocked the messengers of G-d, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, till there was no remedy.

In the KJV, the word mocked appears 21 times (777) in the NIV and NASB only fifteen times. However, we know who are wise in the faith that these translations are not too concerned with the mocking of G-d or the changing of HIS word. They have no fear of G-d.

Galatians 6:7  Be not deceived; G-d is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

One is going home the other three are staying to play with each other. Well if you can call it that, two are going to become one and take care of the mockers. Because of them , they will miss the resurrection that only takes place once in like never again. They are the ones who coincidently are responsible for Sanat and the damage done to the kingdom. Stick to your guns, stand on the lie you phony saints, and G-d shall reward you openly you who fear him not.

Then the pastors which knew me will say oh my Bobby was walking with G-d all this time, and we never noticed??? He could have done great things in our congregations. Too bad he just wasn’t Pentecostal enough for us or compromising satisfactorily. If he didn’t pick on Santa, we may have let him preach, thank our god, he is not well-liked by the others as me. I will at least let them mock G-d often and frequently even give them ideas on how to do it. Vote for a Mormon deity and make him president of our nation so that there children can all mock G-d during the pledge of allegiance. I’m a good shepherd and see that my flock eats from the finest fields.

Who knew that Santa was mocking G-d at Christmas? He shows up on the day we set aside to honor Christ’s birth,  the same day the Catholics once worshiped the SUN when they were pagan. Then they venerated a man who became Santa and what’s wrong with that? Where’s the mockery???  We just don’t get it???

Good thing I’m the pastor and my word is the word, although it may have come out of a corrupt translation. I’m pretty confident G-d’s cool with his word being changed. HE did say after all HE would preserve it. Who really even cares what HIS word is at this point??? How dare Bobby tell me I’m helping to advance Santa’s kingdom and that your loved ones will never know the truth thanks to me and my compromising.

It’s a nice story and just as good as the Bible story, he should apologize to us. Thinking he’s better than us because he doesn’t believe in Santa, he’s a damn heretic. That’s what he is. I feel no shame in it at all. My conscience is cleared like so many others. Jesus fully understands. So why didn’t those who support me not leave in the resurrection along with their family and friends whom never heard the truth??? Don’t listen to him, he’s just trying to confuse you telling you Jesus and HIM alone. I’m your pastor, and I know what’s going on and Sanat is cool with me!

Matthew 13:41-42 KJV
(41) The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
(42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Obviously, pastor didn’t know that’s why there were no great revivals and crusades. Just as he said there wouldn’t be, because his faith in G-d did not move mountains. Pyramids will confuse you, he said. Compromising faith cannot or for that matter, even restore the lost to a G-d who loves them. Either you stand for G-d, or you will never stand with G-d.

He’s thinking if G-d is love than of course he loves Santa even if it is made up. This is the scoop; the more ridiculous Satan makes the deities or idols who rob G-d of his glory the more entertaining it is to him. It guarantees him souls, there is a reason he does it! Do not be ignorant of why he creates lies. G-d will not be mocked it is on an equal platform with the commandments, in fact; it was the mocking of HIM in Egypt that brought us all the way here. G-d was waiting for someone to notice it. For me, it was the Highlander moment.

Back when Jesus spoke Matthew 13:41-42 they were thinking furnace like the one made in Babylon where Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego were thrown. They had no idea of Nuclear fire, G-d is leaving the wicked and taking the righteous non mockers of HIM home. Just as he did when he cast the wicked half-hearted out of heaven and let those who honored HIS Son remain.

We are to love G-d with all our heart, mind, and soul. Santa does not love G-d with all his heart because he is not real, just like the people who brought him into existence to begin with. Now question yourself do you love HIM (Jesus) with all your heart, mind, and soul and more importantly your neighbor as yourself? How is this not like Thor or Athena or any number of false lies that take from G-d HIS glory? In fact, it’s even more entertaining to Satan because it is so much more foolish than all the others. Those who like to entertain Satan, who we know is G-d’s enemy will most likely stay to entertain him some more in the tribulation. By the reason of his merchandise, he corrupted his wisdom. Santa sells a lot of merchandise certainly more than Jesus.

The worst part of tribulation comes after the resurrection. Here is how I know. The Devil is impatient and just wants to be a leader of the realm. We learned from Jude; he wrestled for Mose’s body because he thought it was his turn. So he knows this…. It will be a leader of G-d’s people, and it will be after an Exodus, so we know he needs a body and that is the giveaway. It will be a leader of G-d’s people and after an Exodus. So who are you going to follow your Pastor and his Sanat Claus or me and the truth?

Don’t pity me because you think I don’t know how to have fun. In fact, I am having a blast attacking all the enemy has done, want to play? Winners take all but Santa; Satan and Sanat have no place in G-d’s kingdom!

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